Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #133: A Straight Deadpan Caper

Lazy Bat-Show Notes.

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Energizer Bunny Show Notes (Thank you, TEB!)
Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #133: A Straight Deadpan Caper

More of The Incredible Shrinking Deadpan

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Dirty Lyrics
Star F**ker by Kurt from St. George
Darling Nikkie by The Computer King

Deadpan Palooza movie is Flash Gordon (1980 movie)

Go to the Dead Pan website and vote on potential changes to the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey

Amy Bowen shares the contents of her graduation gift bag

Bad Lyrics Theatre
Bad (Michael Jackson) by imag1narynumber

More Dirty Lyrics
Sir Psycho by Lady J

More of Amy’s gift bag

The contents of Justa J0e’s kit

Andrea Smarty Hottie with a Batman riddle – see Dead Pan website for link

Cj with a dumb ass memory

Only one comment to be read today from Cj

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A show of Un.

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Kitty purring!!! All bow down to its demands!

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In good news bad news: Jack has got a new job. Jack still dealing with other issues.

This week’s Greasy Spoon Nipples:
Ed from Texas
Nomad Scry
Justa J0e

Kitty says: purrrrrrrrrrr.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #131: Pattern Recognition

Lazy Show Notes Recognition.

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Jack is channeling his inner Shatner

Promo – MegaPodzilla

Bad Lyrics Theatre

UsedHair with the restaurants he ate at in the last 2 1/2 weeks

Skry with stolen lyrics

More bad lyrics to come… but now, record your favourite dirty lyric.

Lost Ralph with a Transformers 2 review

Jack Jaffe with the dimensions of his workspace – wants others to send in the dimensions of their workspace

More lyrics

Jack’s Unrelated thought

Cj’s dumbass memory

Today’s Greasy Spoon Nipples (in super speed):
justa J0e
The Energizer Bunny

Vanamonde with a stolen paragraph

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Jack does Bumpers
Jesus Geeks
Strangely Literal
Generic Bumper 1
Farpoint Recap 1
Generic Bumber 2
How to Grow Your Geek
Farpoint Recap 2
Love Long and Prosper

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What is a Palooza? It sounds like an episode of Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas – – or what every other fking podcast in creation tries to be – – but it’s not.
We choose a film (or book or whatever) and rally around it for one dedicated episode full of opinions, reactions, discussion, original fanfic or artwork, or whatever comes up. Deadpan-style – – so no, it’s nothing like the 8,000,000 other podcasts that talk about geek culture stuff.

Mangan Saves the World

I am grateful beyond belief to imag1narynumber for putting his considerable visually creative talents to use and surprising me with this fantastic image. Amazing.

Jack Mangan Saves the World

Check out my muscular physique! It’s like looking in a mirror!

Deadpan Vanshow


Jack Mangan’s Deadpan – Deadpan Vanshow

Special Guest – Vanamonde

Early in the morning – Vanamonde time.

Vanamonde wants a Flash Gordon Palooza

What about a short story? Graphic Novel? Album? Video Game?

War of the Worlds album?

Today’s Comments:

Amy Bowen Says: My new blog post is complete! Click on my name if you want to read all about the awesome murder mystery party I went to last Friday.

Vanamonde Says: I would still need to add cola to the most expensive rum to be able to drink the stuff. I’ll get my coat.

The Energizer Bunny Says: grind… grind… grind…

Vanamonde Says: There is a theory that the USA’s penchant for wrestling at school has breed a legion of fetish loving Americans.

Lejon de la Juan Fondue Says: More than one DP, that is

LostRalph Says: Well Transformers 2 was good, if you enjoyed the first one you will like this one. Van: Sorry to report that Megan Fox was left too long in the oven again. She also had magic white pants that would clean themselves between scenes. I have to admit my little sister pointed out the pants thing. My attention was elsewhere :D.

(insert discussion of Transformers 2 here)

WNDRWolf Says: Everytime I hear Amy say a serial I think of breakfast…

imag1narynumber Says: Seriously, how about a round of applause for the gloriousness of panties?

Thanks Van for being part of Deadpan.

Don’t forget the Deadpan Festival in Sept!


(Show Notes by the Energizer Bunny)