Holy Fire!

Holy Fire! Mystic Ninjas! Mason Rockets! I didn’t realize they were going to post the episode that quickly.When you’re done listening to Deadpan Episode 8 (see below), head on over to the Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas site to download KAMN #13. I made a guest appearance to butt in on their discussion of Bruce Sterling’s postmodern post-cyberpunk novel, “Holy Fire”. The podcast was actually released on Tuesday; I was just a bit too slow to catch it until today. Of course, it will help to have read the book first — but the Ninjas’ extra content is always good.

61 thoughts on “Holy Fire!

  1. Good Godzilla good.

    Whos my radioactive lizard? whos my radioactive lizard?

    You are! Yes you are!

    You wanna treat? Here you go.
    *tosses Tom Cruise into the air* *CHOMP*

  2. Katie going, “Tom, Tomi.” That was the bomb-how on earth does Jack Mangan manage to mind control and manipulate more people on this planet than Evo Terra. Spherical Tomi, Spherical Tomi, Spherical Tomi. Yes, Top Gun was a great piece of cinema, Tom Cruise is tall enough and strikes me as being very stable. Beware of Philip Seymour Hoffman-he is coming to take control of the planet very soon.

    I’d write more but I’m busy rubbing suntan lotion on Nikki’s(Nicole Kidman’s) shoulders. Alas, we are sailing today.

  3. Ewwwwwww-Jason that wasn’t dog wa…, nahhh couldn’t of been. Thanks for the goldfish though, fed it to my cat. Yeah didn’t really want to do the Nicole thing, but duty called. Was jsut getting to the good part when Jason’s water hit.

  4. Alvie what can I say. Never thought my dinosaur cartoon would be the highbrow to your Paris’ reggae lowbrow. I’m now having my eyes sewn shut and stuffing my ears with shreds of old reader’s digests.

  5. Mr. Mark is temporarily unavailable as he is trying to produce Denver/friends of Denver Bands music show. It is ok for you to comment. Mark’s borg will answer but perhaps not quite as witty and charming as Mark himself.

  6. Dear Mark’s Borg:

    I have a 17 year old “friend of a friend” who keeps trying to get with me. Being a 44 year old man I fell this is morally wrong yet it is legal in 33 states. My question: when.. er.. if I hit that stuff, should I tell my friend?

    Please help!
    -Doomed in Denver

  7. What does this have to do with Bruce Sterling, Holy Fire, Kick-Ass, Mystic, or Ninjas?

    Oh and Doomed: Don’t tell your friend yet, wait for the talk show appearance.

  8. Oh, Jack. I speak for all of us (us being Mark and myself) when I say we are sorry. You, of course, are correct. There should be more content talk on this board.

    Hey! What do Bruce Sterling and the KAMN have in common? They both, um, kick ass! Um, cept for Holy Fire. So I hear. Course Ive not read it yet, but I hope to. Ok I blew that one.

    Um, did I mention how great you were on the KAMN cast? Super great! You should be a regular! The Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas and Jack! Thats it! Gold!

    Um, have I made up for the lack of topic talk yet?
    I have more space on my nose that is not brown. Please say the word.

  9. Ok, I feel really bad about always straying off topic, so…

    Jack, being as that I rarely get 5 minutes a day to myself outside of work, and being that being able to read a book would be a premium, and being that Im a virgin of Sterling’s work (save for what you all talked about on the KAMN show) what would you recommend I start with? To get aquainted with his work, I mean.

    -Begging for forgiveness in Boulder

  10. Dear Doodled in Denver, Mark’s borg is called Potemkin meaning I am called Potemkin. You tell Jack of Hearts, yes like the battle ship Potemkin making this the highbrow comment for the day.

  11. Potemkin asks Jason C., “Is your metal ass “shiny” in the Joss Weedon sense, or the literal sense? Potemkin reminds you that he is borg trying to understand the the nuances of the human condition.

  12. First off my HAL 9000 > than your borg.

    2nd. I have no comment to your question at this conjecture in this moment at this time. I also have more than enough bullshit words in that last sentence. I should become a spokeperson for a government agency.

  13. I wasn’t actually requesting cappucino-flavored jelly beans (though they are delicious….. yum…. and the Dr. Pepper-flavored ones are also tasty)
    I was just changing the subject in a display of ironic comedy.

    “Islands in the Net” — Very good Bruce Sterling book. Cyberpunk classic. “Heavy Weather” is also fun and smart.
    I hear ya, Alvie. Kids, family — there are a few better ways to spend your time than reading a book.

  14. Um, erh…Mr. Mangan. I hope I’m not being overly paranoid, but I’ve heard if you eat cappucino and Dr. Pepper flavored jelly beans at the same time while reading Bruce Sterling, and if you happen to fart right then it’ll inspire ironic comedy.

    Heavy weather by Weather Report excellent tune. Jason, if we stare directly into the sun for the next 12 hours or so, we will go blind and get the next Deadpan episode with free jellybean attachment thingies.

  15. Wander Radio Weather Report.

    Today’s weather report brought to you by Bates Master Hand Cream, loaded with vitamin E to keep your delicate skin from chaffing.

    The forecast for today: light followed by dark! Unless of course it is overcast then dark followed by some brightening the amount depending on where you live. Then of course, you have a chance of rain and thunderstorms, in which case there is a chance you will not see the sun at all. Chances of seeing the sun outside while it is raining are of course slim as well, but if you do, you also have a chance of spotting a rainbow. Remember not to look at the sun to see the rainbow; it will be behind you, if it is there at all. Remember to drive safely, watch for children school is back in session unless of coarse this is the weekend or summer or the kids have the day off because the teachers would revolt if they had to face your kids another day without a break.

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