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Joe Murphy Memorial Fund

Joe Murphy Memorial Fund

Tell everyone you know. Joe Murphy Memorial Fund Thank you to Leann’s mini-geek army for helping her put this together: P.G. Holyfield Chris Miller Donna Mugavero

(This link is copied word for word from Brian’s post at www.michaelandevo.com)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #52: Richard Hatch – part 2

Ed from Texas sings along with Alvie crooning Introbabble Greasy Jelly Bean setup Cup Car Update promo Marlo Dianne Deadpan bumper Amy Bowen Travel update 0 Stolen movie lines Paul Maki and friends’ drunken journey to see “300” Amy Bowen Travel update 1 Richard Hatch interview – second half, part I Jessica Deadpan bumper Stolen […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #51: Richard Hatch – part 1

Richard Hatch interview – part 1 of 2.

Introbabble Greasy Jelly Bean game setup Tag in the Seam promo Mike Nelson bumper Jeremy from Seattle’s VoiceMail trilogy – part 1 Andrea Smarty Hottie calls in the contents of her iTunes Richard Hatch interview – part 1 Technorama Podcast promo Jessica’s eerie Deadpan bumper Jeremy from […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 50: The Night Before Deadpan

What comes up first when searching for “Lazy Show Notes” in Google?

Outrobabble You ignorant Simp *ksshht* Alvie crooning Amy Bowen bumper Greasy Jelly Bean setup Technorama WNDR’s voicemail about “Stranger Things” Scott from Kalamazoo and the contents of his freezer Mark Forman’s Deadpan bumper ???? VM The Number of the Smurfs Amy Bowen’s […]

“Changing the face of podcasting”

Cheyenne Wright has done me a great honor with this portrait. Check out his website: Arcane Times. The man is very talented.

Very nicely done, Cheyenne! Thank you very much!

Goddamn, I’m sexy.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #49: You Answered the Call

What is it you want? Heavy Breathing Voicemail An easy joke Introbabble The Adult Spaces Child-Free podcast promo The Greasy Jelly Bean game – setup Greg from Illinois Deadpan bumper Justa J0e’s tingly “Unrelated Kitchen” bumper Kris from Tempe tells us the contents of her fridge Anonymous Voicemail Big Chowder (of the Chowder Radio podcast) […]

ZardoZ Top


What the hell is a Zardoz? After directing the film, “Deliverance”, auteur John Boorman had apparently not had enough of men in their undies. . . . And so, his next project was “Zardoz”, which I’m told is a trippy, bizarre, early 70s, pre-Star Wars Sci-Fi movie about post-Bond Sean Connery in a red […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #48: Dearth Deadpan

How many different ways can you say “Lazy Show Notes”??

Introbabble Geek Fu Action Grip promo Alvie’s Grimlok Deadpan bumper Stream-of-Consciousness Lyrics mash Usual segments Alt intro Rhettro’s Deadpan bumper Jeremy from Seattle’s voicemail Jeremy from Seattle’s voicemail Memorex memories rant Indiana Jim’s “Things Are Looking Up” podcast promo Marlo Dianne’s Deadpan bumper Midrobabble Unrreellaatteedd […]