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Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 39: F 2006

LSNs? Oh, hell yeah.

Commercial jingles. . . . Introbabble A special song Introbabble PodCulture Promo Mark Forman bumper Stolen Rap Lyrics – Me Ear Buds – Me Stolen from the 80s – Justa J0e Double Sft80s! – Ed from Texas Word Misusage Theater Voicemail from AZ Phil Rossi – “Bright Midnight” Paul Maki bumper […]

Bloggus Interruptus

Sorry about today, gang.

Seems like there was a comment exploit in WordPress, and our ISP shut down the sites being targeted and, well, exploited to email spam.

Back to your previously interrupted chatting… I’ve got a couple more FPM site to upgrade and get back up.


Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #38: Deadpan Before Xmas

Summer introduces the Audible.com ad Introbabble More Introbabble Enough with the Introbabble already Wander Radio Podcast promo Pan Cemetery Deadpan bumper Brad P. with the contents of his friend Mike’s fridge Greasy Spoon comments Sarah from Charleston’s Stolen Lyrics Kris from Tempe bumper What ever happened to the gangster planet? Billibub Baddins promo Alvie’s Monks […]

I Made It

**Addendum 12/19** If I said I would contact you when I reach NJ, I will contact you. Just getting caught up. Thanks for your patience. By all means – – feel free to e-mail me. Don’t be shy. Well, it was a long, strange trip, but here I am in NJ. . . . Posting […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 37: Deadpan East

Too busy for proper show notes; therefore, these notes are not lazy.

Final Top 33 in iTunes for this location

One With the Stillness Jack Mangan 49 Vanity Fair Mr. Bungle 47 fear regret and hope Jack Mangan 44 Is There Love In Space? Joe Satriani 42 Myself Within Love jack mangan 41 temple of earth and sea jack mangan 41 Earth Time Pigs Fate Jack Mangan 37 Wine Jack Mangan 31 Black Circle Remix […]

Deadpan Interview Roster

Mike J. Nelson. Star and Head Writer for the long-running Mystery Science Theater 3000 TV show. He’s also made numerous other DVD and TV appearances.

Tee Morris. Best known for his Morevi novels; co-author of Podcasting for Dummies (with Evo Terra), The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, co-founder of Podiobooks.com, all-around good guy. […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 36: Yep. . . it’s number 36

Stolen, altered movie lines Introbab Greasy Spoon Comments from the previous week ble Discovered Country by Nora Fleischer – Podiobook promo Ear Buds from Amy Bowen Matt from Utah follows up on the Greatest VM Ever Dumb!Ass! Memories! – Chreeeees in Milan (Chris) Double Dumbass on you!- Paul Fischer’s Dumbass Moment Haiku Deadpan bumper […]