Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #52: Richard Hatch – part 2

Ed from Texas sings along with Alvie crooning
Greasy Jelly Bean setup
Cup Car Update promo
Marlo Dianne Deadpan bumper
Amy Bowen Travel update 0
Stolen movie lines
Paul Maki and friends’ drunken journey to see “300”
Amy Bowen Travel update 1
Richard Hatch interview – second half, part I
Jessica Deadpan bumper
Stolen from the 80s
-Justa J0e
-Cheyenne Wright
Richard Hatch interview – second half, part II
Alvie’s monks Deadpan bumper
The . . . contents. . . of ditto’s fridge
Greasy Jelly Bean delivery. Wow!
Chowder-Radio vs. Polar Radio Walk-off promo
Amy Bowen Travel update 2
Repeated Stolen movie lines
Unrelated thought
One more soundbyte from Richard Hatch
I lied
Amy Bowen Travel update 3
Tinkly guitar music by me: “Wine”


Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #51: Richard Hatch – part 1

Richard Hatch interview – part 1 of 2.

Greasy Jelly Bean game setup
Tag in the Seam promo
Mike Nelson bumper
Jeremy from Seattle’s VoiceMail trilogy – part 1
Andrea Smarty Hottie calls in the contents of her iTunes
Richard Hatch interview – part 1
Technorama Podcast promo
Jessica’s eerie Deadpan bumper
Jeremy from Seattle’s VM trilogy – part 2
Jack tells a lie
Jessica’s VM after 2 shots
“Really Big Things” by Paul Maki. Episode 9: “Crow”.
Jimmy from Denver bumper
Jeremy from Seattle’s VM trilogy – part 3
Dumbass Memories – Amy Bowen
Deadpan haiku bumper
Greasy Jelly Bean delivery
More Outrobabble
Jack Mangan Original music: “Candles”


I’m aware of one mistake in this episode. I hope it’s the only one.


(sorry for the late posting)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 50: The Night Before Deadpan

What comes up first when searching for “Lazy Show Notes” in Google?

You ignorant Simp *ksshht*
Alvie crooning
Amy Bowen bumper
Greasy Jelly Bean setup
WNDR’s voicemail about “Stranger Things”
Scott from Kalamazoo and the contents of his freezer
Mark Forman’s Deadpan bumper
???? VM
The Number of the Smurfs
Amy Bowen’s “Happy Pi Day” voicemail
–Stolen from the 80s–
Justa J0e
Scott from Kalamazoo
Cheyenne Wright
Jessica’s Voicemail
Pulp Deadpan (from the mind of Big Chowder)
2nd Life Note podcast promo
Chris the Fixed Kitty’s Hypnotic Deadpan bumper
“She” lyricsmash
Jon Klecko voicemail
Paul from Des Moines and the contents of his car
Greasy Jelly Bean payoff
Unrelated Thought
Crescent Podcast novel promo
Lions and tigers and Deadpan, oh my!
“The Night Before Deadpan” by the Deadpanites
Original music by me and Matt: Darkness

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #49: You Answered the Call

What is it you want?
Heavy Breathing Voicemail
An easy joke
The Adult Spaces Child-Free podcast promo
The Greasy Jelly Bean game – setup
Greg from Illinois Deadpan bumper
Justa J0e’s tingly “Unrelated Kitchen” bumper
Kris from Tempe tells us the contents of her fridge
Anonymous Voicemail
Big Chowder (of the Chowder Radio podcast) up in here, up in here
Ear Buds — Phil Rossi
Original music — Phil Rossi “861”
Amy Bowen’s lyricsmash
Alvie in Boulder’s Deadpan bumper
Randall’s Deadpan one-liner
“Really Big Things” by Paul Maki. Episode 8. “Holstein Cow”
Computer King Deadpan bumper
Stolen from the 80s
-Scott from Kalamazoo
-Justa J0e
-Ed from Texas
Highbrow/Lowbrow(!) – Ed from Texas
Greasy Jelly Bean – payoff
Original music — “Soldier Boy Jam” (cut from the Matt Mango tune, “Soldier Boy”)


“Really Big Things” (by Paul Maki) visual.

ZardoZ Top


What the hell is a Zardoz? After directing the film, “Deliverance”, auteur John Boorman had apparently not had enough of men in their undies. . . . And so, his next project was “Zardoz”, which I’m told is a trippy, bizarre, early 70s, pre-Star Wars Sci-Fi movie about post-Bond Sean Connery in a red diaper. . . and um, there’s something with a giant stone head, like in Space Harrier? I’ve never seen it. This is all I know of the film, and this is all I want to know – – until I have the full-on DVD experience. You see, I’ve been hearing about this movie for months now, from a wide array of sources. I’ve finally given in to fate’s hand-held glowcones and placed it at #1 in my Netflix queue. Scheduled to arrive Wednesday, March 7th.

A number of Deadpanites have also pledged to take the “Zardoz” plunge. After we’ve all watched, we may discuss it onpod. We may discuss it on the Deadpan comments page. Or we may be too stunned and traumatized to discuss it at all. I don’t know yet.
So — are you in? Call your local Blockbuster. Update your Netflix queue. Join us.

It is my goal to one-day use “Zardoz” legally in a game of Scrabble.

(WARNING: from all accounts, this movie may elicit groans from your movie-watching partner).

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #48: Dearth Deadpan

How many different ways can you say “Lazy Show Notes”??

Geek Fu Action Grip promo
Alvie’s Grimlok Deadpan bumper
Stream-of-Consciousness Lyrics mash
Usual segments
Alt intro
Rhettro’s Deadpan bumper
Jeremy from Seattle’s voicemail
Jeremy from Seattle’s voicemail
Memorex memories rant
Indiana Jim’s “Things Are Looking Up” podcast promo
Marlo Dianne’s Deadpan bumper
Unrreellaatteedd Thhoouugghhtt
Pan Sematary Deadpan bumper
Stolen 80s lyrics from JohnBoze/Paul Maki
Random Noises
Greasy Spoon Comments – – These will start to count again soon
Greasy Jelly Beans
Big Chowder Radio podcast promo
“Love Temple” – – Original Matt Mango music