NHL Playoff Teams and Song Wagers

Yes, more hockey-related singing. This time around, a number of Deadpanites claimed NHL Playoff teams and assigned them a pair of songs. When a team loses, then the associated Deadpanite(s) must record themselves singing a 30-60 second sample of one of the victorious team’s anthems.

The charts below show the results of the first round (Thanks, Bunny!).

Eastern Conference
Eastern Conference

Western Conference
Western Conference

Jack Mangans Deadpan #164: When I'm 164


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Jack Mangans Deadpan #164: When I’m 164

These are the Happy Days of Deadpan

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Favourite Deadpan Memories as recorded at the Deadpan mmmmmeetup

Dumbass Memory from EssBee (not with the good kind of vibration – oh baby)

Dumbass Nipples
Ed From Texas
Johnny Null
Amy Bowen
DJ Bunny
Vanamonde (first of the week)

More Favourite Deadpan Memories

Jack talks about irrational hatred

The first round of the Hockey Playoffs are done. Singers, where are your songs?

Jack’s happy news. We are all happy for you Jack and hope for many more in the future.

Outro Babble

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Closing music is part two of the unnamed “sloppy demo” recorded in Jack’s living room

Jack gives us something to think about


The birth of my son in April 2002 was one of the great moments of my life. My former English Professor’s simple response to the news resonated deeply, and still does:

“Congratulations, you’ve just met the love of your life.”

Fortunately, the profound joy of welcoming my son to the world would be rediscovered two years and thirteen days later, on that April 2004 day when my daughter was born. I’d met the second, equal love of my life.
The wondrous bliss of their very existence helped me to sculpt and define my overall life-definition in countless positive ways. It’s not as if I had been directionless before, but this had truly engendered a greater purpose for my thoughts, focus, and attention than any I’d ever known. My self-definition had a new title; foremost before I was an author, musician, husband, friend, software guy (this was before podcasting), etc., I was a father.
Every day from birth for each of them, I found the most profound sense of pride and love and connection in their every miraculous smile and triumph and adorable action. I was the proudest guide and ambassador to life for these two beautiful little minds. If I’m allowed to take carry-on memories into the next incarnation, then all of the moments I’ll pack will include my son and daughter.

Through no choice or actions (or inactions) of our own, my children and I have endured three long, painful, pointless, damaging eras of separation. The longest so far began on July 13, 2008, and was ended this past Friday, April 23, 2010. No words can describe the fathoms of heartbreak during those stolen six hundred and fifty days, of all that time apart. No words can encompass the depths of happiness from reconnecting with the loves of my life.

I’ll share one amongst a weekend full of beautiful moments:
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Jack Mangans Deadpan #163: Deadpan the Musical

Requiem for Lazy Show Notes.

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #163: Deadpan the Musical

Jack is a Sorcerer with a Sword

Jack phones it in

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Paul Maki Broken Lyrics Challenge – recorded at the Deadpan mmmmmmeetup

JR Murdock reading I Am Ozzie

Jack mashes music

Johnny Null gives us some Dirty Lyrics

New Zealand Anthem by Tee Morris and Pip Ballentine

Cj tells a musical moment

More Broken Lyrics Challenge

Greasy Nipples:
Vanamonde (First of the week)
Johnny Null
Johnny Null
Lejon from Chandler
Ed from Texas

JR Murdock rapping Green Eggs and Ham

(At this point the person doing the show notes just gave up. I don’t know who half these people are)

Johnny Null has more Dirty Lyrics

More Broken Lyrics

La Bruja – Sly B

Jack has happier news – thanks to all for their warm wishes.

Outro Babble

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Closing music is part one of a “sloppy demo” recorded in Jack’s living room

Closing with Broken Lyrics

Jack Mangans Deadpan #162: Wedged

Wedged Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #162: Wedged

Jack Mangan, Leverne & Shirley

Thanks to everybody who participated in the sixty lines

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Sixty Lines:
Thanks to:
Amy Bowen
Brad P. from NJ
Dan Shaurette
Deadpan Jr. Auxiliary 1 & 2
Ed from Texas
The Energizer Bunny
Gil from Milwaukee
Johnny Null
JR Murdock
Justa J0e
Lo Pan
Nomad Scry
Paul Maki

ditto sings the US Anthem.

Cj does the Slovakian Anthem

Vanamonde does the Swedish Anthem

Next up: The Deadpan NHL playoff song challange

60 lines Outtakes

ditto tells a grocery shopping story

Justa J0e tells what to find at the local recycling centre

Greasy Nipples:
JR Murdock (First comment of the week)
Johnny Null
The Energizer Bunny


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Outro music, Danthol recorded at the Deadpan mmmmmmetup.

NHL Playoffs Song Challenge

It’s fun! Here’s how it works:

Each of the 16 2010 NHL Playoff teams will be assigned a song (or a few songs, maybe). Pick a playoff team (or 2). If your team is eliminated, then you must record yourself singing 30 to 60 seconds of one of the winning team’s anthems.

To play along, you really don’t even need to watch any sports – – we’ll keep tabs of the series outcomes around Deadpan. It’s ok if some teams get multiple supporters; it’s ok if some teams get none.

We’ll determine the team’s anthems by vote. Or something. Team/song suggestions after the break.

Contact me if you have any suggestions or to declare your teams.

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #160: Zenith

Croc Show Notes

Jack Mangans Deadpan #160: Zenith

Jack is NOT The Jerk

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From The personal journal of Pitfall Harry

Jack sings the Canadian national anthem with Amy’s help?

Those of you who still owe an anthem from the Olympics pay up now, or else!

EssBee tells of her favourite Deadpan memories

More from Pitfall Harry

Broken Lyrics Challenge by Paul Maki (recorded live at the Deadpan mmmmmmeetup)

We tripled March 2009 comments in 2010

Greasy Nipples
Lejon from Chandler (first comment of the week)
The Energizer Bunny
J.R. Murdock
Nomad Scry
Johnny Null
Amy Bowen

Pitfall Harry continues

Thanks to everybody. Deadpanites Are The Way

Results of the Deadpan Force

Remembering Joe Murphy. Never forgotten, always missed.

Thanks to Pitfall Harry aka Brian Brown

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Outro music, recorded at the Deadpan mmmmmmetup.