576 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #237: Trees

  1. For the Facebook deprived, I had a missed call on my cell last night from a number I didn’t know: 253-382-9904.
    Looked it up today. Appears they’ve been busy judging from all the comments I found. It appears to be a scam outfit trying to phish for credit card numbers with the promise of a free trip. So don’t answer if you get called.

  2. …and my 90+ year old patiwnt this morning (insert image of your own grandma) said to me, ” does that surgeon ever smile? Im mean he’s a nice guy but he’s so Deadpan!”

    You go granny!

  3. CP: It’s A Long Way From The Esophagus To The Ovaries — The Bunny The Bear

    1) How did this get onto my iPhone?

    2) Lo Pan, if you’re responsible, it’s fantastic

  4. Okay – went from happy to worried. Nephew has been sent to children’s hospital for low pulse ox. Sudden onset bronchial problems. He’s 11 1/4 months.

  5. Burning all the Deadpan episodes I’ve gotten behind on to a data CD right now. Will start listening to them in my car during all the commuting I have to do tomorrow.

  6. Cynful — hang in there! Pediatric respiratory problems are common and very treatable. I know its hard to sit & wait and that its no fun for the lil’ guy. But I bet once he gets a breathing treatment or two, some fluids and some steroids in him, he will perk right up. πŸ™‚

    Your family is in my thoughts.

  7. Hi :panties:,

    Our older cat, Jenny, has lost her battle with cancer. I have a hospice vet coming in a few hours this morning to help her out with that. We’re very sad and will miss her, but also know that it’s absolutely time.

  8. Bloody BA won’t let me print my boarding pass for the Phoenix flight, means that not only will I have a limited time to get to the plane but I will have to piss around printing a pass at Heathrow.

    I must be clam, I must be clalm, I must be calm…

  9. Thanks for the well-wishes, friends. Jenny is 20 years old and we got to enjoy her company for a long time.

    Van, if it makes you feel any better, we’re complete introverts here too and pretty nervous about the mmmeetup. My feeling is that it’s gonna be fine! Also, for me and Sly B, we just set up a nerve-wracking breakfast with my estranged brother for Saturday morning, and that is much more stress-inducing than hanging out with you beautiful people!

  10. Have fun this weekend everyone! So jealous, wish I was going. Maybe next year. Looking forward to possible Skype this weekend to see all your happy faces.

    Good news/bad news on the nephew. It isn’t RSV, but they haven’t been able to rule out pneumonia yet. They want to keep him a little while longer as they had to keep him on O2 overnight.

  11. Thanks for the thoughts and hugs again, y’all. It is done, and was (all things considered) a very peaceful and positive experience.

    • John had a friend who son was given an Elmo doll when he was born. For the first six months of the kid’s life, any time the father saw that doll, he would pick it up, shake it and say, “Elmo is the Antichrist”. It was amusing.

  12. Just tried my Dad’s baseball cap.

    I have a far larger head that my Dad did.

    I apologise for the woolly hat in advance.

  13. BBC is rerunning old interviews that Parkinson did with various media stars.

    Richard Burton is being interviewed, he’s actually smoking on set.

    I don’t feel the urge to smoke a ciggie.

    Take that Mr Spielberg.

  14. Hey all — sorry but this question is directed towards the MMMmmmeetup folks, specifically CJ & Ralph.

    I’d like to bring one or two food items on Sat. One of them is my Maui Chicken, which requires using a grill and then a Side dish/Dessert called Taffy Apple Salad. Im putting feelers out right now to see how it will be received…

    Thoughts please so I can plan between work sched and meetup scheds.


  15. Ralph will be grilling also, so it should be no problem. We are making carne asada, tortillas, and beans – unless something changes.

  16. So, will there be a place at CJ’s for everyone to check their guns and double entendres at the door. I seem to have a weakness for loaded words and big mikes in my face.

