Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #139: Flash in the Pan, Part 1

Klytus Show Notes

Part I of the focus on the 1980 Flash Gordon film. We had about 800 people together in one room, recording a roundtable conversation.

The first 8 minutes is fun to hear, but the true Flash Gordon talk starts at around the 8 minute mark.

Yes, I know now that it’s General Klytus.

The website we talked about.

(Many thanks to The Energizer Bunny, aka Ryah for these show notes)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #139: Flash in the Pan, Part 1

Opening – Miss America Deadpan

Live from the Love Long and Prosper Studios

Flash in the Pan roll call:
Jack Mangan aka The Fonz
Dan from The Love Long and Prosper Studios
Ryah aka The Energizer Bunny
Rhettro aka Potsie
Dan from Out of the Coffin Podcast (http://www.outofthecoffin.com/)
Michelle from Out of the Coffin Podcast
Amy Bowen
Debbie Walker from Evo@11 (http://evoat11.com/)

It’s about 4:00am Vanamonde time – what a trooper

It takes a while but the group finally gets to talking about Flash Gordon

Tee Morris (http://teemorris.com/) will guest for future Flash in the Pan

March is the anniversary of Deadpan. Another meet up? Maybe have annual meet ups in March

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Closing music by Jack Mangan and Michelle M. Welch

Nowhere in Unshow 43 is Safe

Nowhere show notes.

1st message of the week: Vanamonde

Greasy Nipples

Justa J0e
Johnny Null
JR Murdock
The Energizer Bunny

New episode of Questors from Effpiem coming along with plenty of other content.

Next episode will be “Flash in the Pan” and there’s still time for you to send in more stuff.

Exciting dramatic conclusion of “Nowhere in Jersey is Safe”

Jack will be on the next evo@11

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Textpan II – OC/DC

If Angus Young were to come out on stage playing guitar while wearing rubber gloves, would the band really be OC/DC?
With songs like:
Dirty Hands, Disinfected Cheap
Back in Bleach
You Scrubbed Me All Night Long
Have a Mask on Me
Fly on the Wall (so we have to move)
If You Want Bacteria, You Got It
Germs for Hire
Touch Too Much
For Those About to Wash, We Salute You

(from episode #134: Grrriiind – I think)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #138: Garden State Parkway North

Show Notes Exit

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #138: Garden State Parkway North

promo – Theme and Variations (http://www.themeandvariationsanthology.com/)

imag1narynumber with the contents of his fridge

Greasy Nipples by:
Vanamonde (first comment of the week)
DJ Bunny
Lejon (Some Guy from Chandler)

The Energizer Bunny has a few words for Paul Maki

Amy Bowen talks about special guest for Questors Effpiem

Jack gives Haiku readings

Johnny Null – Extermination

Justa J0e with music moments of note

Jack Mangan – Nowhere in Jersey is Safe pt. 3

More contents of imag1narynumber’s fridge

The Energizer Bunny continues her thoughts of World Con

Next DeadPan is the start of the Flash in the Pan

Next Deadpanmmmmmm meetup – March? 4th anniversary of Deadpan.

Outro music mashup – The Photon Meters

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Textpan I – If Rappers were RPG Players

This is a new feature around here. . . . I’m going to start occasionally releasing the scripts from certain old Deadpan skits and segments. These scripts were often pretty roughly assembled, and won’t always match exactly to what was heard onpod, but that’s the magic of podbiz.

I’ll list the episode where the segment was originally heard, whenever possible.

If Rappers were RPG Players
Originally heard in episode #132: Non-Playa Character (I think)

Quick aside, if Fitty Cent was an RPG gamer, would he have called himself Fitty GP? Would his album have been called Get Experience Points or Die Rolling?
If rappers played D&D, would the band have just been called Run-DM ? I guess Rev Run would be a 10th level cleric. Would the Coolio song have been called “Gangsta’s Percentile Dice”? Would the Public Enemy album have been called “Fear of a Dark Elf Planet”? Would the band A Tribe Called Quest have called themselves A Tribe Called Dungeon Quest? Would Big Pun’s song have been “I’m a Non-Player-Character, I just crush a lot”?

