Unplayoffs 2013

The 2013 Deadpan NHL Playoff game is upon us yet again for this year.

The claimed teams are listed below:

Minnesota Wild (JR Murdock)
Anaheim Ducks (Cj)
Vancouver Canucks (The Energizer Bunny)
San Jose Sharks (EssBee)
LA Kings (Rhettro)
St Louis Blues (Lo Pan)
Cetroit Red Wings (Ed from TX)
Chicago Blackhawks (Brad P from NJ)

NY Islanders (Jack Mangan)
Montreal Canadiens (DJ Bunny)
Washington Capitals (Vanamonde)
Toronto Maple Leafs (ditto)
Boston Bruins (Desert Pixie)
Ottawa Senators (Usedhair)
NY Rangers (Amy Bowen)

Remember, if your team is the last one remaining in the NHL Playoffs, then you must record a Deadpan Unshow before the podcast retires. I’ll be available to help in any way you need. Happy eliminating!

Unclaimed: Pittsburgh Penguins. Sorry for the last-minute notice with this. I suppose you can claim one of these tomorrow (Wednesday) if you want, but beyond that, it’s really too goddamn late.