    • Here is another political thought that broadsided me this week as I opened yet another request for campaign donations.

      If you want me to vote/support you, why don’t you present me with a realistic/detailed plan for how you will actually make my life better.
      If your plans for my future are so lame/in-effective that you have to try and dress them up by telling me how apocalyptic the other guy’s plans are … then maybe you should work on a better plan. One that can stand on it’s own merits rather then the failed merits of their opponents.

      That’s what these guys are doing. Rather then making themselves better, they are painting nightmare pictures and standing next to them to try and look appealing.
      /end political commentary

  17. At Heathrow, slight hiccup, but in the queue for the Phoenix flight.

    The customs guy asked why were they picking on me..

  18. Well then, if Van is going to actually board a plane then I guess maybe it’s time I should actually pack.
    I’ve gotten the carry-on bag out. Does that count?

    • No need to push yourself.

      I think Ralph started packing something this morning, but he kept saying things about how he needed to do laundry first. It’s nice when a man washes his clothes before he wears them around me. I think I’ll keep him.

  19. What should I do tonight?

    Alone on my birthday and I can’t decide if I should download some action adventure movie I haven’t seen (that is pretty much all of them) or just pull out the old James Bond DVDs and bask in the vacuous “bombs & babes” manliness of it.

  20. Bunny’s flight shows delayed by about 30 minutes. Wonder how much time they’ll make up in flight.

    I’m still leaving work early to retrieve her. I love that Bunny!

  21. Just a note on my availability. Tonight I’ll be caught up in domestic chores and Friday night I’m doing a charity bowling event with Teresa. So it looks like I won’t be seeing anyone until Saturday afternoon. I noticed that Saturday is also Free Comic Day and many shops have events planned if anyone is looking for stuff to do.

  22. Okay.
    Leisurely 2 hour lunch with friends is complete (Chinese Buffet).
    Now back to packing.

    … but first, I should fix a little drinkie.
    After all it IS my birthday.

  23. BTW – my movei choice for this evening is “Zombie Land”
    I never got to see it and my lunch friends said it was worth the download.

    So be it.

    Maybe, I’ll also rent “The Hang Over”(never saw it) as a reminder what not to do before traveling tomorrow.

    • Good choice, I’ve seen “Zombie Land” a couple of times on broadcast television, so I’ve never seen it in the original Klingon. Fun movie.

      Rule #67: Don’t mistake someone being Deadpan for being a Zombie.

  24. Reading all these posts about people traveling and preparing to travel is making me really excited for this MMMMMeetup. :happy: This is the biggest group we’ve ever had for one of these!

    Safe travels to all who have already started traveling! I’ll see you late Friday night.

    Happy birthday, J0e and Van!

  25. Happy Bday to the JJ and the Van. Both sexy. Both outstanding.

    Safe travels to all yall’s! Wish I could join. Ill be there in drunken spirit.

  26. At my hotel. A little grumpy because they messed up my reservation. The girl said they would move me tomorrow but now I have my doubts. I just spoke to the new guy on shift and he said he can’t promise anything. I am a grumpy bunny right now

  27. Alright, I am pretty sure I’m packed. A few hours of pretending to work this morning and then it’s off to the airport.

  28. I’m listening to the dawn chorus as I type.

    My ‘doh!’ moment of the trip so far, realising my phone charger that was susposed to fit US wall sockets is in fact the wrong shape.

    I’m lost for words at the warm welcome I received.

  29. After breakfast I plan to yell at the hotel staff some more. I’ve decided I either get my suite or they have to comp me something (maybe a room night?) to appease me. Am I being too grumpy?

  30. Had a Skype chat with a friend this morning.

    There was no detectable lag, this does happen when I’m a ‘mere’ 300 miles away.

  31. Jack said he and van would be here somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30. The question is, should I head downstairs now or assume jack is on his normal schedule and head downstairs closer to 8:45?

