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Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #56: Eponymous

Far Point Media Pan Sematary Deadpan Bumper Stolen Movie Lines Introbabble Greasy Jelly Belly Setup Greasy Spoon Comments – exhibition round :::: Andrea Smarty Hottie :::: Kris from Tempe :::: ditto ZigguratCon promo (Fear the Boot podcast) Rhettro Deadpan bumper Amy Bowen Haiku and Cinquain Justa J0e’s retro (not Rhettro) Unrelated Kitchen news alert bumper […]

NHL Playoffs, round 2

OK, so I picked 4 of 8 first round series correctly. I was also off in all but one of my games-played predictions.

Let’s see how I do in the 2nd round:

Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers (Sabres in 6) New Jersey Devils vs. Ottawa Senators (Senators in 6) Go Devils! Prove […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #55: Getting Caught Up

Drunks on a plane Intro- lyricsmash -babble Greasy Jellybean setup Into the Dark podcast promo Big Chowder’s Deadpan bumper up in here (http://www.chowderradio.com) Unrelated Kitchen bumper – Justa J0e feels all tingly The contents of Jessica’s freezer Kris from Tempe’s Deadpan bumper Deadpan haiku What the F is a cinquain? After 300 – Paul Maki […]

Duel of the Fates Exhibition for Deadpan #54

Duel of the Fates: Zed, Killer of Brutals vs. Logan 5.

1. Best Look. 2. Love Prowess. 3. Fight. 4. Rotating category. 5. Intangibles.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #54: Zardozapalooza

Apathetic show notes.

Introbabble Greasy Jelly Bean setup Cup Car Update promo Chris Fisher’s Deadpan Android bumper The contents of Jeremy’s bellybutton “Really Big Things” by Paul Maki. Episode 10: Ed’s Museum. Raequel aka Systris Deadpan bumper Paul Maki’s obscene duck outtakes Deadpan Haiku bumper Funny Crazy Parents Story/Dumbass Memory Ed from Texas Deadpan […]

Deadpan #54. . .

. . . will be ready in the A.M. Sorry.

NHL Playoff predictions

The NHL Playoffs start tonight!

First round predictions:



(1.) Sabres in 4 over the (8.) NY Islanders. (2.) Devils lose in 7 to the (7.) Lightning. I hope I’m wrong. (3.) Thrashers in 5 over (6.) NY Rangers. (4.) Senators lose in 6 to the (5.) Penguins.


(1.) Sabres […]

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #53: About Joe

Make sure you check out the Joe Murphy Tribute show recorded at Draco Vista Studios. You’ll find the link below. This isn’t a companion or competitor to that release; this is just me sharing my personal Joe Murphy memories, with a little help from a few friends. I hope it does the man justice.

Joe Murphy Tribute show

Joe Murphy Tribute show.

The guys and girls recorded a show to honor and pay tribute to Joe Murphy. I wish I’d been there. This show has gone out through a *LOT* of Far Point Media feeds, so I think I’m just going to post a link here. Please, PLEASE let me know if you […]

Deadpan #53

There will still be a Deadpan #53 release on Wednesday, April 4. However. I’m pushing “Zardozapalooza” and all other listener-contributed content back to episode #54. And the Greasy Jelly Bean game is canceled for this week.