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  1. Just heard the Shatner version of ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ on a recent Coverville episode.

    Now that is a memory I would willingly zap

  2. Good morning, DP, from snowy CO.

    Liked the episode, fellas. I’m interested in the Rogue Demon Hunters cast – maybe I’ll reshuffle my work-out watching to Buffy/Angel. I hate to admit it, but LOST has bored the crap outta me and I’ve stopped watching.

  3. Should be a fantastic NCAA W final tonight . . . I have enjoyed watching the small bit of the tournament that I have watched.

  4. CP: Coconut – Widespread Panic

    I got a friend named Jack
    Looked like he was born in a paper sack
    That’s my friend Jack
    C’mon Jack, smell these coconuts
    There’s enough for everyone
    Jackie likes the smell of cut grass
    He used to play ball on Saturdays
    Playing in the sun
    Jackie likes the smell of cut grass
    He used to play ball on Saturdays
    Playing in the sun
    If Jackie had his way
    He’d give some cut grass to everyone.

  5. Today’s Orwell Alert:
    Google “AZ house bill 2549”.
    Shake head in disgust.
    Post your thoughts on Jan Brewer’s FB page (she hasn’t signed the bill *yet*).
    Special instructions for AZ residents – – stop electing these fucking clueless idiots.

  6. Happy Birthday, Amy! For some reason, it’s not showing up for me on Facebook today. How am I supposed to know what’s going on if Facebook doesn’t tell me? 🙂

  7. Morning, everyone! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! :happy: And yes, Van does live in the future. My birthday is on the 4th.

    I’d forgotten how nice it was to get up early enough to have a substantial block of time in the morning to get work done. 🙂

      • Not me. I don’t think having to move to a “she plays like a man” complement because she is SO GOOD holds water.

        I think it comes from a place where she doesn’t think she behaves appropriately for her gender. Homophobia in women’s sports is rampant, and this is just one of many examples. Ugh, hate it.

        • I’d have to say … coming from someone outside of women’s sport I would kind of get the “plays like a man” reference.

          Coming from someone as “inside” the coach as a women’s basketball coach … a coach who has to spend a large percentage of her time defending why the girls teams should receive a budget equivalent to the men’s teams because they are no less the athletes …
          … That coach new exactly what she was saying and what she was implying.

          At the very least I think she should be shunned at the next NCAA women’s coaches banquet for indicating that they are all somehow just not as good as “men”.

        • Oh I didn’t say what she was trying to say was THE RIGHT THING TO SAY. The whole comment is ignorant all the way around. To me this came off more sexist than homophobic, tho there’s twinges of that there too. I mean either way this person knows better. Diarrhea of the mouth knows no bounds.

  8. Is anyone else still having problems downloading this episode?

    I’m getting an error message from iTunes that says I can’t download because “A file was specified instead of a folder”


  9. Trying to remember the name of an Australian film.

    A woman involved with the IRA, flees to Australia to bring up her daughter.

    Much later the IRA discover where she is and send an English assassin to kill her.

    An ex boyfriend finds her to warn her about the assassin, all three then try and escape.

    Any ideas?

          • The first time I saw him on Elmo, I had thought he was “that guy” from Popeye.

            Whaddya mean the one that only you like? That’s a classic!

          • Who doesn’t love the live action Popeye movie. How could you not love Ray Walston running around saying “haul ass, haul ass” and insulting people. I love the Popeye movie, even though I love to make fun of the song lyrics (e.g., he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me)

    • I keep hearing all kinds of buzz from different people I know, but I’ve never gotten around to checking it out.

      But, we are enjoying the new series that the Mythbuster’s guys are doing – Unchained Reaction. It’s something of a re-imagining of Junkyard Wars.

      • I have a hard time enjoying period dramas (with a few notable exceptions like I Claudius) so avoided this series when it was shown over here.

        Sucks we aren’t getting a new episode of Dr Who at Easter though.

  10. Hubby has this follower of his sound cloud. He’s from the UK. This person seems to do nothing but follow hubby because, within a few minutes of hubby posting something, Possibly from the UK will comment. (No Van, I don’t think it’s you if that’s what you’re wondering. Although, as I type this…)

    Any way, very strange.

  11. At the stoplight by the rental place this morning, I glanced over at the one-line light display under their sign and it said “JOUST.” It feels like they are renting something either kind of old, or really really old.

    Then a few moments later I glance again. “STICK IT IN.” Now I wonder just what it is they are renting…

  12. Good news! Thanks to all the money that was withheld from my wages at my office job, I don’t owe taxes this year! Even better, I get a refund! I’m celebrating at Starbucks with a double chocolate chip frappucino. :happy:

  13. Well the stop motion Pirates movie wasn’t too bad (although Historians will be fainting at how they portrayed Queen , but Aardman have done better films in the past.

