Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 009. The Creative Guy Cometh.

This week, the Deadpan features an interview with Uncle Pete Allen, Editor in Chief of Creative Guy Publishing. The man who published Spherical Tomi!


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The Deadpan research team

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Pete Allen interview – part 1

Stolen Comedy Lines


Brooklyn Bluesman Deadpan Smorgasbord

Pete Allen interview – Part 2

Weird rejoiner – and outrobabble

Original music: “Wine� by Jack Mangan

165 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 009. The Creative Guy Cometh.

  1. speaking of “one of those fans”
    the people who comment here should know that i am NOT a 14 year old girl, and the “heart” thing was merely a way for me to show my very great love for Jack Mangan in kind of a silly, somewhat dorky way.

    As long as you know that, you can continue to rip on it all you want.

    and uhhh — i havent listened to the show yet so, as soon as i do, i’ll comment again

    *demerits for commenting before listening*

  2. Nobody is ripping on it, Sarah. The reason I started doing it is that Jack enjoyed the fact you said it and stated that I never say I “heart” him. So thats all that it.

    Seriously. Its all right.

  3. It’s cool, you know i heart you too, Alvie. (altho, every time i see your name i think of woody allen *shrug*)

  4. *shiver* Sarah. Please, never think of woody allen again. Please?

    Killroy is here too? As in Styx? As in Domo Arrigato? We thank you very much Mr. Roboto!

    Jack, I dunno who your research team is, but Star Wars/Dukes ‘o Hazzard? Fraggin Pulitzer worthy.

  5. I would say why your name makes me think of W**** A****… but…. Those words are blasphemy around these parts….

  6. Alvie (ok, well, Alvy) Singer is Woody Allen’s character in…. dare i say it…. Annie Hall….. which… won the Best Picture Oscar against Star Wars in 1978.

  7. Thanks for another fine interview Jack. You two had really good chemistry. Keep it up and you may find yourself hosting a cable access show. Dream big buddy!

  8. Well Sarah 4 posts no more hearts but have you listened to the show yet?Careful what you say about 14 year old girls that’s illegalin some states. Good one on Alvy Singer, that really goes back a ways-I saw that picture in the theater.
    Agreed that this is one of Jack’s better interviews tone/flow-wise.
    Most definitely agree with Jason-the more you bitch at Jack the more heartable he is.

  9. Remeber in Bananas during the rebel survival training in the jungle. The beautiful female troop takes off running clutching her breast and screaming, “I’ve been bitten by a snake.” Immediately alkl the male troops go running after her to help “suck out” the poison. Ah, some things never change.

  10. Thanks for the interview, Jack. Megan (my wife for anyone who’s wondering) even liked it, though she said you should have interviewed her, because she’s hotter and funnier.

  11. Pete, somehow you’ve become, “The Guy”.
    Thanks for the interview! Your hotter and funnier wife certainly could have chimed in while we were talking! haha

    We’ll announce here and at the CGP site (www.creativeguypublishing.com) when the Spherical Tomi print chapbook is available.

  12. Go ahead and keep making smart comments. I’m having them all printed up as “fortune cookie” wisdom for the little strips inside. I’ll sell these on the internet and make big money. I tried once before, but I put dollar bills inside of cookies. We ended up losing to much money.

  13. Jack — I guess I’m ok being “the guy” (no caps) as long as I don’t have to walk around making pistols with my hands and winking at people.

    Although Herb Tarlek is certainly a hero of mine…

    Mark — thanks. And um…money? Jack and I have a special deal where I pay him in chickens and goats. And that should start another whole round of speculation, ba dump bum.

  14. Umm. sure that wasn’t Re-pete? Mark turns to the Santeria priest and discusses a deal for the Mangan’s chickens and goats. The santerio gleefully agrees and offers big mojo to the” GUY” for making the Mangan into speculative fiction “Big kahuna.”

  15. Congrats, Jack! The 2007 National Speeling Bee champ hails from your home state of NJ.

    Hey, if the Devils cant win it all, at least there is this to fall back on.


