Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 17: I have no idea

Woo hoo – an episode with no direction home, like a complete unknown.

There seems to be a JohnBoze/Jeremy from Seattle connection this week. . .

A new mashup skit! (sort of)

Other stuff too. Are these show notes lazy? No. . . just vague. I’ll fill in the details later.
Original fiction from Paul Maki! “Quitting Time”. . . Try to get that “I want some chicken” bed music out of your head. . . .

Original Music! Matt Mango is a rock star. It’s the full-length version of Soldier Boy. . . featuring Matt, Steve, and Jax.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #16: TD-0013 Ain’t No Ignorant Simp

Stolen Movie Line
Ways to be cool/more introbabble
Mark Forman Bumper
Tee Morris’s Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy promo
TD-0013 interview (thanks to Kevin for adding the vocal effects)
Jimmy bumper (corn and I don’t care)
Unrelated thoughts
Dumbass Memory – Paul in Elk River
Kevin interview…… part 1
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani in NC
Chris Fisher bumper
Ear Buds – Andrea Smarty Hottie (with great new bumper. Thanks, Jeremy from Seattle)
Kevin interview…… part 2
Original music: “Tears of Liquid Mercury”. Me.

Order Spherical Tomi directly from CGP

Order the Spherical Tomi print chapbook (or e-book) directly from the Creative Guy Publishing website.

Can one woman escape her past?

Not if she is one of the greatest combat programmers in history.

Caught between two powerful warlords in the far future, and trapped by the memory of the man she couldn’t save, Tomi must face the ghosts from her own past, and hide from a world that counts her among its most heinous criminals. Add to this challenge her rapidly deteriorating cloned body, falling apart just in time to meet a new invasion from an old friend, but not quite time enough to replace, and you have the makings of an all around bad day…

“Star Wars is over. Star Trek is dead. In Spherical Tomi, Jack Mangan has opened up a new frontier.”–Ernest Hogan, author of Smoking Mirror Blues

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #15: Surprise Guest Interview

Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani in NC – part 1.
Paul from Des Moines VoiceMail
ADPOV bumper
Geeks in Jeopardy!
Thanks, money!
Premature Gong
The Chris Fisher News! Finally!
Highbrow/Lowbrow – Mark Forman
Stolen Movie Line – Tee Morris
Tee Morris Bumper
Deadpan Interview – Suprise Guest – part 1
-quick break-
Cutest Voicemail evar
Unrelated thought
All work and no play. . .
Deadpan Interview – Suprise Guest – part 2
Dumbass Memories – Paul from Des Moines
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani in NC – part 2
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Mark Forman
Ear Buds – Alvie in Boulder
Ear Buds – JC Hutchins
Original Music: “Decathlon” Matt Mango.

Spherical Tomi sighting

Hey, The Genre Mall is listing Spherical Tomi in their catalogue! They’re the first. Big props (Yes, I know their site looks cheesy, but I’ve heard good things so far).
Note: these will not be the pre-signed copies. Those will only be available from Shocklines.com. However! People have inquired about personalized signed copies. Feel free to buy your print copy of Spherical Tomi from Shocklines, Project Pulp, or Genre Mall. Send me an e-mail; I can certainly get you a personalized signed copy.