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Jack Mangans Deadpan #237: Trees

I think that I may never see, Show Notes lovely as a tree.

Unshowwwww 76

Spirit of the Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #236: Selling Something

Buy 1 Show Note, Get 1 Free.

Movie Massacre Faceoffs


St. Louis no ones vs. San Jose no ones

Vancouver Vanamondes vs. L.A. no ones -If Los Angeles wins, Van must watch “L.A. Story” or “Born in East L.A.”

Phoenix Desert Pixies vs. Chicago Energizer Bunnies -If Chicago wins, then Desert Pixie must watch “Hudson Hawk” or “Head (The Monkees movie)” -If Phoenix wins, […]

Updated Playoff Movie Massacre

Sorry for the crappy formatting.

Deadpan Playoff Chart [Movie suggestions in brackets] EAST : : Participant : : Movie : : Alt Movie New York Rangers : : : : : Lo Pan : : Maid in Manhattan : : Warriors (1970s) Pittsburgh Penguins : : : : Cynful : : Brutal Beauty: Rose […]

Unshow Seventy-Five

Chocolate Chip Show Notes.

Unshow Seventy-Five

Less than a month until the mmmmeetup! Jack will send out an e-mail regarding this. No, really? He says he really will.

Greasy Spoon Desert Pixie Vanamonde DJ Bunny DJ Bunny Cynful Lo Pan Amy Bowen EssBee Ed From Texas Justa J0e Justa J0e (first comment of the week)


NHL Playoff Movie Massacre

The Deadline is Wednesday to choose your team! Unclaimed are:

Pittsburgh Penguins Philadelphia Flyers Florida Panthers Washington Capitals St. Louis Blues Nashville Predators San Jose Sharks Los Angelee Kings

If you have a team, then make sure you have 2 movies. I’ll do that chart soon.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #235: KrazyJoePodSliceMegaPanZilla

Featuring Krazy Joe Fiore – – Slice of Sci-Fi alum, and co-host of Megapodzilla.

5 Years Gone, Never Forgotten

Raise a root beer today for Our Missing Ninja – – and brilliant friend, Joe Murphy.

Remembering Joe

Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most human.