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My essay for Meme Therapy

The crew at Meme Therapy invited me to answer a question for the Brain Parade section of their website. It was an honor to go overboard with my response: http://memetherapy.net/27/has-science-fiction-had-an-impact-on-your-worldview/

Check it out; they also asked Christiana Ellis!

(Do memes need therapists?)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 30: Asplode!


Sub-par Introbabble Filling the Page promo (yes, Phil sounds a little bit like Christian Slater) Any Bowen bumper Ear Buds — Amy Bowen (The Wishing Bridge! You rock, Amy) Alvie’s hilarious chanting bumper Rapture Double Stolen Rap lyrics from Paul Fischer and then from Cheyenne Wright Rhettro bumper Midrobabble Dumbass Memories – Paul Fischer […]

Interviewed on “Is Thing On?” Podcast

I’m really not all that interesting, but Dan Shaurette still saw fit to have me on the latest episode of his excellent, “Is This Thing On?” podcast. We spoke a lot about Deadpan, my writing, and my music – and he even played two of my songs on his show.

Many thanks to Dan Shaurette […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 29: Christiana Ellis the Merciless

Introbabble Podcast Pickle Promo Alvie in Boulder’s creepy bumper (kidding Alvie ;) ) Christian Ellis interview – part I Paul from Elk River bumper-rejoiner La Bal Masque Nocturne Rhettro bumper Christian Ellis interview – part II (plus – Christiana shares a bonus Dumbass Memory!) Pickle Tales promo Dr. Zoidberg bumper Quick Unrelated Thought Really Big […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 28: another episode.

Lazy show n

Spherical Deadpan Introbabble La Bal Masque Nocturne promo Paul from Des Moines short bumper Wooden Spoon comments TD-0013 rock block Dumbass (painful) Memories – Ed from Texas A Double Dumbass Memory from me Stolen Movie Lines Deadpan bumper from Get Your Geek Off (Jeremy and Andrea) Ear Buds – Andrea Double Ear […]

News Boxer

So, I haven’t been completely idle over the past few months. . . . here are some news items:

7th Son: Descent recap. J.C. Hutchins invited me to read a paragraph for him in “7th Son Book One: Descent” recap to launch the sequel, “7th Son Book Two: Deceit.” I’m there with some pretty esteemed […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #27: All Apologies

Those lazy show notes, Were only temporary, I have updated.

Stolen Movie Lines Introbabble Chris Fisher’s “The Adult Spaces Child-Free Podcast” promo Ravyn Crescent bumper Ear Buds – Andrea S.H. Another EBs – Ed from Texas Seen – by Marlo Dianne Unrelated Thought Cat puke Gil from Milwaukee Voicemail Dumbass Memories – Jeremy from Seattle […]