    A role where Hugh Grant isn’t annoying, it’s worth seeing for that alone…

  14. A good Good Friday to all you Pannites out there. I have a bad joke related to today, that would probably offend some. Unfortunately it’s got a bit of visual aspect to it so you’ll have to ask me about it at the mmmmeet up 😉

  15. Hey Cynful, the Buffalo Sabres didn’t make it.
    There are still a bunch of unclaimed teams, if you still want to play in the Deadpan NHL playoffs movie massacre.

    That goes for anyone else who wants to join in the fun. Playoffs start April 11! That’s the deadline.

    • Oooh, that is a possibility. Can you email me the list of unclaimed? You can post it here too if you want everyone involved.

  16. CW: Angels-Chiefs game

    My roommates are Angels fans. ditto, you have rivals. 🙂

    On another note: Man, I’m tired. I think I may have finally succeeded in resetting my body clock so I actually want to go to bed before 10.

  17. Another British TV period piece question for Van:

    Did you ever watch the Raffles show as a kid, about the Master Thief and his kinda hapless sidekick? It was on in the mid-70s. I’ve gotten really into the books (via Librivox), and I’m curious about the series.

    • Yup, although growing up in a large family meant I didn’t get to see the show very often.

      Raffles was played by Anthony Valentine (he played a German officer in the Colditz TV series), and only one episode sticks in my memory.

      Raffles had been trapped by the villain, and tied up in front of a crossbow (or gun) that would go off at a set time. He kills the villain by offering him his flask that has been laced with cyanide before he gets tied up. Off camera the villain drinks from the flask and dies (Raffles discovers the body when he escapes).

      Think it was the first time I had heard that cyanide smells of almonds.

  18. The from Texas family watched “Real Steel” tonight on Amazon. That movie was far better than it had any right to be.

  19. Neil Gaiman: ” One of things I wanted to do in American Gods was remind people about where some of these things come from. One of my favorite sequences to write was when we meet Easter; you get this whole conversation in a San Francisco coffee house about the origin of the word. And I love that, the fact that Easter is somebody’s name. Easter is a slight modernization of Eostre of the Dawn. She’s the one you get the estrous cycle from. She was a fertility goddess whose high feast was at planting time in the Spring. She was worshipped with symbols of fertility–eggs chiefly, and rabbits, and flowers, and couples going off and copulating, and so on and so forth. All that stuff was completely subsumed which is why you get people today making jokes about whether the Easter bunny was crucified. I love that. This is something old that overlays something else. You had better be aware when you’re getting your Easter eggs and doing your Easter hunt that this is for Easter, she was Eostre of the Dawn. And it’s perfectly possible that that was a corruption of Astarte –God names wandering westwards.”

  20. I think the website of my local Toyota dealership is off. I went on line to schedule an appointment to remove the snow tires from our cars and I got an email back saying someone will contact me soon to discuss the options and pricing of my new car? I’m pretty sure we’re not getting a new car this year.

    • I made appointments to have mine, hubby’s and my Boo’s snow tires removed. I now have three e-mails regarding new cars I wish to purchase. I think I may have to call in a couple of hours and make sure I’m not in line for new cars and the cars we have are actually set up to have their tires swapped out.

      Silly internet :silly:

    • That crazy bill was passed by our dipshit AZ legislators, but killed by (of all people) Gov. Brewer.

      Unless I’m wrong, and the authorities raid our meeting up for using too many cursy wordies near a microphone.

  21. OMG Hugh just informed me: Blackhawks vs Coyotes

    Jack- I cannot speak to you until this series is over. I hope my team can get their shit together and beat your team.

    Nothing personal
    I still heart you and will still heart you no matter who wins.

    I worry about Toews. He had that concussion and the boy ain’t right.

  22. We’re going to get our bathroom(s) renovated once I get back from Arizona. Have requested a half dozen quotes. Let the phone calls commence

  23. Two calls returned, four more to go. Actually having one of the contractors coming in about half an hour to give us a quote. I always hate this part of renovating.

  24. Y’all have fun. Looks like I’m not participating in much lately… because I’m not.

    Looking forward to the mmmmeetup, but life probably won’t be letting up anytime soon.

  25. One more consultation done. So far, I like this last guy the best. His price is pretty much on par with everybody else, he just… More personable(?) maybe? I can’t really quantify it, I just like him the best.

  26. Has anyone here read “The Forever War”? I met Joe Haldeman this past weekend. He and his wife are some of the nicest I’ve ever met from that scene.
    His book leapt about 150 slots up in my reading queue.

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