16 Pieces at a Time, Director’s Cut

WNDRWolf, a good friend of mine and of the Deadpan, has created a 37:59 minute audio drama of my short story, “16 Pieces at a Time”. Long-time Deadpan listeners have heard the story in installments on my show — well now you can hear the entire thing in one file, plus a few extra goodies, hence the “Director’s Cut” label.
There are a lot of cool names in the credits, and I’m pretty proud to hear my story presented in this way. Thanks, Wolf.

Give the story a listen, give him a howl to tell him what a good job he did.

Top 30 in iTunes

OK, I posted something like this back in June. Interestingly, the list hasn’t changed that much. I’ll compare it to the Top Played list at home – should be interesting.

Feel free to paste your own lists – – or comment on mine.

Vanity Fair -Mr. Bungle 46
One With the Stillness -Jack Mangan 45
fear regret and hope -Jack Mangan 41
Myself Within Love -jack mangan 41
temple of earth and sea -jack mangan 41
Is There Love In Space? -Joe Satriani 39
Earth Time Pigs Fate -Jack Mangan 36
Wine -Jack Mangan 31
Organ Donor -DJ Shadow 28
Black Circle Remix -Jack Mangan 28
Dog Diary -Jack Mangan 28
playing with spiders-skullkrusher -Overkill 27
Saddam A Go-Go -GWAR 26
Slaughter of the Soul -At the Gates 25
Dad and Dog -Fredo Viola 25
Did My Time -KoRn 25
Miss Misery -Elliott Smith 23
Candles -Jack Mangan 23
Rumble -Link Wray & His Ray Men 23
Asteroid Speed Highway -Matt Mango 23
Tears of Liquid Mercury -Jack Mangan 22
Head Out To The Highway -Judas Priest 22
Spirit Man -Mango 22
Defender -Manowar 22
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face -Roberta Flack 22
Lost In Space -Aimee Mann 21
Waltz #2 (XO) -Elliott Smith 21
Microphone Fiend -Eric B & Rakim 21
Red Right Hand -Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 21
West End Girls -Pet Shop Boys 21

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 25: Greasy Spoon Finale

Sellout intro
Greasy Spoon I
Stolen Movie Line
Holy Crap More Introbabble
Wander Radio Podcast promo
Mike Nelson bumper
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani in NC
Greasy Spoon II
Unrelated Thought – Paul from Elk River
Greasy Spoon III & IV
Two seconds of Smokin’ Joe
Ear Buds – Jeremy from Seattle of GYGO
Come Let Me Whisper – Podiobooks.com promo
Chris Fisher says, “Hey, all you crazy sons of bitches. . .”
Greasy Spoon V
Deadpan fiction by Paul Maki from Elk River. Really Big Things – Episode 1: Spoonbridge With Cherry.
Greasy Spoon VI
Greasy Spoon VII
Greasy Spoon VIII
Greasy Spoon IX
Dumbass Memories – Mark Forman, the Brooklyn Bluuuuuuuuuesman
Chair noises
Greasy Spoon X
Greasy Spoon XI
Greasy Spoon honorable mention
To Make You Feel My Love

*ASPOILER* Final Greasy Spoon Standings:

Andrea: 7

Alvie: 5

Ditto: 5

Jason C: 5

JohnBoze: 5

Ed from Texas: 4

James in London: 3

Rhettro: 3

Mark Forman, One Bad MF: 2

Jeremy from Seattle: 1

WNDR Wolf: 1

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #24. A Very Special Episode.

Moderately lazy show notes. Hyperlinks are coming.
I Should Be Writing
Greasy Spoon I.
Thanks for donation, Paul F! you get a little dance.
Ear Buds – Andrea
Double Ear Buds on you! – Tony from the Fanboy Smackdown
Reaction to the Ear Buds
Alvie in Boulder: “Croon”
That was wonderful!
I loved it!
Oh, it was great!
Dumbass Memories – Paul in Elk River
Promo – 2 Girls and Podcast
Greasy Spoon Comments: II. – V. (special guest reader: Mark Forman, the Brooklyn Bluesman)
Mark Forman channels Princess Irulan from Dune
Computer King’s bumper
Very Special Outrobabble
You ignorant, ignorant, ignorant simp
Original music: Circle of Stars

Well said, Michael A. Stackpole

Subject: Concerning Disney’s 9/11 show


The ABC television network–part of the Walt Disney corporation–unleashed a promotional blitz in the last week for a new “docudrama” called “The Path to 9/11”. ABC has thrown its corporate might behind the two-night production, and bills it as a public service: a TV event, to quote the ABC tagline, “based on the 9/11 Commission Report”. Part of their promotional campaign was to release the film in advance to right wing bloggers and pundits, like Rush Limbaugh, who have immediately hailed it as an unbiased look at the events leading up to 9/11.

