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Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 17: I have no idea

Woo hoo – an episode with no direction home, like a complete unknown.

There seems to be a JohnBoze/Jeremy from Seattle connection this week. . .

A new mashup skit! (sort of)

Other stuff too. Are these show notes lazy? No. . . just vague. I’ll fill in the details later. Original fiction from Paul […]

Spherical Tomi gets a really nice review at SFreader.com

Happy news! Spherical Tomi got a 4-star review over at www.sfreader.com.

“I liked it very much and would gladly recommend it to anyone else who likes the serious science fiction space stuff. Hell, I DON’T usually like that stuff, and I still liked Spherical Tomi.”

Truth or Consequences, N.M., straight from Taiwan

Mark Forman, aka One Bad MF, aka, Brooklyn Bluesman, aka Reigning Shogun of Taiwan, has done me the honor of reading my short story, “Truth or Consequences Motel“, on his latest MindField podcast. The Shogun delivers a masterful reading, blending neon cyberpunk attitude and music with the gritty tone of the story.

You really ought […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #16: TD-0013 Ain’t No Ignorant Simp

Introbabble. Stolen Movie Line Ways to be cool/more introbabble Mark Forman Bumper Tee Morris’s Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy promo TD-0013 interview (thanks to Kevin for adding the vocal effects) Jimmy bumper (corn and I don’t care) Unrelated thoughts Dumbass Memory – Paul in Elk River Kevin interview…… part 1 Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani […]

Double-Post of Jason C’s Creativity

Not one — but two new images from Jason C.! First the sublime “Go Go Deadpan Rangers”

and then, inspired by Shaun of the Dead, “Jack of the Deadpan”:

Thx JC!

Mark Forman = Funny Guy

Here’s Mark Forman’s artistic response to a part of Deadpan Episode 15. “Rookie”? Ah well, definitely when compared to Stephen King. Thanks Mark! It really is funny stuff.

Order Spherical Tomi directly from CGP

Order the Spherical Tomi print chapbook (or e-book) directly from the Creative Guy Publishing website.

Can one woman escape her past?

Not if she is one of the greatest combat programmers in history.

Caught between two powerful warlords in the far future, and trapped by the memory of the man she couldn’t save, Tomi […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #15: Surprise Guest Interview

Introbabble Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani in NC – part 1. Paul from Des Moines VoiceMail ADPOV bumper Geeks in Jeopardy! Thanks, money! Premature Gong The Chris Fisher News! Finally! Highbrow/Lowbrow – Mark Forman Stolen Movie Line – Tee Morris Tee Morris Bumper Deadpan Interview – Suprise Guest – part 1 -quick break- Cutest Voicemail […]

Spherical Tomi sighting

Hey, The Genre Mall is listing Spherical Tomi in their catalogue! They’re the first. Big props (Yes, I know their site looks cheesy, but I’ve heard good things so far). Note: these will not be the pre-signed copies. Those will only be available from Shocklines.com. However! People have inquired about personalized signed copies. Feel free […]

R.I.P. Syd Barrett

Shine On You Crazy Daimond.