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Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #61: Sleep Deprivation Experiment

Kick ass Justa J0e Introbabble Mur Lafferty‘s Geek Fu promo Heather Welliver‘s Deadpan bumper The contents of Heather’s refrigerator – part 1 Unrelated thought The contents of Paul Maki‘s tea drawer – part 1 The contents of Healther’s refrigerator – part 2 The contents of Paul Maki’s tea drawer – part 2 The contents of […]

Deadpan Episode 61

Will be posted Thursday morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Home from Balticon 41

Wow, what an experience. If only I wasn’t too exhausted to write about it. Thanks and a Deadpan wordup to everyone I met at Balticon who felt inspired to drop by.

What an absolutely astonishingly awesome group of people.

I’ll be back to relate some stories and give some shoutouts. Just not right […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #60: Dedicated to the Smarty Hotties

Introbabble Living Deadpan bumper Greasy Jelly Bean game – setup Andrea Smarty Hottie VoiceMail Andrea Stolen from the 80s :::: Andrea . Big in Japan :::: Amy Bowen . Rio All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (yes, I’ve used this bit before) The contents of Justa J0e‘s new refrigerator Stolen Paragraphs […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #59: Guest Starring Teeeee Morris

No “Farrrpoint Media”. . . ? Stolen from the 80s :::: Justa J0e :::: Tim Callendar Introbabble Greasy Jelly Bean game setup Give Us a Minute podcast promo Jimmy Bumper Stolen Paragraph, read by Kris from Tempe Greg from Illinois’s Inflection-free bumper Unrelated Thought Napoleon Deadpan Squarepants (from the brilliant, twisted mind of Big Chowder) […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #58: Supercool

Welcome Photon Warriors Introbabble Kirk speech rhythm Greasy Jellybean game setup Fanboy Smackdown promo Jessica Deadpan bumper Billy’s review of Spider-Man 3 (Thx Jessica) Greasy Spoon comments – week 2 Deadpan confession Anonymous Violent haiku Typo Tlak Foodgeeking Update The Curseline Unrelated Thought Awkward silence Ed from Texas Deadpan bumper F-word lyricsmash Kris from Tempe: […]

Stanley Cup Conference Championships

Buffalo Sabres vs. Ottawa Senators. Sabres in 6.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Detroit Red Wings. Ducks in 7.

Both of these series should be intense, hard-fought spectacles. All 4 of these teams are overloaded with grit and talent (even the Sens). We should be in for some classic hockey games.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #57: Constant Reassurance

Deadpan stolen movie lines Introbabble Balticon Podcast promo Greasy Jelly Bean set-up My Parents are Crazy – Kris from Tempe Gimme some Tomi, baby (from Chris the Fixed Kitty) Unrelated thought Really Big Things, by Paul Maki. Episode 11. TD Deadpan bumper Surprise guest interview Justa J0e‘s tingly Unrelated Kitchen bumper The contents of Amy […]

We Are the First of May

This post is going out on the First of May. . . so, check out The P-Cast All-Stars performing Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May”, “We Are the World”/karaoke style.

“First of May” performed by the P-Cast Allstars for the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund.

Kudos to Paul Fischer for putting this together, props to Phil […]