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Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #76: Princess No One

Free with this episode! Lazy Show Notes!!!

Captain Scarlet Intro (Thanks Vanamonde) Leann is happy to hear me Introbabble Chris the Fixed Kitty‘s Deadpan Podthroat bumper More Introbabble Indiana Jim‘s “Thesis A Fantasy” promo JMDP bumper The contents of C.A. Sizemore’s pockets Unrelated do-over Captain Amy Bowen’s Deadpan bumper Paul Maki Dark Crystal Voicemail Tightrope […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #75: Greasy Spoons

Greazy Show Notes.


Raging Guffman Intro (thx poetfox) Introwhatever Mike’s HotDish promo Amy Bowen’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day message Greasy Spoon Comments — I Paul Maki calls from his new cellphone Vanamonde’s ringtones Lions and Tigers and The Deadpan Greasy Spoon Comments — II Big Chowder’s Spongebob Deadpants bumper Cinquain about cinquains […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #74: Ear Buds Held Up Over Your Head

Stupid fucking show notes. (Greasy Jelly Bean Winner announced in the comments.)

BranDeadPanVan intro (thx Smarty Hotties) Introfuckingbabble recycled joke from last week WNDR Radio promo Ear Buds poetfox – part 1 Brad P from NJ Whole Lot of Belching Deadpan bumper My reaction The contents of Jessica‘s (aka the Leather-Clad Mistress of Deadpan) closet […]


Cox Cable are “doing work in the area”, so my overnight internet connection is spotty. I’ve tried twice to upload Deadpan #74, only to have service interrupted. So – the file is uploading now (at 21% as of this writing!), but no guarantees that it will finish. Sorry. Fingers crossed, going to lie down. If […]


No, I’m just referring to my latest Pod news. Check out my official debut as an Escape Pod reader!

I was fortunate enough to read a story by the brilliant Jetse de Vries, “Transcendence Express“. Check it. No exploding spaceships, no dilithium crystals, just progressive ideas.

Many thanks to Steve Eley for the […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #73: No, That’s Not It

These are not the show notes you’re looking for. Move along.

Another excellent Vanamonde intro Deadpan Evaluation Period Introbabble Brave Men Run podiobook promo Tweet Computer King’s Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse skit Dumbass Memories ::::Amy Bowen Chris the Fixed Kitty’s Deadpan Android bumper Tweet Ear Buds ::::PoetFox Paul from Des Moines bumper Fun Fun Fun […]