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“Bodies in the Water” short story available in Tales of the Talisman

Cool Jack Mangan publishing news: “Bodies in the Water” is the lead story(!) in the latest issue of Tales of the Talisman print magazine, available now from Hadrosaur Productions. you can order a copy from the website, if you’re interested.

The story is about classism and poverty in the face of a natural disaster. […]

“The Unsolvable Deathtrap” available online and nominated for award

My short story, “The Unsolvable Deathtrap”, which originally appeared in Interzone #202 is now available online at the TTA Press website {Thank you, Andy Cox!]:

Click here to read it.

And click here for a better look at Rik Rawling’s amazing artwork.

The story has been nominated (longlisted) for the British Fantasy Society’s […]

ditto’s Relay for Life

ditto, aka The Deadpan Greaseman, is doing something noble and wonderful and important. He is participating in a Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. ditto is just a great human being. I’m honored to know him.

Please take a minute to check out his page and donate a few bucks.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #65: Deadpan is the Way


Farrrrrrrrrpoint Media The most obvious choice for an opening Stolen Movie Lines Introbabble “Crescent”by Phil Rossi, podcast novel promo Dumbass Memories ::::Tim Callendar aka Jeff Conaway JC Hutchins Deadpan bumper Ryah plays with her microphone Deadpan is the Way Project, part 1 The contents of the car, part 1 ::::Brad P. ::::Chris the Fixed […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #64: Trust Jack Mangan

Apologetic Show Notes.

Farrrrrrpoint Media Deadpan is a Madhouse Pseudopod promo Justa J0e is all tingly The contents of Sci-Fi Laura‘s Hotel minibar in Dublin, Ireland Alvie channels Dr. Zoidberg for a Deadpan bumper Ryah from Calgary‘s “My Parents Are Crazy” memory Heather Welliver Deadpan bumper More of Sci-Fi Laura’s minifridge Brad P. from NJ […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #62: aka The Pan of Death

Real show notes. Trust Jack Mangan.

Crazy FPM remix intro Introbabble Addressing the drama Brave Men Run promo Ed from Texas and Alvie duet Stolen Paragraphs ::::Paul Maki ::::Amy Bowen aka the Deadpan Ambassador Greasy Jelly Bean game setup AKA Name Dub Ceremony ::::Olivia ::::Paul the Lancastrian ::::WNDR Wolf ::::Julio Aldana ::::Jessica ::::Tim Callendar […]

Jack Mangan interview on the Triscast

I met Raequel in person at Podcamp NYC. She’s damn cool. And she interviewed me for her podcast! I just spotted the link and I’m going to listen now. Though of course, if I sound really stupid, then I’ll remove this blog post and pretend it never happened.

Just kidding. Please check out her […]