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  1. This is really cool.

    β€œA group of enterprising and rather creative garbage men out of Hamburg, Germany have blended work with artistic expression by converting dumpsters into giant pinhole cameras, dubbed the Trashcam Project. The method is pretty straightforward: by drilling a small hole on one side of the dumpster, an image is projected onto a giant sheet of photo paper suspended inside. Each shot takes about an hour to capture and its then developed in their special lab.”


  2. Hmm, I hope Alaska Airlnes is paying Jack well for this side bar ad. Somebody must be detecting discussion of travels plans here on the board.

  3. Yesterday I increased the overall knowledge of mankind.

    Snickers bars don’t defrost well in a microwave oven, you end up with a pool of sludge that looks like cat’s puke and smell of peanuts.

  4. ” a pool of sludge that looks like cat’s puke and smell of peanuts.” This was the original product slogan, but some marketing genius thought “Snickers really satisfies” was more appealing.

  5. Speaking of “cat’s puke and smell of peanuts”, my supervisor is going out of their way to put the micro in management. How’s the project coming, well I’ve made five minutes of progress since the last time you asked me.

  6. Hey Deadpan

    Currently sitting at a borrowed computer at head office. Not sure if I’m allowed to be posting to Deadpan but hey *shurg*, What are you going to do?

  7. Most of my day has been staring at a screen twiddling my thumbs. I’s spending a lot of time waiting for others and I feel self concious pulling out my IPad.

  8. Can’t even check my personal e-mail. This system is locked down pretty tight. So why does it let me post on the DP Board? Hmmmm…

  9. Here I am, twiddling my thumbs again.

    Did some training but an hour of work out of a full day makes for a very loooooong day. *sigh*

  10. Apparently, the main person who is to train me is actually not in today, that’s why I’m sitting on my butt bored out of my wits. With luck, he’ll be in tomorrow. Otherwise it’s really going to be a wasted week.

  11. Unfortunately, I really will be on Ontario time from now on. One of the new reports I’ll be doing has be be done between 2 and 3pm Ontario time. That’s noon and 1pm my time. No more lunches with friends. Now it will be brunches only.

  12. Apparently I’m eating at Kelsey’s for dinner tonight and Milestone’s tomorrow. I eat at these places at home. I wonder what passes as truly “Ontarian” food?

  13. I just had a really hot shower. I have the in room coffee maker brewing up some decaf. I have 4 pillows piled up on the bed and am kicking back with a book

    CR: The Winds of Khalakovo – Bradley Beaulieu

  14. So, I read DJ Bunny’s post

    “Alive, fed and now back in my hotel room”


    “Alvie, fed and now back in my hotel room”

    What to make of this, I dunno.

  15. I’ll be doing a lot of traveling in May. The plan is to go to the MMMMMMMeetup, come home, wait a week, then go to Omaha to visit old friends (and explore the possibility of launching a career) from May 13-20. It’ll be tiring, but exciting, and I’m looking forward to it.

  16. Here I am, playing the waiting game again. My boss said if that happened it would be ok for me to pull out my ipad. However, there are some bigwigs here from head office US so I still feel self concious doing that.

  17. The guy who’s training me is named Sean. He’s tall, blond and geeky looking. My daughter’s boyfriend is Shaun, who is tall, blond and geeky looking. While they don’t look exactly alike, they could pass as brothers. It’s very strange.

  18. Jack, I probably won’t be able to do show notes next week too. It’ll be month end and I also have bunches of stuff to do at work before I leave on the Thursday.

  19. I got an e-mail this morning (while I was at my hotel), WWC ordered some shot glasses that light up when liquid is poured into them. I’m picking them up on Wednesday (May 2nd). As the one who arranged these, I think I may steal a few to give at the mmmmmeet up.

  20. As everyone saw, the Ambassador of Deadpan is going to the MMMmmmeetup. Im picking her up at the airport. Should I arrive with a giant sign, balloons , & have a clown with a spider monkey? Or just play it cool?

    I’ve never met an ambassador before….

    But I have met an ass before.

  21. Afternoon Pan, been on a mini cruise to Amsterdam.

    The city ( the bits I saw) had a serious glut of Macdonalds yet a surprising lack of Starbucks.

    I did not have Mayonnaise on my fries..

  22. Here I am sitting at the Toronto airport. I know they say to get here two hours early but then you just wait around for an hour and a half before you board the plane. I have things to do. I can read or listen to my iPhone, I just don’t like waiting.

  23. Also, the Toronto airport seems to have a sad lack of public ac plugs. My iPad is at 75%. I guess that’s ok, as long as my flight isn’t delayed like it was coming here

  24. *sigh*. I always have high hopes for airport food and I’m always disappointed. Just had (some of) a horrid pulled pork sandwich. I think I’ll be snacking on junk food on the plane

  25. Airports – Bangalore (yeah, go ahead) is not much fun, especially at 2 in the morning. The best thing about it was that it meant I was coming back to ‘Merica!