  16. Mark applies fresh spray of cologne and manages to get most of the smoke odor removed from Alvies flame. Inspired by ethics learned from Jonathan Coulton’s Skullcrusher Mountain he makes appeal to Jason for non-alignment pact (Pere Ubu version) whereby Alvie will be pummeled relentlessly by Godzilla, chanelled by Jason and Mothra-plus(plus indicating extra-caffeine) chanelled by the Shogun.

    Mark is quoted for the record saying, “I tried to get out, and they pulled me back in again.” Sports Racers stay tuned. Huh, if Alvie’s so smart why’d he spell that like “thaaat.”

  17. Your begging for mercy has only shown yourself up for the vile belly-crawling parasite that you are. Mothra-plus takes great pleasure in destroying your village and eating all of your wool sweaters. Zilla get thirsty have him drink all that nice Coors-water.

  18. Your pleas for more saw sauce and the phone number from the adolescent waitress serving you your fugu sashimi have only caused the Shogun tolook upon you with more contempt. Come now Mothra-ex and bomb this barbaric hill-mongering cliff dweller back tot he flinstones. GZ let’s get this SMACdown going downton so the GZ can become the GZA once again.

    Mercy for boulder over the shoulder holder-never!

  19. Reporters line up asking the Shogun why such earth-scorching wrath against the former friend from the rockies. “Why,why indeed”, snorts the Shogun. Might you ever show him mercy Mr. Shogun? All of a sudden there everything becme very still and a noticeable chill fllled the auditorium. The shogun’s answer came quickly like the lightning flash of his katana-“Regarding this Alvie infidel… I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on FIRE.”

  20. Well while you were there bibble babbling with reporters Im flying away on my Gamera. Getting dizzy.

    Need to … blech!

    What if I was really really on fire? Would you piss on me then, Mr. Shogun?

  21. Shogun disgusted by gamera-induced puke offering. Smiles at Jason’s observation. Will not give away Japanese re-building secret though. Shogun now leans back and starts to do pre-victory break dance. Gamera-you going down fool. Shogun, no it can’t be-he is morphing into… Mr. T.

  22. What the.. guys I’m really sorry. I just woke up and found my computer on all soaking wet, with strands of we black hair all over it. I guess my machine was taken over by Samara from the Ring. Yes, the Ring was copied from a japanese horror movie. I just watched it and all of a sudde…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  23. Mark wakes up from the sudden doze and says, Hitme-on the good foot. cranks up the james brown and pulls out the P-funk. We want the funk, gotta have the funk, yeah we want the funk, got’s to get FUNKED-UP!

  24. I called 911 a long time ago…
    Don’t you see how late they’re reactin’
    They only come and they come when they wanna
    So get the morgue embalm the goner
    They don’t care ’cause they stay paid anyway
    They teach ya like an ace they can’t be betrayed
    I know you stumble with no use people
    If your life is on the line they you’re dead today
    Late comings with the late comin’ stretcher
    That’s a body bag in disguise y’all betcha
    I call ’em body snatchers quick they come to fetch ya?
    With an autopsy ambulance just to dissect ya
    They are the kings ’cause they swing amputation
    Lose your arms, your legs to them it’s compilation
    I can prove it to you watch the rotation
    It all adds up to a funky situation
    So get up get, get get down
    911 is a joke in yo town
    Get up, get, get, get down
    Late 911 wears the late crown

  25. Hogan leering at Klink’s hot German secretary in the skirt can’t be bothered with deep thoughts. He’s too concerned on playing hide the Shnitzel with the blonde haired minx. Then he hears, “HOGAN.” Ah man. Space the final frontier, indeed.

  26. Ja ze jason brings on a teutonic inspired theme:
    We’re charging our battery
    And now we’re full of energy
    We are the robots
    We are the robots
    We are the robots
    We are the robots

    We’re functioning automatic
    And we are dancing mechanic
    We are the robots
    We are the robots
    We are the robots
    We are the robots

    Ja tvoi sluga, (I’m your slave)
    ja tvoi Rabotnik (I’m your worker.)

    we are programmed just to do
    anything you want us to
    we are the robots
    we are the robots
    we are the robots
    we are the robots

    we’re functioning automatic
    and we are dancing mechanic
    we are the robots
    we are the robots
    we are the robots
    we are the robots

    Ja tvoi sluga, (I’m your slave)
    ja tvoi Rabotnik (I’m your worker.)