  32. Spoke to the hotel manager. She seemed more resonable. No yelling needed. After lunch she’s moving me to a suite or else she will give me some other compensation. No yelling needed

  33. Well Night #1 of the ’12 DP MMMeeetup was a fantastical success, dare I say.

    So awesome to meet Van, Energizer Bunny & Lost Ralph and to see CJ again.

    F-U-N is in the air.

    Safe travels Friday peeps!

  34. Beer has been purchased for tonight. Now collecting musical gear and food. Then off to collect the Canadian chocolates, and then away to Cj’s we go! :happy:

  35. That was a wonderful experience, everyone. It was a pleasure to meet all that were there in person, and we missed those of you who weren’t able to make the trip!


  36. LostRalph and I are CE: Homemade Huevos Rancheros – made of party leftover goodness.

    (Actually Ralph ate his already… I’m just slower)

  37. Good morning.

    Thank you, everyone for coming over and making my home a place filled with mirth, love, and laughter.

    It warms my heart to have such wonderful, smart, funny, and generous friends.

    Each of you is amazing!

    Thank you so much for filling my house with your wonderful spirits!

    I promise that all of the “spirits” left behind will be imbibed with much joy! πŸ˜‰

  38. All the Avengers we were expecting have assembled. We already got our seats in Theater 6. Ed, Van, J0e, Pixie, ditto, T-cat, Rhettro, Rhettro’s wife and daughter, and I are here. Let’s get this party started!

  39. At an Irish Pub with what remains of the Pannites. Ed From Tx just jetted off. πŸ™

    Its a lovely night and a nice quiet place for our last ‘(Deadpan) Family Meal together for MMMmmmeetup 2012!’

    • We shall definitely have to do this again. I’m now safely through security and waiting for my chariot ride home. My delay has proven to be a last hour bonus.

  40. Thank You, wonderful Deadpan Community, for welcoming me into your funtastic group of geeky rockstars. This Pixie loved every minute of the 2012 MMMmmmeetup with all you fine folks.

    I have safely transported my visiting Pannite — Amy Bowen ,back to my place. Its off to sleep we go due to a way-too-early wakeup call. Miss Bowen heads home and this Pixie heads back to work. Did I mention it will be way-too-early rising?

    goodnight :hot bollix:

  41. Save travels to all.

    Just said my goodbyes to LostRalph as the SuperShuttle whisked him away into the darkness. 10 minutes till I start my morning Monday shift.

    Happy to hear everyone had such a great time! :heart:

  42. What you all said – twas great!

    We’re up early and headed home. Back to the real world for all of us (though B and I are on vacation until next Monday!). Safe travels those of us still traveling!

  43. Just wanted to say I had a great time this weekend. Thanks to CJ and LostRalph for hosting and Desert Pixie for getting me a ride home. It was wonderful to finally meet EssBee, Sly B and JustajOE in person. I think the number of Deadpanites I haven’t met is the minority now. πŸ™‚

  44. Also, there is a precedent for my Thanos/Darkseid confusion.

    From Wikipedia:

    “In the sequel, DC vs. Marvel, Thanos clashes with Darkseid, his DC counterpart, in a prolonged battle, before the fight is interrupted by Thor, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Storm, Green Lantern, and the Silver Surfer.


    When the clashing DC and Marvel universes merged into the Amalgam Comics Universe, Thanos merged with Darkseid to become Thanoseid.”

  45. Morning, Pan…er, well it’s morning for me somewhere.

    Energizer Bunny needs to pick lotto numbers for me as she did correctly predict me not going in to work today πŸ™‚

    Finally arose about noon local time and then went out to lunch with my wife. Now I think I will putter around a bit.

  46. ditto: We may all have been away from our computers, but we all had our phones with us constantly. πŸ™‚ I’m glad I only took my phone and not my laptop. The phone was all I really needed.

    I, too, took a nap this afternoon, and I’m glad I did.

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