Movie Massacre Faceoffs


St. Louis no ones vs. San Jose no ones

Vancouver Vanamondes vs. L.A. no ones
-If Los Angeles wins, Van must watch “L.A. Story” or “Born in East L.A.

Phoenix Desert Pixies vs. Chicago Energizer Bunnies
-If Chicago wins, then Desert Pixie must watch “Hudson Hawk” or “Head (The Monkees movie)”
-If Phoenix wins, TEB must watch “The Cutting Edge” or “The Phoenix Lights (documentary)”

Detroit Rhettros vs. Nashville Jack Mangans
-If Nashville wins, Rhettro must watch “The Dukes of Hazzard (2005)” or “Predators
-If Detroit wins, Jack must watch “Doctor Detroit” or “Robocop 3” (or alt.: “Nevermore: Year of the Voyager“)

New York Lo Pans vs. Ottawa UsedHairs
-If Ottawa wins, then Lo Pan must watch “Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter” or “Cop and a Half
-If New York wins, then UsedHair must watch “Maid in Manhattan” or “Warriors
Pittsburgh Cynfuls vs. Philadelphia no ones
-If Philadelphia wins, then Cynful must watch “Rocky Balboa” or “The Village
Boston dittos vs. Washington EssBees
-If Washington wins, then ditto must watch “Pecker” or “The X-Files
-If Boston wins, then EssBee must watch “Summer Wars” or “Memento
Florida Amy Bowens vs. New Jersey Jack Mangans
-If New Jersey wins, then Amy must watch “Legend (Tom Cruise, Tim Curry)” or “Jersey Girl (Ben Affleck)”
-If Florida wins, then Jack must bitterly watch “Cocoon” or “Miami Vice” (or alt.: “Willard“)

Updated Playoff Movie Massacre

Sorry for the crappy formatting.

Deadpan Playoff Chart [Movie suggestions in brackets]
EAST : : Participant : : Movie : : Alt Movie
New York Rangers : : : : : Lo Pan : : Maid in Manhattan : : Warriors (1970s)
Pittsburgh Penguins : : : : Cynful : : Brutal Beauty: Rose City Rollers : : Colin & Brad: Two Men Group
Boston Bruins : : : : : : : ditto : : Summer Wars : : Memento
Philadelphia Flyers : : : : UNCLAIMED : : [Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6)] : : [The Village (M. Night Shyamalanangdanioan)]
New Jersey Devils : : : : Jack Mangan : : Legend (The Tom Cruis one) : : Jersey Girl (The Ben Affleck one)
Florida Panthers : : : : Amy Bowen : : [Cocoon] : : [Miami Vice], [Willard (the rat movie)]
Ottawa Senators : : : : UsedHair : : Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter : : [Cop and a Half]
Washington Capitals : : EssBee : : Pecker : : The X-Files

WEST : : Participant : : Movie : : Alt Movie
St. Louis Blues : : : : UNCLAIMED : : [Crossroads (Ralph Macchio)] : : [Blue Velvet]
Vancouver Canucks : : : : Vanamonde The Last Starfighter The Black Hole
Detroit Red Wings : : : Rhettro : : Doctor Detroit : : Robocop 3, Nevermore: Year of the Voyager
Nashville Predators : : Jack Mangan : : [Dukes of Hazzard (2005)] : : [Predators]
Chicago Blackhawks : : The Energizer Bunny : : Hudson Hawk : : Head (The Monkees)
San Jose Sharks : : : UNCLAIMED : : [Swimming With Sharks (Kevin Spacey)] : : [Deep Blue Sea]
Phoenix Coyotes : : : Desert Pixie : : The Cutting Edge : : The Phoenix Lights (docu)
Los Angeles Kings : : UNCLAIMED : : [L.A. Story] : : [Born in East L.A.]

Unshow Seventy-Five

Chocolate Chip Show Notes.

Unshow Seventy-Five

Less than a month until the mmmmeetup! Jack will send out an e-mail regarding this. No, really? He says he really will.

Greasy Spoon
Desert Pixie
DJ Bunny
DJ Bunny
Lo Pan
Amy Bowen
Ed From Texas Justa J0e
Justa J0e (first comment of the week)

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NHL Playoff time! Join our playoff movie pool. Apologies to those who don’t care about hockey.

Congrats to Lo Pan the hockey pool winner.

Jack met Joe Haldeman on the weekend. He’s now a happy camper.

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NHL Playoff Movie Massacre

The Deadline is Wednesday to choose your team!
Unclaimed are:

Pittsburgh Penguins
Philadelphia Flyers
Florida Panthers
Washington Capitals
St. Louis Blues
Nashville Predators
San Jose Sharks
Los Angelee Kings

If you have a team, then make sure you have 2 movies. I’ll do that chart soon.