    Ja tvoi sluga, (I’m your slave)
    ja tvoi Rabotnik (I’m your worker.)

    [repeat to fade]
    We are the robots

  27. Hogan’s Heroes was one of my favorite childhood tv shows. It was on at 3:30 every afternoon, so first thing right after school. Great stuff. Bob Crane who played the Hogan alleged to have quite an interesting private life ending in Phoenix no less. Re: Jeremy, go on-scat,scat.

  28. Yo Jason-did Alvie ever ask you about Denver/Texas particularly Denton,Texas band connection? Know anything about that? If so-care to comment? Would you mind making comment to my voice mail? I’d be happy to play it on show.

  29. Speaking of Greg Kinnear, his brother Steve Kinnear was my roomate in college. I still remember Steve talking about his kid brother Greg, wanting to go to Hollywood-we both had a good laugh over that one.

  30. Jason-confused by my band comment/request thing? I did my last podcast about denver bands and band friends assited by Alvie and we talked about thisand we both though to check with you since you’re in Denton to see if you had any knowledge on this one.

  31. jason:Cool-thanks just the same.
    Alvie-I kid you not we both got kicked out of the dorm because genius to remain unamed “wink, wink, nudge,nudge) left a bag of herb on my desk, unbeknownst to me and our Resident Assistant saw it and tried to bust us. We later moved into an apartment where our social lives improved greatly. Steve was a hell of a good shot in basketball. They grew up in Greece mostly cause their dad was stationed there for the US gov’t.

    yes Jeremy-that Greece-grin.

  32. From your mouth- i still think Greg’s finest performance and there are many was with Jack Nicholson in As Good As it Gets. That movie was really a throw back to the golden years of movies, good cast, script, acting. Greg was a scream with Matt Damon in that farelly Brothers movie about the Siamese twins as well.

  33. Stuck on You! I forgot bout that. Course, to me he’ll always be THE host of Talk Soup.

    Hey Jack! Youve got connections! See if you cant get Kinnear on the show, wont you?

  34. And oh jack you know we heart you baby in a way hat telly savalas never could, and we’re graetful for you leaving a light on here. No snacks, ok no biggie, but dude-how’s about some coffee? I know, bitch, bitch, bitch-must be the last bit of New Yorker in me.

  35. Jeremy, welcome to Deadpanland! You too, Rhettro!

    Coffee, sure — but no soup for you!

    Alvie – I agree. I’ll always remember Greg Kinnear as the Talk Soup guy. He’s definitely proven a capable actor since those days, though. . . Go ahead Mark! Call in your connections – book him for a Deadpan appearance 😉

  36. To give each other emergency golden showers it seem.


    “A true friend is one who will give an emergency golden shower when necessary”

    Ima use that.

  37. Alvie one thing you need to know about Arizona-while it is dry as a bone, they are big on”water sports” there. So might want to keep in the pool-if rhettro standing nearby and the water warms up suddenly, well… you know the drill.

  38. I feel so left out. I missed 112 comments. I suck. I am going to listen to this show today when I am driving around. Im such a bad deadpanite.

  39. *rolls eyes* Where in the conversation did we turn to this? the last thing that I could see that would lead to this would be talking about Bob Cranes, uh, “after work activities”.

  40. Yeah Ditto its best just to jump in and hope for the best…

    Hey so I am going to jump in and make show comments (yes I am way behind, Im working on it)

    – Mark’s deadpan smorgasbord as you called it was pure genius
    – Im intrigued as to the changes in the next episode
    – Im not comfortable with the Dukes of Hazard/Star Wars comparisons, it made me feel dirty. I think the discomfort comes from knowing that I infact was a fan of both… it was the 80s sue me!

  41. The People VS. Andrea D.:

    It is hereby decreed that Andrea did knowingly and willfully engage in the following lurid and obscene acts-

    1. Watching “Dukes of Hazard” (hereby referred to as “D of H” on television
    2. Enjoying “D of H” on television
    3. Lying to fellow Deadpanites about feeling “dirty” pertaining to the Star Wars/D of H bit when, in fact, the truth was quite to the contrary.
    4. Admitting to being a fan of “both”, when, in reality, there is no such thing.

