Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #76: Princess No One

Free with this episode!
Lazy Show Notes!!!

Captain Scarlet Intro (Thanks Vanamonde)
Leann is happy to hear me
Chris the Fixed Kitty‘s Deadpan Podthroat bumper
More Introbabble
Indiana Jim‘s “Thesis A Fantasy” promo
JMDP bumper
The contents of C.A. Sizemore’s pockets
Unrelated do-over
Captain Amy Bowen’s Deadpan bumper
Paul Maki Dark Crystal Voicemail
Ear Buds
Marlo Dianne‘s Deadpan bumper
Greasy Spoon Pro Bowl
Surprise Deadpan interview
Funny Paul Maki Epidemiology Voicemail
Greasy Jelly Bean Game
A bunch of noises
Paul Maki mailbox Voicemail
Thanks Brian Brown
Thanks Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway
My Dumbass Memory involving Jared Axelrod
Original music. Mango: “Our Love Is Fading Away”

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #75: Greasy Spoons

Greazy Show Notes.


Raging Guffman Intro (thx poetfox)
Mike’s HotDish promo
Amy Bowen’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day message
Greasy Spoon Comments — I
Paul Maki calls from his new cellphone
Vanamonde’s ringtones
Lions and Tigers and The Deadpan
Greasy Spoon Comments — II
Big Chowder’s Spongebob Deadpants bumper
Cinquain about cinquains
Dubshack’s. . . . . . . contribution
Really Big Things by Paul Maki. Episode 17: “Pocahantas”
Tee Morris Deadpan bumper
Unrelated Thought
Greasy Spoon Comments — III
poetfox original poem: “One and Only” (with lots of parenthesis)
Hilarious joke
Amy Bowen’s Harry Potter book 7 Cinquains
Jessica’s spooky Deadpan bumper
More. . . . from Dubshack
Greasy Spoon Comments — IVth and final
Honorary Greasy Spoon Comment — comedy gold
Star Wars in the Family
Greasy Spoon Finale
Greasy Jelly Beans
The contents of Paul from Des Moines’s apartment. . . (his last VM as Paul from Des Moines)
Thank you Chris the Fixed Kitty
Joe Murphy Cinquain
Donate to the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund
Original mash: “Lifeblood”

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #74: Ear Buds Held Up Over Your Head

Stupid fucking show notes.
(Greasy Jelly Bean Winner announced in the comments.)

BranDeadPanVan intro (thx Smarty Hotties)
recycled joke from last week
WNDR Radio promo
Ear Buds
poetfox – part 1
Brad P from NJ Whole Lot of Belching Deadpan bumper
My reaction
The contents of Jessica‘s (aka the Leather-Clad Mistress of Deadpan) closet
Reason for the Episode Title
Raequel from the Triscast‘s Deadpan bumper
poetfox – part 2
Greasy Spoon Comments/Nipples/Ernest Borgnines/Belly Buttons
Really Big Things by Paul Maki. Episode 16: “Ripped” (not “Ribbed”. . . ahem. . .apologies for the mix-up, Paul Maki)
Greasy Jelly Bean
Vanamonde’s Asteroids Deadpan bumper
Stolen Paragraphs
poetfox – part 3
Indiana Jim‘s classy Deadpan bumper
Mango Original music: “Land of Broken Hearts”


Cox Cable are “doing work in the area”, so my overnight internet connection is spotty. I’ve tried twice to upload Deadpan #74, only to have service interrupted. So – the file is uploading now (at 21% as of this writing!), but no guarantees that it will finish.
Fingers crossed, going to lie down. If they continue to be Cox overnight, then I’ll upload in the morning.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #73: No, That’s Not It

These are not the show notes you’re looking for. Move along.

Another excellent Vanamonde intro
Deadpan Evaluation Period
Brave Men Run podiobook promo
Computer King’s Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse skit
Dumbass Memories
::::Amy Bowen
Chris the Fixed Kitty’s Deadpan Android bumper
Ear Buds
Paul from Des Moines bumper
Fun Fun Fun
Stolen from the 90s
Paul Maki’s Potty Mouth
Alvie’s Deadpan monks bumper
Greasy Spoon Comments
Greasy Jelly Bean
Paul Maki VoiceMail
Unrelated Thought
TD-0013 Deadpan bumper
Mark Forman Deadpan bumper
Congratulations Leann
Out-of-Context joke
Original Music debut from me: “Guns on her Shoulder”

(oops. passed out as it was uploading.)