Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #80: One Last Really Big Thing

This show was so late, we almost needed an EPT.

Thanks for your patience.

1:20 of silence. for no good reason.
Promo for Dark Age podcast novel by Kirk Warrington
Mike Nelson bumper
“Really Big Things”, a serial by Paul Maki. Episode 18: “Chicken”
Jessica aka The Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan Bumper
Terry the Toad’s “It’s Not Easy Being Deadpan”
Paul Maki interview — part 1
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Greasy Spoon Comments
Paul Maki — part 2
GYGO (Jeremy from Seattle and Andrea Smarty Hottie) Deadpan bumper
Poetfox’s Stolen Stanza voicemail
Greasy Jelly Bean
More Jack Mangan live music recordings

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #79: Christopher Moore is Funny

Catholic Deadpan Girls in Trouble (thanks Kurt from St. George, aka Dirt McGirt)
Scott Sigler Wants to Kill You
John Buccigross bumper
Christopher Moore interview – part 1
Anya from Buffy Between the Lines bumper (thanks JohnBoze)
Leann 2.0 is Everywhere Voicemail, she still can’t do it
AKA Name award
::::Leann 2.0 is Everywhere (she gets multiple choice)
Christopher Moore interview – part 2
PoetFox’s unintentional bumper
Justa J0e VM
Greasy Spoon Comments – let the new season begin!
Double Greasy Jelly Bean game
Live music from me at Balticon


Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #78: John Buccigross. Twisted Wrister.

Surprise! Early show posting.

Faster Deadpan! opening (Big Thanks to Kurt from St. George)
Beam Me Up podcast “Unsolvable Deathtrap” promo
Christopher Moore Deadpan bumper
John Buccigross Interview — part 1
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Unrelated Thought
Alarming Voicemail
John Buccigross interview — part 2

Check out John Buccigross’s book: “Jonesy
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PoetFox‘s Stolen Stanzas
Deadpan AKA Name for Kurt from St. George
Into Outrobabble Now
Greasy Jelly Bean is screwy this week
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A comments challenge
Another live recording – original Jack Mangan music: “Empty Bottle”

  • (No time for show notes. I’ll update later. Be good.)
  • Show notes are done, man.

    Unsolvable Deathtrap on air and pod

    Paul Cole of the Beam Me Up podcast and 93.3 WRFR in Rockland, Maine is going to release a reading of my short story, “The Unsolvable Deathtrap”! The story airs on radio today, 10/6, at 4:30EST, and the podcast will follow shortly after. All are encouraged to give a listen. I have yet to hear it myself — I can’t wait.

    93.3 WRFR
    Beam Me Up Podcast

    “The Unsolvable Deathtrap” originally appeared in Interzone #202.

    Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 77: Before This Microphone

    Deadpanites, come out to play-eee-yay
    Can you dig it?
    Leann is happy to hear me
    The Curse Line
    Buffy Between the Lines promo
    Chris Fisher‘s updated Deadpan Podthroat promo
    Malapropism Theater
    Justa J0e and his neighbors on a Voicemail
    Unrelated. . .
    More unofficial Greasy Spoon Comments
    Cool new Deadpan bumper
    Stolen Paragraph
    Cool new Deadpan bumper
    PoetFox voicemail – he’s come up with a great word
    Politics and Billiards
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    You Too lyricsmash
    Welcome to the Era of Obsessive Efficency and Fast Returns
    Deadpan Acronym Bumper
    Justa J0e’s neigbbors on another VM
    Brad P’s Deadpan Bumper gives him the hiccups
    Outrobabble this bitch
    Shoutouts to
    ::::Amy Bowen, aka the Deadpan Ambassador
    ::::Tee Morris
    Greasy Jelly Bean game — guess who won?
    Go Hugh Smarty Hottie!
    Original music (thanks to Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway for the recording!)
    Jack Mangan live: “Deadpan is the Way” (yes, that’s the name of the song)

    Lazy. . . . but that’s how it goes.