Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 30: Asplode!


Sub-par Introbabble
Filling the Page promo (yes, Phil sounds a little bit like Christian Slater)
Any Bowen bumper
Ear Buds — Amy Bowen (The Wishing Bridge! You rock, Amy)
Alvie’s hilarious chanting bumper
Double Stolen Rap lyrics from Paul Fischer and then from Cheyenne Wright
Rhettro bumper
Dumbass Memories – Paul Fischer
Double dumbass on you! (shopping theme this week)
Alvie’s Dumbass Memory
Toast to me from the PPME (thanks everyone. Thanks Tee Morris for e-mailing me the recording)
Pickle Tales promo
The contents of Paul’s fridge in Des Moines
Double Unrelated Thoughts
Gil from Milwaukee Voicemail (I heart you too)
Paul from Elk River Deadpan promo/bumper
Alvie’s Grimlok Deadpan bumper
Original Music: Desert Scene (Live 4-track recording)

Apologies for the occasional volume level screwiness.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 29: Christiana Ellis the Merciless

Podcast Pickle Promo
Alvie in Boulder’s creepy bumper (kidding Alvie 😉 )
Christian Ellis interview – part I
Paul from Elk River bumper-rejoiner
La Bal Masque Nocturne
Rhettro bumper
Christian Ellis interview – part II (plus – Christiana shares a bonus Dumbass Memory!)
Pickle Tales promo
Dr. Zoidberg bumper
Quick Unrelated Thought
Really Big Things by Paul Maki. Episode 3: Muffler Man
Original Mash: Myself Within Love

Lazy Show notes – except for:

http://www.route40.net/culture/mufflerman.shtml the related link for the latest episode of “Really Big Things” by Paul Maki, contained herein.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 28: another episode.

Lazy show n

Spherical Deadpan
La Bal Masque Nocturne promo
Paul from Des Moines short bumper
Wooden Spoon comments
TD-0013 rock block
Dumbass (painful) Memories – Ed from Texas
A Double Dumbass Memory from me
Stolen Movie Lines
Deadpan bumper from Get Your Geek Off (Jeremy and Andrea)
Ear Buds – Andrea
Double Ear Buds on you! – Tanner (You did say Tanner, right?) from Illinois
Mark Forman Deadpan bumper
Paul from Des Moines long bumper
Long Batman essay (thanks for the guest voices, Jeremy, Alvie, and Mark)
Tee Morris Deadpan bumper
Momentary break in the Deadpan
FCC FU – The Anthem Choir
VM from Amy Bowen
Matt Mango – Asteroooooid Speeeeeeed Highway

News Boxer

So, I haven’t been completely idle over the past few months. . . . here are some news items:

  • 7th Son: Descent recap. J.C. Hutchins invited me to read a paragraph for him in “7th Son Book One: Descent” recap to launch the sequel, “7th Son Book Two: Deceit.” I’m there with some pretty esteemed company. Wow.
  • Speaking of Beer appearance. Charlie the Beer Guy, everybody’s favorite beercaster and scholar, recently invited me to sample Oktoberfest beers with him on his podcast. It was a fun experience, and makes for a good listen.
  • The force of nature that is WNDR Wolf has connected with the folks at ESC! Magazine’s Coffee House to Go, and they have posted his director’s cut audio drama of my short story, “Sixteen Pieces at a Time”.

And as unproductive as I’ve been of late, I still have more cool news items pending. And oh yeah — the haircut (i need to take more-detailed, less-sleepy photos):

before after

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #27: All Apologies

Those lazy show notes,
Were only temporary,
I have updated.

Stolen Movie Lines
Chris Fisher’s “The Adult Spaces Child-Free Podcast” promo
Ravyn Crescent bumper
Ear Buds – Andrea S.H.
Another EBs – Ed from Texas
Seen – by Marlo Dianne
Unrelated Thought
Cat puke
Gil from Milwaukee Voicemail
Dumbass Memories – Jeremy from Seattle
Double Dumbass on you! a second DAM from Paul in Elk River
“Chicken” by the G. Gordon Liddys
Ear Buds – “Bon” Scott from Kalamazoo
Mark Forman, OBMF — Charles Bukowski poetry
Phil Rossi VM
Really Big Things – by Paul Maki ep 2 – Twine Ball
Original music, by me: Ne—
Request for Rejoiners (plus an oversight)
Original music, by me: New Solid

Still somewhat lazy,
These show notes are now complete.
I have added links.


Ed from Texas’s link: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=330223

“I’ve put a link in the e-mail that I sent to Jack, so hopefully that’ll make it into the show notes eventually”. You cut me deep, Ed.

Paul from Elk River’s link: http://www.motelmag.com/articles/twineball.html

The G. Gordon Liddys Wow, the audio went nuts there when I was reading the web address onpod. Ugh. Sorry. I’m going to upgrade soon to a Commodore 64.