Jack Mangans Deadpan #248: Mustache on my Sleeve

Show Notes, P.I.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #247: Hello the Future

Guest: Nicole Dieker in/of/who is Hello, the Future!

Jack Mangans Deadpan #247: Hello the Future

The Palooza voting is tied! Send voicemail or recording to Jack on why we should watch one movie over the other. Your message could determine the tiebreaker!

Comments Lo Pan DJ Bunny DJ Bunny DJ Bunny ditto Rhettro Vanamonde (first [...]

Jack Mangans Deadpan #246: Return of Tony Mast

Losin’ the Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #245: I Got a Rock

Sopwith Show Notes.

2012 Summer Palooza Voting Time!

Click here: SurveyMonkey voting site! Either Bladerunner or Buckaroo Banzai.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #244: In the Backseat with Tony Mast

Show Notes a Back Seat for this one, featuring Tony Mast of the Back Seat Producers podcast! This is part 1 of our conversation. http://www.backseatproducers.com/

(No closing music in this one. Didn’t catch the oops in time. Sorry.)