    The People do herby set a trial date of 06/09/69.

    Hereby, forthwith, huzzah.

  42. The People VS. Jason and Ditto:

    It is hereby decreed that the afore mentioned did knowingly and willfully engage in the following lurid and obscene acts-

    2. Screaming Yaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooo.
    3. Lying about drinking to a stupor to “forget” D of H
    4. Admitting to being from the South.

    The People do herby set a trial date of 06/09/69, right after the trial of Andrea D.

    Hereby, forthwith, huzzah, hut hut.

  43. I plead guilty… I’ll serve my time just like Martha Stewart did.

    But hey can I get a short sentance if I go to the trial in Daisy Duke shorts????

  44. Ditto: Your trial date is set for 6/9/69. You cannot wear Daisy Dukes for to obtain clemency.

    Jason you cannot possibly have the high ground, for my V.A.M.P ground infantry has been pelting that hill for hours. If you are there, it is a slaughter only those on Iwo would have known. You cannot possibly run, for my Sky Strikers and Dragonflys would strafe you as you ran. I fear, noble Jason, that you cannot out geek me in Gi Joe.

    I fear that I have shown too much geek. Must pull back.

    The trial date is still a go.

  45. Ha! I cannot decieve you with my fake drunken staggering, so I will PULL OUT THE BIG GUNS!!! You will NEVER catch me alive. You hear!

    Beware the Fist of Doom! ™ Patent pending 123488666. All rights reserved. Any similarity to other Fists of Doom is purely coincidental and should not be confused with Fists of Cookies, which are very yummy by the way. And speaking of cookies they make for good bribes to evade the law enforcement agencies. But only if they are good cookies. Everyone hates bad cookies.

  46. Jack, that driver was sweet. All red n cool lookin. I never had him. TIll I got a job and bought a bunch of Joes off ebay. Now I are happy again. BROKE, but Joe happy.

    Make you a deal. Ill track that kid down if you find the bastard who swiped my Destro AND B.A.T right off my fucking Cobra ATV. Right out my room! When I was there! Sick 12 year old fuck.

    I think we all have sad action figure lost/stolen/other stories.

    Again, Jack, sorry for your loss.

  47. The one viehcle I had was this awesome helocopter that had this handle on the back with a trigger so you could spin the blades and drop the inculded bombs. Ive totaly forgotten what it was called, but man I loved it.

    Oh and it also had a grappling hook thing so you could pic stuff up.

  48. Okay you realize you guys just totally geeked out on GI Joe there… that was cute, very cute. The truth comes out. Now I know what to get you all for Christmas.

  49. Maybe I want to geek out on Wonder Woman, or Thundercats (Schnarf, Schnarf) who is going to geek out with me on those things… Sarah? Sarah are you there?

  50. I’ve seen ads for that show – but never seen a single episode. Your endorsement goes a long way though, Jason C. I’ll set my DVR. As a Devils fan, it would be cool to get Patrick Warburton on the Deadpan, wouldn’t it?

    I think that if you were a kid in the early 80s, you were required by law to watch the Dukes of Hazzard. I remember watching The Incredible Hulk and the Dukes every Friday night.

  51. oooo Patrick Warburton would be just as awesome, The Tick, Brock Samson, Krunk, and so many more all in the same podcast. 😉

    Oh and Venture Bros. Season 2 starts June 25th. woot

  52. Andrea:

    *pushes up wire frame glasses and takes sip of Tab cola. speaks with slight lisp*

    For Christmas I would like a mint in box Cobra Mortal with the Brazilian price tag still on the package.

    *sips Tab. Inhales*

    That would be keen.

    Patrick Warburton would be a major coup, Jack. It would be as tho you were shouting, “Look at me bastards! I AM Jack Mangan! All others MUST fear me. Im coming at ya and comin at ya live! w00000000000t!”

    Or something like that.

  53. Alvie, did you just call me stupid???? No you didnent, I know you aint dissin’ me. I’ll cut you!

    w00t en espanol? hmmmm…… uh……. ???????
    honestly you would probably just shout Si! I have no idea. Where is the dude from Madrid and Mexico when we need him. Im not hip with what the kids are saying nowadays.

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