Un Un Oh 2

An Ununshow? Not the Palooza audio you were hoping for, but audio nonetheless.

Scrull: about the dude with the flying bladed mouse wheel


This post has nothing to do with the hokey magic shuriken I think there was a cyclops and an old guy with a spider ex-girlfriend film, “Krull,” it’s just a snappy word-blending of “scroll” and “Krull.”

Who knows, maybe Krull will come up in the comments.


Not quite alive, in other words.

One Oh Unshow

The scrolling on Hundred was getting to be a bit much. I do have audio for release, including a bunch of Ambassador Travel Updates; I will share that audio with the world soon.

This one is silence. For all… you… sinners!!

Un Hundred

Unshows of Deadpan on the wall. . .

Un Scroll

No audio this time, but you’ll hear my voice again soon. There’s some Olympic Hockey debt audio, some exciting personal news, and announcements for the near and distant future of Deadpan.


Unshow for a new era.


New year, new start.

Happy 2014, MFers.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #291: Too Gross

Thanks for making Deadpan The Way.

The Deadpan will be with you, always.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #290: The End, Part 5

The End of the DotF Battle Royale with Cheese Doodle.


Tie-breaker Rotating category: How would these characters be retrofitted for the Steampunk genre?

One more episode to go.