Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 8. Brooklyn Blues in Taiwan.

Startling Introbabble (Warning – it comes in pretty loud. You’ll see.)
Chris Fisher Bumper
More chatter
Stolen Comedy Lines
More chatter??
Podiobooks Promo
Dumbass Memories
Mark Forman Interview – part 1
Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop Lyrics
Mark Forman Interview – part 2
Outrobabble 1
Unrelated thought
New Controllled Land – Matt Mango

22 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 8. Brooklyn Blues in Taiwan.

  1. Wa Ha! Bar -B- Que…

    Who’s dat Mark Forman guy. He sounds cool. I wish he would post some stuff here. I bet he has good stuff to say.

    I want to congratulate Mr. Nasal for a fine interview. Keep him on your payroll, Jack. This guy has potential.

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I’m all aflutter.

    A few notes on this episode:
    I edited in a hurry, and was surprised to hear I’d left the burp. haha. . . Makes me wonder what other goofs I failed to omit. . .
    I really love the moment (at about 20:40) when Mark gets interrupted. That’s just unscripted gold.
    Alvie, thanks again for the Voice Mail and the suggestions. (you never say that you “heart” me. . . .) Graham e-mailed me an interesting suggestion: “panties”. Oh, the panties jokes, the panties jokes. . . .
    Sorry about the occasional noises on Mark’s voice. A sometimes side effect of Skype interviews. We lost some interesting content to that distortion, sadly. . .

  3. I fart you too Jack Mangan, ahhh-typo-“heart.” Wha hath thou wrought upon me? Today on the way to work all these Taiwanese school girsl were thrusting theer panties at me.Now, wait-unfortunately they wantedme to have Jack and Alvie sign them. Sarah, sorry-but a couple of boys did ask if I knew you.

    The missing content I//,mki njd -3 then when h_0 39 37ED [Q UNTIL NNDUGH [AMLN;NC AHH, F……IN SKYPE.

  4. My Ace of Spades to Alvie’s Jack of Hearts. I win, win! I am master disaster of the known blog post. Spades/Black, the man in black-even TD-0013 would back me on this one.

  5. Ze Frank is to Vlogs what Jimmy from Denver is to podcasts, what Jack Mangan is to Kurosawa and cute japanese lesbians in outer space, and Jason is to marching band and hockey sticks and hen’s teeth. Dig?

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