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Un(expected)show 73

You didn’t.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #227: Stymie

It is awesome of The Energizer Bunny to track the Show Notes from week to week. Her efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Really Big Things in one place

The “Really Big Things” serial was a Deadpan staple for over a year, delighting us with the strangest assortment of characters, locales, podfamous guest stars, and landmarks ever heard onpod. Author Paul Maki wove a twisting, twisted tale, combining horror, comedy, suspense, and absurdity into one Really Big story. The series had been spread across […]

Jack Mangans Deadpan #226: A Commemorative Plaque

Minty Fresh Show Notes.


Attention, internet-viewer. You are forbidden to view this website or any of its content because a post, podcast episode, comment, or section of embedded code somewhere at this web location may contain content, a link to content, or mention of content here or elsewhere that is – – intentionally or unintentionally – – engaged in […]

Unshow 72. Now with Audio!

Howdy back atcha, WordPress.

Yes, the filename says it’s 71.

Ryah’s show notes:

Unshow 72. Now with Audio!

GReasy Spoon Lo Pan The Energizer Bunny Rhettro Cj Ed from Texas ditto Dj Bunny Vanamonde (first of the week)

Don’t forget the High Fidelity Palooza

Also, April 14thish. Is it good for you? Thinking of then […]


The last unshow of January? Not ready yet for a talkie …. this one is silent.