Would you gain 300 XP for killing the Beastie Boys? Would Jay-Z have said, “I got 99 Goblins but a Lich Ain’t One”? How many Experience Points would it take for a Paladin to achieve the level of Suge Knight? Would that require you to dangle Vanilla Ice out of a window, after listening to, “Ice Ice Golem”? How would Flavor Flav’s massive clock necklace affect his armor class? Would you need to make a Saving Throw if you got the Gas Face? You know, the Gas Face? 3rd Bass? OK, apparently, no one else remembers them. Would the Wu Tang Clan have been forced to buy the Oriental Adventures accessory? Yeah, all right. This has run its course. Until I think of something funny for LL Cool J, at least. . .

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #137: Live Duel of the Fates

Duel of the Show Notes.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #137: Live Duel of the Fates

The Deadpanmmmmm meetup happened! Bunches of recording happened. Here is one. The Live Duel of the Fates recorded at the Love Long and Prosper Studios (http://www.lovelongandprosper.com/podcast/)

Participating in this live Duel of the Fates
Dan Shaurette
Dan’s Fiancee Michelle
The Energizer Bunny
Amy Bowen
Evo – aka Vanna

You can find most of these wonderful people at their various podcasts
Out of the Coffin (http://www.outofthecoffin.com/)
Evo @ 11 (http://evoat11.com/)
Love Long and Prosper (http://www.lovelongandprosper.com/podcast/)

Choosing three characters
Team Firefly – Inara
Team Controllers – Indiana Jones
Team One Sheet To The Wind – James Bond

Who is the most iconic? – James Bond
Who would win in a fight – Indiana Jones

Greasy nipple comments read by EssBee
The Energizer Bunny
Ed From Texas
The Energizer Bunny
Vanamonde (first of the week)

Back to Live Duel of the Fates

Love Prowess – Tie James Bond & Inara
Rotating Category; Who would make a better Santa Clause – Indiana Jones
Finally; Why should your character win?… Listen to the podcast to find out

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The DeadpanMMMmmm Gathering

I must say thanks to everyone who contributed in some way to Labor Day weekend’s Deadpanmmmm Gathering. It was a wonderful, unforgettable, fantastic time. I feel like George Bailey at the end of “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I am truly blessed with beautiful, wonderful, caring, witty, great friends in this community.
I had a great time this weekend. It was just a reminder I’m really grateful to know and count all of you who hang around Deadpan as my friends.
It was a weekend of highlights and great connections. We recorded some live Deadpan stuff, including a Flash in the Pan/Mongopalooza discussion and a live Duel of the Fates. I can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoyed the weekend. More importantly, everyone who attended seemed to have fun, and seemed interested in doing this again. The 2010 DeadpanMMMmmm Gathering will probably not be in competition with any major holidays, so stay tuned for more details. If you’re a friend of the Deadpan, then I’d love to see you there. I’ll make the Underworld Garlic Bread.

(Yes, I partially plagiarized my own comment on the discussion for #136.)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #136: The Answer is Unshow 42

It has an Unshow filename – yet a full episode title.

(Thank you for the show notes, Cj!)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #136: The Answer is Unshow 42

Holy Crap.

Everyone is coming to Arizona for the Deadpanmmmm gathering.

Jack is hosting Holy Wood Squares at DiscWorldCon

Saturday is BBQ at LLAP Studios w/Live Deadpan Recording

Flash Gordon

Sunday Night Hotel Party

watch Twitter and the Boards

Good Flash Gordon Goodness


1st comment: Vanamonde

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Nomad Scry
The Energizer Bunny
justa J0e

Happy Birthdays/UnBirthdays to everyone!

Jack appreciates content!

Send stories about how a song has been important in your life.
Dirty lyrics, contents of fridge,

Flash Gordon Palooza content too.

Nowhere in Jersey is Safe Part 2

UnShow #42 needs recognition.

Jack is beyond grateful for contributions to the gathering. Thank you!

Hashtag is #deadpanmeet

Keep an eye on the comments page.

“Mangan’s Deadpan Spongebob re-mix” (Big Chowder?)

Music: Jack Mangan’s Deadpan is the Way Live – Jack Mangan

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