Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #35: Business As Usual

Stolen, altered movie lines.
Tee Morris‘s Billibub Baddings Teaser, featuring JC Hutchins and Scott Sigler.
Chris the Fixed Kitty bumper.
Jules Windu (by Greg).
Paul from Elk River in Denver VM.
J.R. Murdock‘s Stolen Rap Lyrics, part 1.
Ear Buds – Andrea Smarty Hottie, the Reigning Shogun of Taiwan?
The Greatest Voicemail ever.
Alvie in Boulder‘s bumper.
“Really Big Things” by Paul Maki, episode 1-4 recap. Visual link: http://www.wlra.us/hb/hbhappychef2.htm
J.R. Murdock‘s Stolen Rap Lyrics, part 2.
“Really Big Things”, part 5. A podcast serial by Paul Maki.
Grimlock bumper (from Alvie).
You’re Deadpan.
J.R. Murdock‘s Stolen Rap Lyrics, part 3.
GYGO Deadpan bumper mashed with CA Sizemore’s VM (would you believe it was intentional? OK. I’ll fix it.)
“Meet the Parkers”, original music from DJ Utopia.
This is where I’d have run the Greasy Spoon comments, had I remembered to record them.
Original Fiction from Marlo Dianne: “Id”.
Stolen from the 80s (would you believe this segment was my idea? OK, it was actually created by JustaJ0e.)
“Discovered Country” by Nora Fleischer — Podiobook promo
“Fear, Regret, and Hope”. Original (intentional) mash.

Spam Treets

A fun, pointless game for the comments pages. . . . Some spammers and/or subject lines are just too bizarre to cast off into anonymous disintegration with the rest of the Cialis and OEM ads. Sometimes they just gotta be shared. Example:
Sender: Kirkland F. Rebecca . Subj: FeeJee is the sucker spelling of Fiji I believe.

I couldn’t just delete that without posting it publicly and saying “WTF?!”

A couple of ground rules:

  • Just cut-and paste the Sender and subject line. Don’t open spam (Unless you’re a Viking). And – DON’T FWD or send me any spam, thanks. Just post funny subjects on the comments page.
  • Don’t just send the ones that we all see every day. A penis enlargement ad might have been hilarious in 2003, but 10,000 spams later, the comedy value is all gone. Broken English in the subject line also isn’t funny anymore, unless they’ve managed a really good, unintentional double-entendre. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have more than one good one per week, if that often.
  • Comments spam for your site is not off-limits.
  • Try to ensure that no actual spamlinks get into your post. If someone does post one with a link, don’t click it. (duh).
  • It may fizzle, it may produce comedy gold. We’ll see. Have fun.


Well Murphy — that ever-present, relentless fuck (not Joe) — has enforced his law yet again. A bit of bad luck has derailed my plan for an on-time Deadpan release. I’ll update tomorrow to let you know if we’ll be a day late – or just have a Panless week. 🙁 Sorry, gang.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 32: Shreddin’ with Rusty Cooley

Stolen Movie Lines
FanboySmackdown promo
Sober-dial from Paul from Elk River in Colorado AND Alvie in Boulder
Rusty Cooley Interview, part 1
– – Break – –
Chris the Fixed Kitty’s android bumper
Ear Buds – Amy Bowen
VM from Gil from Milwaukee in Hong Kong
Outworld sample “The Never”
Greg from Illinois bumper
Rusty Cooley Interview, part 2
ADDCast promo
Greasy Spoon 2 commencement
Outrobabble 2
Spirit Man

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 31: The Secret of the Deadpan

Deadpan Checklist
Wander Radio promo
Living Deadpan bumper (thanks Milo!)
Dr. Zoidberg Deadpan bumper (thanks, Alvie!)
Dumbass Memories – Chris in Milan
Double Dumbass Memories
Dumbass Memories – Amy Bowen
Scott Sigler never orders a Macho Combo
Ear Buds – “Bon” Scott from Kalamazoo
Paul from Des Moines bumper
Phil Rossi original music: Bright Midnight (And oh shit — you’re right, Phil. Your file was set at a 48000 rate, but I didn’t notice and plugged it in at 44100. Sorry!!!!!)
Pan Cemetary promo (thanks, )
Really Big Things, by Paul Maki. Episode 4: Return to Chicken Heaven.
Cool J.C. Hutchins/Nathan Fillion news
Nice E-mail RE: last week’s Rapture
Bitter Unrelated Thought (or maybe Unrelated Ear Bud)
Computer King channels through H.R. Tucker for the Into the Dark podcast promo
Longest, heaviest Outrobabble EVAR. Here goes.
Original Music: Love Is Never Distant
Little ones

Jack Mangan Live, November 11

OK, this isn’t *the* huge major announcement, but it’s still a pretty cool thing:

I will be playing live acoustic guitar music at Jug N Barrel Wine Bar in Glendale, AZ (You can Google it – -  too sleepy to post the link right now) —-

Saturday Nov. 11th from 7:30 until 10:30ish.

I played there once before, even broke Deadpan for vocals *gasp*. So if you can make it, then I’d love to see you there. I’ll try to post some of my setlist in the Show Comments discussion.