Henry Rollins on IFC

Do you get IFC (the Independent Film Channel)? Have you seen the new Henry Rollins show? Great stuff. It’s actually a pretty similar format to the Deadpan podcast, except much more socially responsible:

Henry interviews cool people; Chuck D, Ozzy, Bill Maher, etc. — and he asks fantastic questions. Not scripted Tonight Show BS anecdotes, but the questions I’d want to ask.

Like Deadpan, he also drops in little satirical skits and rants – and then – finishes up with music. Of course, he has musical guests — – I don’t think he’s going to do any Rollins Band or Black Flag performances.
And because it’s on IFC, no commercial breaks and no ban on F-bombs.

Henry’s a wiseass, but he’s also a very smart, insightful guy. I’ve set my DVR.

Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 4. John Buccigross cha cha cha

Oh the good old hockey game is the best game you can name.


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FYI: RE: duelofthefates e-mail

Don’t you hate messages that begin with FYI?

I used to tout my duelofthefates at@at gmail dot.dot com address as the way to get into touch with me. But – in an effort toward e-mail simplicity, I’m going to pack that one in mothballs. . . and only check very occasionally. If you want to get in touch with me, then use the e-mail addy listed over there on the sidebar. Don’t send stuff to the duelofthefates gmail address unless you’re ok with a long wait.
Thank ya.

Jack Mangan Deadpan Podcast: Episode 3. Tee Morris speaks!

You ready for a third?

I had the honor and privilege of hanging with Tee Morris at ICE Escape – and we recorded this interview in the lobby. We had fun chatting, and I think you can hear that.

Download Deadpan episode 3


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NHL playoffs coming up.

Every year, I make predictions for the NHL playoffs. Every year, my picks are way, way off. Let’s see if this year will be any different.

Ottawa – Tampa Bay. I have to think back to all of those years I picked the Sens to do well in the post-season. . . and they choked. But – the Lightning were completely awful at season’s end. Ottawa in 4.

Carolina – Montreal. Carolina beat Montreal all 4 times that they played this season, by a combined score of 25 to 9. For that reason, I think Montreal will belly up and steal 2 games in this series. Canes in 6.

Devils – Rangers. I have to pick the Devils, because that’s what I want to believe. The Devs always manage to blow it in the playoffs against the damn Rangers though. . . Devils in 7.

Buffalo – Philadelphia. This should be an exciting series. As a Devils fan, I’ll be rooting for Buffalo, but I predict the Flyers to upset. Philly in 7.

Detroit – Edmonton. Every year, you expect the mighty Red Wings to falter in the playoffs. Sometimes they do. Every year (that they make the playoffs), you expect the scrappy underdog Oilers to turn it on and stun their higher-ranked opponent (usually the Stars). They haven’t done it yet. I can’t believe that they will against the Wings. Detroit in 6.

Dallas – Colorado. This is my big upset pick. I haven’t been that impressed by the Avs this year (sorry, no offense!), but I think they’ll find a way to upset the Stars. Avs in 6.

Calgary – Anaheim. Wow, the Mighty Ducks made the playoffs! I think it was all of those wins against the Coyotes that did it. . . Calgary in 5.

Nashville – San Jose. Remember how bad San Jose was for most of the season. How did they end up in 5th place? I like Nashville’s team, but I think the magic Sharks will win this series. Sharks in 6.

Hockey fans, feel free to pitch in your own picks. Just don’t grumble at me if you feel that I slighted your favorite team.

JM Deadpan: Episode 2. Mike J. Nelson is here!

I guess one could say that Mike J. Nelson is SOL to be on my podcast. Take a minute to stop laughing. OK.

Download Deadpan episode 2.

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