New Twist on the Annual Deadpan NHL Playoffs

So here’s the deal.
The 2011-2012 NHL Playoffs are coming up. This season’s 16 top teams will compete in an elimination tournament for the ultimate prize in sports: The Stanley Cup.

How Deadpan will get in on it:
Each participant will choose one of the 16 playoff teams. They’ll then choose a well-known, easily-accessible movie for their team.* If their team is eliminated, then they must watch the movie selected by their opponent. If their team wins, then their opponent must watch the movie they selected.

Whoever watches a movie because of a hockey loss will send related audio of less than 5 minutes to me, to be played on a future Deadpan episode. The audio can be a film review, a brief play-by-play, fanfic, whatever. Creativity is encouraged.

*Nothing beyond MPAA Rated R, please. . . And please go easy on the gore/ smut. Not everyone can tolerate “Ichi the Killer.” Select an alternate movie choice too.
It’s not mandatory, but it’d be nice if the movie(s) had *some* kinda link to the team, e.g.: The Omen for the New Jersey Devils, Wayne’s World for the Chicago Blackhawks, Cloverfield for the New York Rangers, etc.

Clear as ice? In years past, the losing player had to perform the winning team’s song; this year, we’re trying out movies.

Example: Link’s team is the Columbus Blue Jackets, and he’s chosen “The Goonies” as the team movie, with “Major League” as the backup choice. Zelda’s team is the New York Islanders, and she’s chosen “Shutter Island,” with “Private Parts” as her backup. New York defeats Columbus in the playoffs, so Link must watch “Shutter Island.” If he can’t, then he can watch “Private Parts.”

(We have 7 confirmed right now. This works best with at least 12 participants.)

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #232: Bad Sweaters

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