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2016 NHL Playoffs

WSH-PHI – WSH in 7 – – rooting for: WSH PIT-NYR – NYR in 5 – – rooting for: PIT FLA-NYI – FLA in 7 – – rooting for: FLA TBL-DET – TBL in 6 – – rooting for: TBL

DAL-MIN – DAL in 4 – – rooting for: DAL STL-CHI – CHI in 7 […]

Scroll in a Bucket

Enjoy the ride.

Rebirth of Scroll

Kind of due.

Stone Scrolled Crazy

You know.

It was overdue.

I do still have Amy’s MMMmmmeetup Travel Updates audio to be released. That’s still coming soon.

MMMmmmeetup chatter

By Request! We can keep up the general chit-chat on the other thread – – but this page can serve as a central MMMmmmeetup info and news space.

Stupid NHL Playoffs

A place for predictions and discussions of this year’s stupid NHL Playoffs.



See my own predictions and hopes in the comments; feel free to chime in with yours.

Duel of the Fates Royale with Cheese

The end of Deadpan is nigh, in case you didn’t know.* What better way to take this thing out than, with a Massive Duel of the Fates? This won’t be your grandpod’s Doodle, though. This will be an interactive, super-sized, single-serving battle royale with cheese, featuring as many characters and condiments as we stuff between […]

Ministry Initiative Kickstarter Blog Hop

Your chance to show the world what impressive brass dice you have.

About the initiative:

Galileo Games and Imagine That! Studios have teamed up to bring you an ambitious steampunk project! The Ministry Initiative is a two-part creative endeavor that will not only premiere new fiction from the steampunk world of the Ministry but also […]

Unplayoffs 2013

The 2013 Deadpan NHL Playoff game is upon us yet again for this year.

The claimed teams are listed below:

Minnesota Wild (JR Murdock) Anaheim Ducks (Cj) Vancouver Canucks (The Energizer Bunny) San Jose Sharks (EssBee) LA Kings (Rhettro) St Louis Blues (Lo Pan) Cetroit Red Wings (Ed from TX) Chicago Blackhawks (Brad […]