Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #56: Eponymous

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Stolen Movie Lines
Greasy Jelly Belly Setup
Greasy Spoon Comments – exhibition round
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Dumbass Memories – Amy Bowen
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Greasy Jelly Bean point award. (We have a winner!)
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Original music: Matt Mango “The Train”

Better late than never. . . . (sorry)

I hope the in-episode techsnafus aren’t too plentiful.

FYI: There’s apparently been a change in the iTunes podcatcher. Deadpan, as well as a few other podcasts have been affected. I’m trying to find a solution. Apologies to those who usually get this show via iTunes.



NHL Playoffs, round 2

OK, so I picked 4 of 8 first round series correctly. I was also off in all but one of my games-played predictions.

Let’s see how I do in the 2nd round:

Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers (Sabres in 6)
New Jersey Devils vs. Ottawa Senators (Senators in 6) Go Devils! Prove me wrong!
Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks (Ducks in 7)
Detroit Red Wings vs. San Jose Sharks (Sharks in 7)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #55: Getting Caught Up

Drunks on a plane
Greasy Jellybean setup
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Unrelated Kitchen bumper – Justa J0e feels all tingly
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Deadpan haiku
What the F is a cinquain?
After 300 – Paul Maki and friends
Deadpan bumper – Scott from Kalamazoo
Deadpan Horrorscope – Cheyenne Wright (artist, rapper, astrologer? check his site: http://www.arcanetimes.com)
Zardozapalooza spillover
::::Rhett’s Voicemail
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Chewbacca Cinquain
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Peace out, Alvie
Deadpan Cinquain
Scott from Kalamazoo voicemail
Original music by me: (working title) “Too Good”. Props to DJ Esteban for the great drums.

lackadaisical show notes (and a boring, unoriginal show title this week. meh.)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #54: Zardozapalooza

Apathetic show notes.

Greasy Jelly Bean setup
Cup Car Update promo
Chris Fisher’s Deadpan Android bumper
The contents of Jeremy’s bellybutton
“Really Big Things” by Paul Maki. Episode 10: Ed’s Museum.
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Paul Maki’s obscene duck outtakes
Deadpan Haiku bumper
Funny Crazy Parents Story/Dumbass Memory
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::: Jack and David Moldawer discuss the film
::: ditto’s review
::: Ed from Texas, Zardoz-inspired Stolen from the 80s lyricsmash
::: Duel of the Fates (with errors, grrr. Expect the proper version soon)
Greasy Jelly Bean point award
Overtired outrobabble
Jack Mangan original music: “Tears of Liquid Mercury”


I’ve uploaded the updated Deadpan episode. . . . . Going to upload the newest Duel of the Fates as a stand-alone as well, so that those who’ve already heard the entire episode can just listen to that by itself, if they so desire.

NHL Playoff predictions

The NHL Playoffs start tonight!

First round predictions:



(1.) Sabres in 4 over the (8.) NY Islanders.
(2.) Devils lose in 7 to the (7.) Lightning. I hope I’m wrong.
(3.) Thrashers in 5 over (6.) NY Rangers.
(4.) Senators lose in 6 to the (5.) Penguins.


(1.) Sabres over the (8.) NY Islanders.
(2.) Devils over the (7.) Lightning.
(3.) Thrashers over (6.) NY Rangers.
(4.) Senators lose to the (5.) Penguins.



(1.) Red Wings in 6 over the (8.) Flames.
(2.) Ducks in 7 over the (7.) Wild.
(3.) Canucks lose in 7 to the (6.) Stars.
(4.) Predators lose in 6 to the (5.) Sharks.


(1.) Red Wings over the (8.) Flames.
(2.) Ducks over the (7.) Wild.
(3.) Canucks lose to the (6.) Stars.
(4.) Predators over the Sharks.

Joe Murphy Tribute show

Joe Murphy Tribute show.

The guys and girls recorded a show to honor and pay tribute to Joe Murphy. I wish I’d been there. This show has gone out through a *LOT* of Far Point Media feeds, so I think I’m just going to post a link here. Please, PLEASE let me know if you want this to go out to your Deadpan podcatcher subscription too.

Deadpan #53

There will still be a Deadpan #53 release on Wednesday, April 4.
I’m pushing “Zardozapalooza” and all other listener-contributed content back to episode #54. And the Greasy Jelly Bean game is canceled for this week.