Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #67: Welcome Back, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Lazy Show Notes (updated)

One Giant Leap for Deadpan
Excessive Introbabble
Paul from Des Moines Deadpan bumper
A-ha-hand Knitting. . .
Cup Car Update promo
“Give me some Tomi, baby.”
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson interview – part 1
Joe Murphy Memorial Fund promo
Big Chowder of Chowder Radio sings about Deadpan
Greasy Spoon Comments
Really Big Things, a serial by Paul Maki. Episode 14. Purge.
Indiana Jim – Deadpan promo
Deep voice Outrobabble
Exit music: “Love is Never Distant” by Jack Mangan


Hey everyone.

Sorry for the no-new-Deadpan morning.


There might be a new episode today, but it would not be a typical Deadpan. And it might not happen at all. We’ll have to see how everything goes. And. . . . it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a new episode next week. Sorry again. Deadpan is not fading (Deadfade. . . hmmm, I like. Dibs on that term, all you other SpecFic writers), just pausing as I get my shit together.

Wish me luck (again) on my big cross-country move (again).

66 is coming.

Deadpan will live on.