You all know me to be a very careful writer who advocates doing a lot of research. In the area of 9/11 I have done just that, reading tons of books and articles about the history of Islamic Fundamentalism, the intelligence community and the various military and political campaigns waged since 9/11. (Yes, someday I’ll do a book…) I’ve actually shied from the partisan political stuff because I find the shrill rantings from either side too anoying to tolerate. And from my reading, there is no doubt that there were significant problems dealing with Islamic fundamentalism that dated from the founding of Saudi Arabia, and were exacerbated by our opposition to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

In short, there is plenty enough blame to go around, both for politicians and bureaucrats. I’d welcome a show that delves into all of this. A show based on the 9/11 commission report actually should do that. This is certainly what ABC has claimed about their show.

That’s a false claim. “The Path to 9/11” is a bald-faced attempt to revise history. And ust to make things more fun, they even slander Democrats right before Americans vote in a major election. One scene depicts the Clinton administration as refusing to okay a CIA hit on Osama bin Laden–showing CIA agents being outside a house where bin Laden was staying at the time they called for permission. Not only is that scene a complete fabrication, but in the 9/11 report and all of the histories I’ve read, the Clinton Administration repeatedly pushed the CIA for an operation, but CIA Director Tennent never gave his operatives the greenlight. (And for good reason: the closest they ever got to bin Laden was a plan to take out a compound where he was living with cruise missiles strikes, but that strike would have also killed the other people living there–mostly women and children.)

The miniseries, which was scripted by right-wing conservative writers, is the first salvo in the 2006 GOP campaign to terrorism to scare Americans. It irresponsibly misrepresents the facts and completely distorts the truth in an attempt to make you believe that a vote cast for a Democrat is signing a death warrant for your children, your church, you way of life and your nation. This is completely absurd and, as someone who loves the Constitution and hates seeing it being mangled by fear-mongers, I hope you’ll resist the message being pumped out as we approach the election.

But, first things first. Please join me in telling Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger to keep this propaganda off the air. We don’t need the memories and sacrifices of our fellow citizens being morphed into a partisan political event. Don’t let Mr. Iger turn Mickey Mouse into a rat; and don’t let him turn history into a malignant fantasy.



Michael A. Stackpole

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 23: Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 23

Note — Episode 23 was originally released with few errors. These have been fixed; the updated version is available now. Apologies to Dani in AZ and JohnBoze. Her promo ended up garbled together with his Greasy Spoon Comment.

Introbabble I
pmiS tnarongI uoY
Introbabble II
Greasy Spoon Comments I
Greasy Spoon Comments II
Truth Seekers Podcast promo
Dumbass Memories I – Amazing Alex from Missouri
Dumbass Memories II – Amy Bowen
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani in NC
Ear Buds – Andrea
Greasy Spoon III
Gil from Milwaukee VM
Ear Buds II – Andrea
Double-Dumbass Memories on you – Paul in Elk River
Poetry! “The Box” by Lascelles Abercombie, masterfully read by Cheyenne Wright
Greasy Spoon Comments IV
Getting a Leg Up promo
Ravyn Crescent bumper
Greasy Spoon Comments V
Original Fiction: “Sixteen Pieces at a Time” by Jack Mangan. Bravo, Wander Radio Players.
Bonus Greasy Spoon Comment (VI)
Temple of Earth and Sea

Mispronunciations and cursewords all throughout — Smokin’ Joe & Karen from Kalifornia.

This is the 100th Deadpan post. woo. 😐

Double Post: More on Shatnerhoff/Greasy Spoon Standings

OK, I almost got really indignant – – A vanity search for “Shatnerhoff” turned up a Hasselhoff blogsite referencing “The Shatnerhoff Theory”, based upon some article in the Toronto Sun. And no mention of Deadpan’s “Shatnerhoff Phenomenon”!  It turns out, however, that the Toronto Sun article had published on August 15, and this blogger’s post had gone out on August 17. Deadpan 21 released on August 24, so they couldn’t have ripped me off. I certainly didn’t rip them off (I’d never steal someone else’s idea. I just wouldn’t.); it’s just a matter of timing. My skit and their article really only have the term, “Shatnerhoff” in common. Here is the link, but be warned; the page is topped with a disturbing picture of “The Hoff” in the buff, holding only a wrinkly dog to cover his KITT. NSFW, hell NSFAnywhere.

The Daily Hassel

Hell, while we’re here – – let’s turn this into a double post.

The Greasy Spoon Contest Standings:

Jason C: 4
Alvie: 4
Andrea: 3
Ed from Texas: 2
Ditto: 2
Jeremy from Seattle: 1
JohnBoze: 1
Mark Forman, One Bad MF: 1
Rhettro: 1

A tie for first! Oh the tension! With 5 comment selections per episode, anyone can overtake them! Only three episodes to go! Hooray for exclamation points!