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Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #35: Business As Usual

Stolen, altered movie lines. Introbabble. Tee Morris‘s Billibub Baddings Teaser, featuring JC Hutchins and Scott Sigler. Chris the Fixed Kitty bumper. Jules Windu (by Greg). Paul from Elk River in Denver VM. J.R. Murdock‘s Stolen Rap Lyrics, part 1. Ear Buds – Andrea Smarty Hottie, the Reigning Shogun of Taiwan? The Greatest Voicemail ever. Alvie […]

Spam Treets

A fun, pointless game for the comments pages. . . . Some spammers and/or subject lines are just too bizarre to cast off into anonymous disintegration with the rest of the Cialis and OEM ads. Sometimes they just gotta be shared. Example: Sender: Kirkland F. Rebecca . Subj: FeeJee is the sucker spelling of Fiji […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 34: is really just a rerun of Deadpan #2 with extra introbabble

A rerun of episode 2, featuring the Mike J. Nelson interview, an exhibition Duel of the Fates, plus a very green Deadpan host.

The Neep

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 33: Half the Pan It Used to Be



Well Murphy — that ever-present, relentless fuck (not Joe) — has enforced his law yet again. A bit of bad luck has derailed my plan for an on-time Deadpan release. I’ll update tomorrow to let you know if we’ll be a day late – or just have a Panless week. :( Sorry, gang.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 32: Shreddin’ with Rusty Cooley

Stolen Movie Lines Introbabble FanboySmackdown promo Sober-dial from Paul from Elk River in Colorado AND Alvie in Boulder Rusty Cooley Interview, part 1 – – Break – – Chris the Fixed Kitty’s android bumper Ear Buds – Amy Bowen VM from Gil from Milwaukee in Hong Kong Outworld sample “The Never” Greg from Illinois bumper […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 31: The Secret of the Deadpan

Deadpan Checklist Introbabbly Wander Radio promo Living Deadpan bumper (thanks Milo!) Dr. Zoidberg Deadpan bumper (thanks, Alvie!) Dumbass Memories – Chris in Milan Double Dumbass Memories Dumbass Memories – Amy Bowen Scott Sigler never orders a Macho Combo Ear Buds – “Bon” Scott from Kalamazoo Paul from Des Moines bumper Phil Rossi original music: Bright […]

Jack Mangan Live, November 11

OK, this isn’t *the* huge major announcement, but it’s still a pretty cool thing:

I will be playing live acoustic guitar music at Jug N Barrel Wine Bar in Glendale, AZ (You can Google it – -  too sleepy to post the link right now) —-

Saturday Nov. 11th from 7:30 until 10:30ish.

I played […]