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Henry Rollins on IFC

Do you get IFC (the Independent Film Channel)? Have you seen the new Henry Rollins show? Great stuff. It’s actually a pretty similar format to the Deadpan podcast, except much more socially responsible:

Henry interviews cool people; Chuck D, Ozzy, Bill Maher, etc. — and he asks fantastic questions. Not scripted Tonight Show BS anecdotes, […]

Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 4. John Buccigross cha cha cha

Oh the good old hockey game is the best game you can name.


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Dirk Moonfire & the Nefarious Space Women plugging

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Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop lines

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John Buccigross interview


Sixteen Pieces at a Time – 3rd place winner

Hey check it out! My short story, “Sixteen Pieces at a Time“, has been posted over at SFReader.com. It won 3rd place in the 4th Annual Firebrand Fiction/SFReader Short Story Contest – 2005.

Give it a read. Check out the 1st and 2nd place winners too.

FYI: RE: duelofthefates e-mail

Don’t you hate messages that begin with FYI?

I used to tout my duelofthefates at@at gmail dot.dot com address as the way to get into touch with me. But – in an effort toward e-mail simplicity, I’m going to pack that one in mothballs. . . and only check very occasionally. If you want to […]

Linked on the MST3K satellite news site!

Welcome all fellow MSTies!

Thanks to Chris Cornell for the heads up. (I don’t think it’s that Chris Cornell…)

Deadpan: Episode 2 has been linked on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 info page! Cool.

Jack Mangan Deadpan Podcast: Episode 3. Tee Morris speaks!

You ready for a third?

I had the honor and privilege of hanging with Tee Morris at ICE Escape – and we recorded this interview in the lobby. We had fun chatting, and I think you can hear that.

Download Deadpan episode 3


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Balticon Podcast […]

Note the new “Make a Donation” button.

The button is just over there to the right, you see it?

No pressure, I’m just sayin’. . . I don’t have an iPod; I can only afford an iPoor.


(Yes, the Paypal account is still linked to my wife’s old e-mail address.)

NHL playoffs coming up.

Every year, I make predictions for the NHL playoffs. Every year, my picks are way, way off. Let’s see if this year will be any different.

Ottawa – Tampa Bay. I have to think back to all of those years I picked the Sens to do well in the post-season. . . and they choked. […]

Filler (’til the next podcast)

Click this link to learn about band name origins. Enjoy. Looks like some more fun info available at the links in the page header. You’ll either quote Spock, “Fascinating.”, Johhny Carson, “I did not know that”, or Eminem, “I just don’t give a f**k.”

JM Deadpan: Episode 2. Mike J. Nelson is here!

I guess one could say that Mike J. Nelson is SOL to be on my podcast. Take a minute to stop laughing. OK.

Download Deadpan episode 2.

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