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Incidentally, Podango seems to have evicted the Repo Pan episode, so I’ve updated the link. See the Repo Pan post and try again, if you never had any luck downloading it. . . .

Will things return to normal next week?

Repo Pan

Hey, just a heads up:
Deadpan episode 87 is going to spend a lot of time discussing and celebrating the 1984 Punk Rock cult classic film, Repo Man. So if you’ve seen the movie and would like to play along, then e-mail or voicemail your Repo Man comments, thoughts, observations, stories, etc. They’ll be in the episode.

If this movie has somehow eluded your attention for all these years, then check it out! Rent, buy, steal, borrow, do whatever you have to do.

Jack Mangan's Deadpan #86: Starts Off Bad, Only Gets Worse

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REPO PAN REMINDER — watch Repo Man!
original musicmash: U Can’t Yeti (excerpt)
“Stop the Deadpan” from Vanamonde


Offensively Lazy Show Notes

And oh joy, a technical gaffe right in the beginning. . . . sigh. . . . Pardon me, I’m a fucking idiot. Enjoy the rest of the show.