Movie Massacre Faceoffs


St. Louis no ones vs. San Jose no ones

Vancouver Vanamondes vs. L.A. no ones
-If Los Angeles wins, Van must watch “L.A. Story” or “Born in East L.A.

Phoenix Desert Pixies vs. Chicago Energizer Bunnies
-If Chicago wins, then Desert Pixie must watch “Hudson Hawk” or “Head (The Monkees movie)”
-If Phoenix wins, TEB must watch “The Cutting Edge” or “The Phoenix Lights (documentary)”

Detroit Rhettros vs. Nashville Jack Mangans
-If Nashville wins, Rhettro must watch “The Dukes of Hazzard (2005)” or “Predators
-If Detroit wins, Jack must watch “Doctor Detroit” or “Robocop 3” (or alt.: “Nevermore: Year of the Voyager“)

New York Lo Pans vs. Ottawa UsedHairs
-If Ottawa wins, then Lo Pan must watch “Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter” or “Cop and a Half
-If New York wins, then UsedHair must watch “Maid in Manhattan” or “Warriors
Pittsburgh Cynfuls vs. Philadelphia no ones
-If Philadelphia wins, then Cynful must watch “Rocky Balboa” or “The Village
Boston dittos vs. Washington EssBees
-If Washington wins, then ditto must watch “Pecker” or “The X-Files
-If Boston wins, then EssBee must watch “Summer Wars” or “Memento
Florida Amy Bowens vs. New Jersey Jack Mangans
-If New Jersey wins, then Amy must watch “Legend (Tom Cruise, Tim Curry)” or “Jersey Girl (Ben Affleck)”
-If Florida wins, then Jack must bitterly watch “Cocoon” or “Miami Vice” (or alt.: “Willard“)

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