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Brilliant Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard artmash #5.

Another great artmash from Jeremy, based on Jason’s initial design. Appropriately named “booty”. Thanks, JfS! (Check out the full-page image here)

Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard artmash, contribution number 4.

Jason C. is the artiste, he calls this piece “yes, my master”. Thanks JC!! Excellent work.

Another Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard artmash

Thanks to Jeremy from Seattle and his photoshop prowess:

More Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard images!

Thanks so much to Alvie in Boulder for contributing this piece!! It’s simply entitled “Duke Wars”. umm…

Click here for a more detailed look. (you guys did see my post about Neometropolis, right?)

Truth or Consequences Motel in Neometropolis!

Obey Neometropolis.

Go to the magazine’s website, check out the latest issue (a 1MB pdf). Not only is my short story, “Truth or Consequences Motel”, in there, not only is there a story from Jetse de Vries, but there’s also a nice little image of the Spherical Tomi book cover.


Han Duke’s Millenium Lee

Mark Forman displays another one of his talents with this photoshopped image, inspired by the Deadpan’s “Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard parallels” skit. Thanks Bluesman!

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 13: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Universe

Semi-Updated show notes! Links still to come.

Minimal introbabble

ADDCast promo

(All-New!) TD-0013 bumper

Stolen Rap Lyrics Double-shot (I. ComputerKing. II. Alvie and Jeremy from Seattle)

Chris Fisher of GettingBy.net Multiple Choice Quiz plus hypnotic suggestions

Interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson – part 1.

-quick break-


Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard comparisons

Below is a transcript of the Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard comparisons that I ran in Deadpan episodes 9 and 10. Be sure to listen, if you haven’t already. The sound FX are a big part of it.

Star Wars Original series-Dukes of Hazzard transcript:

Sound FX in brackets ‘{}’, unused material in parentheses ‘()’.



(Burnt-out) Candles

So Tom asked me awhile ago if I could supply the tablature for my instrumental piece, “Candles”, which was heard at the end of Deadpan episode 5. Thank you for asking, Tom, and I apologize. . . . I just haven’t had the time. Here is a Cliff’s Notes description:

Standard tuning, mostly standard chords. […]

In a Land of Broken Hearts

Hey, you know that song at the end of the most recent Deadpan?

Well there’s a music video for it. circa 2002. I’m not in it all that often, but hey, it’s cool. This was Matt’s show.

Big file, so if everyone clicks at once, you may have a long “Buffering” lag. . . .  […]