Jack Mangans Deadpan #184: The Minivan Story

Mini Show Notes.

No political thing.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #184: The Minivan Story

Is Jack from The Beyond

Congrats to Dan and his new wife. We all wish you many years of happiness.

Promo – Explorers Beyond the Horizon (http://deadrobotssociety.com/anthology/)

Paul Maki motors down the road

The Prophets of Deadpan
Vanamonde (first of the week)
Nomad Scry
Lo Pan
Used Hair

Paul continues his trek

EssBee & Sly B regail us with stolen lyrics

Jack gives us a dumbass memory of when he snickered

Amy Bowen gives a dumbass memory and serenades us

Paul passes Nathan Lane

Paul has a chemical reaction on his drive

Dysprosium: –noun Chemistry.
a rare-earth metallic element, highly reactive and paramagnetic,
found in small amounts in various rare-earth minerals,
as euxenite and monazite: used to absorb neutrons in nuclear reactors.
Symbol: Dy; atomic weight: 162.50; atomic number: 66.
– Dictionary.com

Little Deadpan moments with Paul Maki

Closing music

Nine Inch Smurfs first track recording (dare you add to it?)

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Deadpan Unshow Fifty-Two


Deadpan Unshow Fifty-Two

Greasy Nipples
Nomad Scry
Johnny Null
DJ Bunny
Ed From Texas
Cj (first of the week)

Thank you newbies.

Thank you Deadpan community

Musical project coming soon

Thanks Dan & Cj for BBQ (http://www.lovelongandprosper.com/podcast/)

Remembering a lost friend

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Jack said ho (tee hee)