Breaking Bad, Fixing Good

This is a post for spoiler-tastic discussion of all things Breaking Bad. I myself will not be participating in this discussion, because I’ve only seen the show through season 4. But you kids have fun in here and stay off the meth.

Be warned, if you aren’t caught up on Breaking Bad and want to be surprised by the unfolding events in the life of Walter White, then Do Not Enter this page.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #282: Stillness

Stillness – the album.

1. Deadpan Opening
2. One With the Stillness
3. Photon Meters
4. Pepper Fiend
5. Perfect Green Woman (World premiere)
6. Smooth Like Butta
7. Myself Within Love
8. Burton Messiah (World premiere remix)
9. Rabbit Knees
10. Dog Diary
11. U Can’t Yeti
12. Solid Reborn
13. Temple of Earth and Sea
14. Earth Time Pigs Fate
15. Circle Minus Bitch (World premiere remix)
16. OLIFA Deadpan Opening