Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 6. Slush God Rejection

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More babble
Dumbass Memories (by the way: the phrase, “great career”, sounded sarcastic – but was not. It was genuine. Deadpan voice can sometimes be misinterpreted)
7th Son, Book One: Descent – by JC Hutchins. Promo
John Joseph Adams interview – part 1
Skype snafu
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Unrelated Thought
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John Joseph Adams interview – part 2
Spherical Tomi promo
Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop lines
Call for submissions for Episode 7
Original Music: “Darkness” from the Mango CD release, “Be the Light”

update— This episode has been blurbed over at JJA’s Slush God Speaketh blog!

Keeping in touch

Hey gang. Yes, I’ve had a busy weekend. Some fairly interesting stories from LepreCon and the Nebulas — I’ll relate at least one of them in the next Deadpan episode.

I’ve gotten some very kind donations recently (thank you so much!) and some good submissions for Deadpan Episode #7, the no-interview zone. Keep ’em coming! But please note — if they’re really long, then I may have to edit them. Sorry. But the good news is: the voicemail line is up and ready and available now! 206-350-TOMI — it’s over there in the sidebar as well. Feel free to call and leave your VM submission. Or just to say hello. Or just to breathe heavily. Unrelated Thoughts, Highbrow/Lowbrows, Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop Lyrics, Stolen Comedy Lines, etc. (I may play non-sub Voicemails during future episodes…. still undecided. Feel free to call)

And finally — yes, it was painful to go into the hotel bar on Saturday and see the Devils losing 4-0 to the Canes, then 5-0, then 6-0.

Oh, apologies for the screwed-up header. We’re working on it.

LepreCon this weekend

OK, you’re here for the latest Deadpan — check the next post down.

For everyone in the Phoenix area, I will attending and paneling at LepreCon 32 this weekend. The Nebula Awards are also going on down in Tempe this weekend; I may stop in to say hello – but – I’ll definitely be at LepreCon Saturday and Sunday. I have morning panels both days, plus Live Duel of the Fates Saturday night. And I’m doing an autographing session Sunday afternoon! How exciting!

Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 5. Scott Sigler’s Tentacles are here!


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Weaver’s Web by P.J. Ballantine — Podiobook promo

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Scott Sigler Interview

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Stolen Rap Hip/Hop Lines

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Second half of Scott Sigler interview


Thanks to those who’ve generously donated (I did the final edit over the weekend, so I’ll acknowledge the newer donations in the next episode)

Get Spherical Tomi

Call for contributions for Deadpan Episode 7

Original Music: “Candles� by me, your Deadpan host: Jack Mangan.

Release your inner Deadpan

So as you may or may not have heard during Michael & Evo’s Wingin’ It! #59, Deadpan episode # 7 is going to be interview-free. Nothing but Deadpan skits and content. And that’s where you come in.

You’re familiar with some of the regular Deadpan features (if not, then listen to a few episodes dammit!); I want you to record your own Dumbass Memories, your own favorite Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop lines, your own favorite Stolen Comedy Lines, and your own Highbrow/Lowbrow jokes (I’d prefer that you stuck to the HB/LB formats I’ve already used, but hey, if you have a great idea — then go for it). Keep them relatively brief – but really, just have fun with the idea.

If you want to play, but have no way of recording yourself, then send me an e-mail. We can probably find a way (Skype, for example).  And yes – there is that voicemail line in the sidebar. That might work too. I’ll get on that.
Note to contributors: you are NOT required to speak in a Deadpan voice.

And there you have it. The episode will have lots of my usual crap as well. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Don’t be shy! You know you have a great Dumbass Memory to share! Or a few stanzas of rap lyrics buring inside, demanding to be released.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.