Am I Evil? In Your Hands!

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Updates will be coming soon with information about the campaign to get yourself a low-price, Indy graphic novel of “Am I Evil?” based on the classic song.

This is about creating a widely-available print version, but it can also get you access to the e-comic and the 17,000-word novella.

61 thoughts on “Am I Evil? In Your Hands!

  1. Finally watched the finale of Mrs Davis, the whole series has been a fun ride and the finale hit me in the feels a few times.

    I hope they don’t do a S2, it’s a perfect one off mini series.

  2. I was unaware of the 1979 Dracula with Frank Langella as the Count.

    Aside from being hopelessly dated, it’s . . . ok. It’s like they gave some scriptwriter a bunch of cocaine and a list of character names with 2-word descriptions.
    So many inexplicable changes from the novel and the original movie. Also: For some reason, all of the characters are assholes. You’re not really rooting for any of them.

    Frank Langella and his Love Boat hair are great.

  3. Ah Airdrie.
    Another newspaper front page pic that doesn’t match the headline
    This week the pic is of a bunch of kids on a miniature train, the headline warns of traffic delays on the highway due to construction

    • I know both Ed and Rhett have rented cars so we should have enough. We can’t count on the husband to join us much so I’ll only have the one car to use myself

      • Yep, I will have a car rental. Hopefully, I’ll have my passport as well. The soonest date I could get was in Tucson June 2nd. I’ll get it expedited.

  4. It’s my least favourite of the HH books but I started a reread of Mostly Harmless yesterday. The ending I hate but the journey is compelling, DA was a unique talent.

    • The only HH book that I’ve only read once.

      Did you ever read Eoin Colfer’s official book 6? I do think Mostly Harmless was better than that one.

  5. The Boy George Do You Really Want to Hurt Me video does not age well.
    To refresh your memory, he’s in a courthouse. The entire jury is in black face

  6. Today we’re going to do our civic duty and vote for a provincial premier (similar to your governor, I think?)
    We really dislike our current one but it’s a really tight race at the moment so it’s possible she might get back in

  7. So the new Little Mermaid is a massive improvement over the original. All of the changes are positive, some corrective, some just nice added detail.

    Still not for me. It’s too damn long – – and I think they could have made even more changes – – but overall, fans should be pleased.

    I’d say I’m baffled by the griping, but I should never be baffled anymore by griping.

  8. I skimmed past a heading that said something about Corey Taylor comparing [band name] to early Slipknot.

    So I went looking for Sleep Token, thinking it might be something I’d enjoy since I enjoy Slipknot.

    Sleep Token… is nothing like Slipknot. It’s interesting but not engaging, if that makes sense.

    Swollen Teeth, on the other hand, does remind me of Slipknot and seems very interesting.

    … So where the heck did I come up with Sleep Token, when I’d never heard of them before?

  9. So that new D&D movie is a good time. Definitely recommended. Lots of fun little touches from the game, but no game knowledge required.

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