Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 009. The Creative Guy Cometh.

This week, the Deadpan features an interview with Uncle Pete Allen, Editor in Chief of Creative Guy Publishing. The man who published Spherical Tomi!


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Pete Allen interview – part 1

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Deadpans 1, 2, and 3 updated

The files are not modified, but I’ve updated their posts here with the in-browser player. Now you can go back and listen to the Tee Morris interview in episode #3, the Mike J. Nelson interview in #2, and/or the podcast mess brilliance that was the first episode.

— I should also point out that those download numbers don’t reflect all kinds of downloads, and also, only reflect web-downloads as of the date we installed that plugin (one day last week).

Holy Fire!

Holy Fire! Mystic Ninjas! Mason Rockets! I didn’t realize they were going to post the episode that quickly.When you’re done listening to Deadpan Episode 8 (see below), head on over to the Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas site to download KAMN #13. I made a guest appearance to butt in on their discussion of Bruce Sterling’s postmodern post-cyberpunk novel, “Holy Fire”. The podcast was actually released on Tuesday; I was just a bit too slow to catch it until today. Of course, it will help to have read the book first — but the Ninjas’ extra content is always good.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 8. Brooklyn Blues in Taiwan.

Startling Introbabble (Warning – it comes in pretty loud. You’ll see.)
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Mark Forman Interview – part 2
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Spherical Tomi: The Print Chapbook

So the day is drawing closer. The Spherical Tomi chapbook is at the printer. The e-book and the podiobook will still be available — but you’ll soon also have access to the dead-tree-and-ink version!
I don’t have a release date yet, but we’re closing in fast. Stay tuned for more info as it develops…. Best guesstimate: first week of June.

Discussion Groupie

Hey y’all. (OMG, I grew up in NJ and I just typed “y’all”) So, since I started this podcast to make a few extra bucks and to promote my writing, let’s set that kind of thing in motion.

I want to talk a bit about my short story, “Sixteen Pieces at a Time”, on a future show. Remember College English? If you’re a Deadpanite or Dragon Page/Wingin’ It! listener, then you’re literate and sophisticated (even if your sense of humor is in the gutter). Check out my short story at http://www.sfreader.com/contest-2005-3.asp . You hear the first 1/4 of the story during Deadpan Episode 007, brilliantly read by the Wander Radio players. Go back to your Eng 101 and 102 days. Delve deeply into it, search for the symbolism and meaning. You don’t have to write a paper, but give me your deep or interesting thoughts on the story. Let me know what you think. Send your thoughts via Voicemail or E-mail. Dissenting opinions and criticisms are certainly welcome.

Note: This is not an attempt at ego-stroking. But hey, it’s my show – in the name of promoting my stuff :). KAMN already do a wonderful job of intelligent analysis of others’ works. I want to raise the Deadpan bar a bit and prove that there’s intelligence behind our depravity. (Yes that includes you, Alvie — the twisted, clever mind behind “Bedknobs and Boomsticks”). I plan to touch on my other writings in the future as well, including Spherical Tomi.

What do you think, sirs? Are we up for this? Bring it on. 206-350-TOMI. jack aaaaaaaaaaat jackmangan dottttttttttt com.


And by the way — I’m *NOT* fishing for praise….

Just – if you see anything deeper in the text, then go for it. Talk about it.  Not everyone enjoyed their college English Lit courses; I did. That’s the kind of discussion I’m going for. Those classes rarely got into “thumbs up”/”thumbs down” discussions, but were more about the elements contained in the selected texts.

Of course — critical thoughts on the story’s strengths and flaws are also perfectly ok.


So Bobby (or was it Greg? Marsha?) recently shattered my focus into a million pieces, and all of the bunch have put a lot of effort into covering up for him. The laughtrack loved it, but really — it’s time to sweep up the pieces and glue things back together. Here’s the plan:

`Finish writing 3rd Dirk Moonfire novella.
`Edit Dirk Moonfire Podiobook for release.
`Finish Spherical Tomi 2.
`Maintain weekly Deadpan Output.
`Remove tarp from self-promotion machine. I need to start branching out and selling myself and my writing again. The Dragon Page/Deadpan audience is the best fanbase in the world, but I need to start expanding, connecting with others.
`Maintain Focus — with less yodeling (OK, who got that?).

Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 7. Hey You Guys!!!!

It’sthe no-interview, all Deadpanite show!!

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Deadline for Episode 007 submissions looms!

Hey folks, if you want to contribute a short Dumbass Memory, Highbrow/Lowbrow, Unrelated Thoguht, Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop Lyric, other funny thing to the Deadpan Podcast Episode 007, then time is running out! I have already begun construction. The final edit will happen sometime late Tuesday evening (I hope). I have lots of content already – but – you’re always welcome to submit more. And hey — the voicemail line is active now, so all you need is your telephone. Call and record your segment right there: 206-350-TOMI (206-350-8664).

Oh – and let’s make this a double-post….. The Devils were eliminated by the Hurricanes today…. There is certainly no joy in Mudville (or Swampville, I suppose, since we’re talking about New Jersey).