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Rest in Peace, Gandalf

Rest in peace, Gandalf the Grey. 2001 – 2015.

Over the past 14 years, no one has been there with me and for me more than my beloved cat, Gandalf.

His health had been in decline for the past few months. Tonight, he passed away peacefully in my arms. My heart is broken, but I’m relieved that his suffering is over, and glad that we were able to bring him love and happiness in his final days.

Farewell, old friend, I miss you already. Safe journey to the Grey Havens.

My final photo of Gandalf.

Scroll Train

Out in the Scrolled

Time management fail on my part. There shall be audio in a new post coming soon.

Stone Scrolled Crazy

You know.

It was overdue.

I do still have Amy’s MMMmmmeetup Travel Updates audio to be released. That’s still coming soon.

Good Times Scroll

Let the.

Stupid Finals


MMMmmmeetup chatter

By Request! We can keep up the general chit-chat on the other thread – - but this page can serve as a central MMMmmmeetup info and news space.

More Stupid NHL Playoffs

Down to the Final 4:



I predict:

ANH in 5
TBL in 7

Age of Scrolltron

New post.