Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 22: Can’t Please Everyone

Sorry the show is late. I wasn’t being lazy — my Cox cable at home went offline. I was hoping it would be fixed today, but – I have to wait until tomorrow.

Actual Content
7th Son promo
Jimmy from Denver bumper
Cat Puke (with strange unintentional Cyberpunk message)
Dumb! Ass! Memories! ditto’s D&D memory
Chris Fisher bumper
Cyberpunk essay, by John Jacobs of Neometropolis
Mark Forman, the Brooklyn Bluesman, Stolen Movie Lines performance
Greasy Spoon Comments I
Ear Buds. James in London going mental for Eagles of Death Metal
Mass for the younger crowd
“Fruit” – Short Fiction by Jeremy Linden
Greasy Spoon II & III
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Cheyenne Wright
Nina Kimberly the Merciless promo
Greasy Spoon IV
Sixteen Pieces at a Time – part IV
Original Music: Dog Diary
Greasy Spoon V

Signs of Witness

I thought this merited a main page post, but feel free to discuss in the Episode 21 comments conversation, if you feel so inclined. I’d definitely like to know if any of you guys submit your own Signs (Although someone already posted the Armor of God PJs. Sorry, ditto).

“You saw it the other day, the signs. There’ve been a lot of other things happening. A lot of things. There’s a Web site collecting them, signsofwitnessdotcom, go see for yourself.”

–from The Other End by John Shirley

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 21: John Jacobs on Cyberpunk

Stolen Rap Lyrics


Greasy Spoon I

Truth Seekers promo from Dani in AZ

The Shatnerhoff Phenomenon

Greasy Spoon Comments II

Paul from Des Moines Voicemail
John Jacobs interview — part I

–quick break–

Tee Morris promo

Greasy Spoon Comments III & IV (recorded live at Draco Vista studios, with Michael R. Mennenga at the board) – featuring Karen from Kalifornia and Charlie the Beer Guy

John Jacobs interview — part II

Chris the Fixed Kitty bumper

Stolen Movie Line

Greasy Spoon Comments V


Original Music by your Deadpan host, Jack Mangan: Pixie

JMDP: XX (Supplemental)

Here is some supplemental info pertaining to Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Podcast Episode 20: XX. . . . .

Greasy Spoon Current standings!

Jason C: 4
Alvie: 1
Andrea: 1
Ed from Texas: 1
Jeremy from Seattle: 1
JohnBoze: 1

And also. . . since I delivered some pretentious poetry readings in XX, there followed some comments on the verses. Here, as requested, are the texts of the poems:
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Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 20: XX

Chris Fisher bumper
Mark Forman bumper
Thanks for the positive iTunes reviews
Greasy Spoon Comments I
The contents of Alvie‘s fridge in Boulder
Stolen Rap Lyrics: Dani in NC
Dumb-Ass Memory: Chris Fisher
(no Capt. Kirk this week)
Further pretentiousness for thee
Alvie Bunker in Boulder: Skywalker in the Family
Ravyn Crescent Bunker – bumper
Greasy Spoon Comments II & III – featuring the Michael and Evo’s Wingin’ It! crew
Mark Forman: random thoughts on two disturbing films
Light Pollution
Shout out to the OG of PSFP: Robert G. Parent
TD-0013‘s bumper for his bumper
TD-0013 bumper
The Stripper
Greasy Spoon Comments IV: The Quest for Peace
Bunkcast bumper
Street Corner
Unrelated thought
One second of Hugh Brackett
Lots of Outrobabble, including discussion of an e-mail concerning the potential hazards and pitfalls of vanity presses
Original Music: Earth Time Pigs Fate

Cable Screwy

Hey, my Cable internet connection is flaky tonight. It’s up for the moment, so hopefully, I’ll just get the episode posted and I’ll be able to delete this post – but we’ll have to see.

Bodies in the Water

Ravyn Crescent (the interview guest for Deadpan episode 019) generously created this image for my forthcoming short story, “Bodies in the Water” (which will appear in a 2007 issue of Tales of the Talisman magazine). Thank you very much, Ravyn!