Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Unshow #4

Yep, it’s an Unshow.

And come along for the Podango ride with me. . . . and yep. . . . not working. . . . The word, “dang”, is right in the title there. I dunno if it’s pilot error or what. Sorry. I’ll have to figure it out tomorrow. Or continue to do it the old way, until that’s no longer possible.


Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #84: What’s with the Helium?


Deadpan Velvet 1 (Thanks for the Deadpan Velvet segments, Kurt from St. George, aka Dirt McGirt)
Deadpan Velvet 2
Promo for “Night’s Knights”, a Podcast Novel by Emerian Rich
Vanamonde’s Deadpan Asteroids bumper
VM: Amy Bowen, aka the Deadpan Ambassador volunteers to coordinate this year’s Deadpan Secret Santa exchange
VM: Will Snowy Traffic Cause Paul Maki to Transmogrify? – part 1
Classic VM: Gil from Milwaukee
Deadpan Research Team:
Clyde’s Journal (Thanks for the great reading, TD-0013!)
Mark Forman Dead Pan bumper
Dumbass Memories
::::Amy Bowen
Kirk‘s Deadpan bumper
Classic Deadpan: Original Fiction from Alvie in Boulder: “America”
Jimmy from Denver bumper
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