Paloozas Reborn

The results are in!

The 20th Century Palooza Winner is. . . . The Fifth Element!

The 21st Century Winner was. . . a tie! So there are 2 choices: Tenet and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

I was going to cast the tie-breaker vote, but I think more options are a good thing. So watch both or watch one and skip the other.

So how are we gonna do this, in the absence of a podcast?

We’ll schedule a Zoom conference call for each movie where everyone can chime in with their thoughts.

We also still have this here Deadpan page, YouTube, and Facebook, where we can post whatever audio skits, video skits, reviews, and other Palooza-inspired creativity we want.

A classic, absurd Luc Besson Cyberpunk action flick.

A Christopher Nolan Time Travel mindbender.

A Coen Bros. Western mini-anthology film.