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Improved Duel of the Fates 3 Graphic

Updated, radically-improved graphic of the Duel of the Fates 3 Tournament, heading into the 2nd round: DotF Standings for the 2nd round

It is to the original as Legend of Zelda is to Atari Adventure.

Big thanks to Jeremy for putting his graphic arts skills to work. I refuse to type “skillz”.


Mangan Saves the World

I am grateful beyond belief to imag1narynumber for putting his considerable visually creative talents to use and surprising me with this fantastic image. Amazing.

Check out my muscular physique! It’s like looking in a mirror!

Joe Images

MAny minds and hearts are turning to our lost friend, Joe Murphy, who succumbed to Leiomyosarcoma on April 1, 2007. Tee Morris and Mark Forman have lent their visual talents to make the brilliant icons you see below. Feel free to download and use any of them as your twitter/livejournal/whatever avatar.


Deadpan the Reaper

Cheyenne Wright’s brilliant work. Thank you very, very much, Mr. Wright! I am honored and unworthy and grateful, Cheyenne.

Cheyenne’s site.

“Changing the face of podcasting”

Cheyenne Wright has done me a great honor with this portrait. Check out his website: Arcane Times. The man is very talented.

Very nicely done, Cheyenne! Thank you very much!

Goddamn, I’m sexy.

Spherical Tomi Manga update

I think it’s time to reveal Allyson’s latest Spherical Tomi work. . .

Bodies in the Water

Ravyn Crescent (the interview guest for Deadpan episode 019) generously created this image for my forthcoming short story, “Bodies in the Water” (which will appear in a 2007 issue of Tales of the Talisman magazine). Thank you very much, Ravyn!

Another Brilliant BortQ Deadpan Toon!

BortQ continues to amaze and impress. This is just too funny:

Click the picture to see the full-sized image.

It’s like looking in a mirror. . .

Double-Post of Jason C’s Creativity

Not one — but two new images from Jason C.! First the sublime “Go Go Deadpan Rangers”

and then, inspired by Shaun of the Dead, “Jack of the Deadpan”:

Thx JC!

Mark Forman = Funny Guy

Here’s Mark Forman’s artistic response to a part of Deadpan Episode 15. “Rookie”? Ah well, definitely when compared to Stephen King. Thanks Mark! It really is funny stuff.