Jack Mangans Deadpan #167: Former Familiar

Familiar Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #167: Former Familiar

Deadpan, the final frontier…

Jack apologizes. I’m confused.

Promo – Teach Yourself Word Press in 10 Minutes (http://www.chuckchat.com/wpin10/)

Amy Bowen’s Dumb Ass Memory

Questors of Effpiem (continuted) by Amy Bowen (http://amybowen.wordpress.com/) – Recorded live at the Deadpan mmmmmeetup.

Greasy Comment Snapshot
Group One
The Energizer Bunny
Ed From Texas
Jack Mangan

Group Two
Jack Mangan
DJ Bunny
Lo Pan

Lovin’ Star Wars

Deadpan memories. Recorded live at the Deadpan mmmmmeetup.

Hockey Anthems
The Energizer Bunny
Jack Mangan

60 lines part 2 coming soon

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Closing music … “Candlelight”

So close.

Jack Mangan's Deadpan #166: Sacre Bleu

Rainbow in the Show Notes.

No Levelator.

Relating Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #166: Sacre Bleu Show Notes V

Already we’re wondering if this is Heaven & Hell I

Intermission time B

Not a deviant G

Bringing a promo by – Milk Carton TV (http://milkcartontv.com/) Y

Ovation for Cj and her arcade memory O

Wondering at the fact Paul Maki has never seen Jaws R

Recording the Questors of Effpiem by Amy Bowen (http://amybowen.wordpress.com/) live at the Deadpan mmmmmmmmeetup. W

Oh Boy, we were soooooo not sober for that recording. O

Yes! Paul Maki saw Jaws. And it was good B

Giving the meaning of life with Paul Maki N

Broadcasting favourite Deadpan memories at the Deadpan mmmmmmeetup I

Interesteing Greasy Nipples by: A
Vanamonde R
Really good comment by EssBee V
A comment by Reaper I
Inventive comment by DJ Bunny B
‘Nother comment by DJ Bunny G
Brining the comment by Ed From Texas Y
Original Rhettro comment O
Wonderful comment by Nomad Scry (jack Groans) R
Riviting comment Ditto W
Originating comment by Vanamonde O

Yes, Jack was inactive B

Gee, Lo Pan hates hates Dave Matthews N

Brining Hockey Themes I
Interesting version of The kid is Hot Tonight by Ditto A
Very nice version of Do You Know the Way to San Jose by Rhettro R

Relating the podcast diary V

Animated review of Leprecon (http://www.leprecon.org/) I

Interesting fact: Jack met George R.R. Martin B

Nifty! Jack took his two little leprechaun’s to the con G

Blah, blah, blah – IM’ing Coethelia (just kidding Jack) Y

Original songs sung at Leprecon…2 O

Whoop out to Kurt in St. George who is the quiet man in the background R

Remembering Ronnie James Dio (http://www.ronniejamesdio.com/) W

Oh yes, 60 Lines part 2 is a coming. O

You know Deadpan is: B

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Beautiful Closing music … (Thank you, Bunny. The song is called “Spiral Staircase”) I

Introducing confirmation number A

Very challenging, but I think I was up for it. How many rainbows can you find in the show notes? R

Unshow L

(Bunny has outdone herself on this week’s Show Notes. I greatly appreciate the time she takes each week to do this. – Jack)

Unshow L

Greasy Nipples:
(dictionary.com) – “The term ‘Greasy Nipples’ refers to the hundreds/thousands of comments left on each episode. The humorous moniker came about in the early days of the show, when Jack would randomly choose comments from the most recent episode and read them onpod. After a pre-determined amount of time, the winner would win a free “Greasy Spoon” meal with Jack at a restaurant of Jack’s choosing (often Denny’s. . . yeah. . . ). At one point in time, Jack recognized that he repeated the word ‘comments’ excessively while describing the game, and thus decided to mix it up, using silly words in place of ‘comments’, such as ‘nipples’, ‘ernest borgnines’, ‘cyborgs’, etc. The term ‘nipples’ seemed to be the funniest, and thus, the segment was renamed ‘Greasy Nipples’.”

Nomad Scry
Moble JFS
Ed From Texas
Dan Shaurette
Nomad Scry (first of the week)
Lo Pan (bonus comment of the week)

Deadpan love to all.

Jack had some good times with his wonderful kids agian. Let’s hope this is a start of a trend.

oeuvre –
(dictionary.com) “a work,” esp. a work of literature, also “the body of work produced by an artist,”

(Merriam-Webster dictionary on line) Etymology: French ?uvre, literally, work, from Old French ovre, Latin opera — more at opera
Date: 1875 : a substantial body of work constituting the lifework of a writer, an artist, or a composer

(Wiktionary.org) A work of art. The complete body of an artist’s work.

(Urban Dictionary) buy oeuvre mugs, tshirts and magnets.
Work as in a work of art. (In french. Is not the plural of egg (oeuf).
J’aime mon neuveau oeuvre d’arte. C’est fantastique et magnifique.
(Translation: I love my new work of art. It’s fantastic and magnificent.)

(way to make me do homework, Jack)

Can we hit 600 comments this week?

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disclaimer: This Unshow was done just for the ‘L of it.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #165: PG Holyfield

Holy Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #165: PG Holyfield Will Break Your Legs

Special Guest PG Holyfield

Check out PG’s website and his book Murder at Avedon Hill (http://www.pgholyfield.com/maah/)

Promo – Marc Gunn’s Irish & Celtic Music Podcast (http://celticmusicpodcast.com/)

More with PG Holyfield

Purchase PG’s book Murder at Avedon Hill from Amazon

Also check out PG’s website for Tales of the Children featuring short stories from various authors (including our very own Jack Mangan)

Happy belated birthday to PG!

The contents of PG’s beerless fridge

Greasy Nipples
Lejon from Chandler
the Energizer Bunny
Nomad Scry (first coment of the week)

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Closing music Deadpan is the Way – recorded at the Deadpan mmmmmeetup