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Un13Show Mangan


Jack Mangan's Deadpan #93: The Archaeologist's Mystery

Laz Sho Not

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Deadpanpalooza voting booth

This isn’t a Diebold machine, it won’t be rigged. Go here to vote for the next Deadpanpalooza movie. The choices are: Eraserhead Southland Tales A Boy and His Dog The Bride of Frankenstein (original) Being There Some Kind of Monster Watchmen (the graphic novel) or Pick Your Own

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Jack Mangan's Deadpan #92: Podtaint, part 2

Public Access show notes.

2008 NHL playoffs predictions

A Deadpan tradition. My picks for this year:

Canadiens-Bruins. Les Habs in 7. Penguins-Senators. Pens in 5. Capitals-Flyers. Flyers in 7. Devils-Rangers. Rangers in 5.

Red Wings-Predators. Wings in 5. Sharks-Flames. Sharks in 6. Wild-Avalanche. Avalanche in 6. Ducks-Stars. Ducks in 7.

Unshow goes to 11

Lazy Unshow.


April 1 marks one year since we lost Joe Murphy. Raise a glass of root beer in tribute to Our Missing Ninja.

And please visit the tribute show post at The Joe Murphy Memorial Fund website.

I’ve also included a link to the tribute episode here, for those subscribed to the Deadpan feed.