  26. Sorry for the fucktastic day, ditto. Also, sympathies for your dog as we search for someone to come and administer an IV to our elder cat with cancer while we come to the mmmeetup. We love our pets, don’t we?

    Here’s to a better day! H to the UGS.

  27. Helped my sister to retrieve her riding mower from her property (where her house used to be). Two neighbors around her had rebuilt. Nice homes. Still, one year later now, I counted 30 empty slabs in that neighborhood and at least 4 boarded up houses with “no trespassing” signs.

    More tornado oddness – Her neighbor reports that about 3 weeks ago the last “destroyed” house in that neighborhood was finally bulldozed to the curb. While she was out walking one evening, she passed the pile and noticed the cushions from a chair of hers, sticking out of the debris. She had salvaged the chair but had never found the cushions. Somehow they had managed to end up in this collapsed house house several blocks away.

    It’s going to be a tough day for a lot of families.

  28. I just don’t understand people. I dropped my car off to get the snow tires removed. The train station is a ten minute or less walk from the dealership. Still, people were asking for a ride to the station. I could understand if it was 30 below but it’s actually above freezing today. *shakes head*

  29. Here’s a big complaint about TFAW. I have some subscriptions set up, and they slipped in this month a $79.99 Slip Cased Tank Girl set. I really think that’s a ridiculous thing to include for someone who has a monthly subscription to a series.

  30. So are we picking 2 new movies for Round 2 playoffs, or does the loser in this round get whatever film is left unwatched from Round 1?

  31. Boy this is like Scotland Day around Deadpan. I feel like I should be watching Highlander in a kilt while eating haggis with a single malt and taping stuff to the wall while practicing my bagpipes and offending Ian Shields.

  32. Lools like I have a choice of maid in manhattan or warrior. Maid in manhattan is available through instant watch so I will be watching that.

  33. Crap joke for the day:

    I was pretty excited when my new girlfriend sent me a text claiming she loves anal.

    Turns out she is dyslexic and she loves Alan, my best mate…

  34. Oh, I had seen a few of those Facebook statuses before, but many were new to me.

    They make me laugh, feel smug, and yet totally despair all at the same time.

  35. I snagged a great find for my beer bottle collection tonight. I was showing a server my wish list from pintley and she recommended hitachino nest beer 3 days. This beer was brewed in Japan during the earthquake and tsunami. The mashing process took 3 days because of the loss of power. The resulting brew was limited to 8000 bottles. What’s more, it actually tasted great.

  36. Maid in Manhattan is a romantic comedy about a lower class girl getting together high class guy with the girl’s parent and the guys servant disapproving. So essentially it was Arthur without the booze or the comedy. The good news is that Arthur is also available on Netflix instant watch, so I can share that movie with my daughter tonight and get the bad taste of Maid in Manhattan out of my head. Woo hoo!

    BTW, I boycott all remakes/reimaginings/reenvisionings/revisitings/etc. So the Dudley Moore Arthur (and the Dudley Moore, Peter Cooke Bedazzled for that matter) is the only version worth watching. There is no discussion on this topic. It is fact rather than opinion.

    /gets off soap box/

  37. Correction: In Arthur, the dad was extremely approving of the relationship. Whereas, in Maid in Manhattan the mom was disapproving. I guess they are completely different movies. I don’t know what I was thinking. But I’m still watching Arthur tonight.

  38. Big changes happened at Evil last week. My previously quiet workspace has been invaded and noisy chaos leading to crappy morale for my staff should commence in about an hour.

    Other than that, my complaints are few. Have a good day, DP! mwah!

  39. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m tired and I have a ginormous (ok it’s little) house to clean before all these people come to party within it.

  40. Trying to help a friend gain access to her twitter account, but they keep asking for a mobile phone number that she has NEVER given them.


  41. I love (and yes I’m being sarcastic here) how buying foreign currency at the post office appears to give the post office employee the urge to ask where I’m going and when do I fly.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! squared.

    • Is that the one that says (draft) in the subject and FINAL in the body thus confusing EVERYONE?

      BTW – Ralph and I are going to see the first showing of Hunger Games we can find on Friday morning if anyone wants to join us. I don’t have times yet as it’s early in the week.

      And I’m about 2/3 through the (1st) book and am horrified, but seeing as it’s PG-13 and I made it through Watchmen, I know I can do this.

      I. Can. Do. This.

  42. CJ, my daughter finished all three of the Hunger Games books. I managed to keep a little ahead of her, though I think we did end up finishing the last book on the same day.

    You can handle it! And, actually it was a pretty cool experience as that’s the first time my daughter and I have taken an interest in a story at the same time like that.

    Of course, maybe having spent last year with GRR Martin has skewed my perspective, but I thought the Hunger Games were pretty tame overall.

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