Deadline for Episode 007 submissions looms!

Hey folks, if you want to contribute a short Dumbass Memory, Highbrow/Lowbrow, Unrelated Thoguht, Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop Lyric, other funny thing to the Deadpan Podcast Episode 007, then time is running out! I have already begun construction. The final edit will happen sometime late Tuesday evening (I hope). I have lots of content already – but – you’re always welcome to submit more. And hey — the voicemail line is active now, so all you need is your telephone. Call and record your segment right there: 206-350-TOMI (206-350-8664).

Oh – and let’s make this a double-post….. The Devils were eliminated by the Hurricanes today…. There is certainly no joy in Mudville (or Swampville, I suppose, since we’re talking about New Jersey).

45 thoughts on “Deadline for Episode 007 submissions looms!

  1. What’s all this talka bout Devils and Huricanes. I agree that the devil has brought the hurricane upon New Jersey to punish it for setting up a parallel universe of New York pro spors teams and for awful music acts like Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. NJ does get some redemption credit for being home to Count Basie, Smithereens, and the Feelies. Oh and those Tropical Tomi Japanese dancing girls. They sure know how to shake that sashimi.

  2. My condolences, Jack. It gonna be a long off season.

    But hey, theres always the Rockies and DBacks…..
    Forget I said that.

    Arena Football anyone?

    Oh, I guess its still “go Sabres” for me.

  3. Geez I have an AF2 team here in Tulsa, then we have a Double a AA. The Drillers are affiliated with the Rockies. Crap I need to work.

  4. Im not going to make it, I moved into a new dorm room over the weekend, and the internet is all kinds of fucked up becasue the IT people are fucking lazy, and or seniors who graduated. Plus I have a super condensed class I have to study for. Woo for college.

  5. Broke Back Hockey from the smartass:
    The Devils took a 1-0 lead less than a minute after the opening faceoff, when Brian Gionta beat off Ward, a 22-year-old netminder who was pulled after allowing four goals in a little more than one period Saturday. New Jersey won that game 5-1. Then Ward slid in to Gionta, Gionta grunted and said, “you can’t quit me”, Ward then rode Gionta all the way into the net.

    Mark say to angry Jason, don’t be angwy watch more Adam Sandler.

  6. Um….Mark……

    That was brilliant/icky.

    Whats with all the hate for Sandler? I mean, yeah, he makes bajillions of dollars and sexes up hot honeys because he has the “ability” to play himself in each role, but really if you could wouldnt you take that job in a heartbeat?

    A HeeeeeaaaartbEEEET! Lookin’ for a Heeeeartbeeet!
    Don Johnson anyone? Anyone?

  7. Adeam Sandler rocks-he is hardly my favorite performer/media icon but he is having tons of fun, makes a lot of people laugh, making piles of dough, employing his friends in every production. Living the “life of Reilly” as me grandma used to say.

    Don Johnson in a Ferari big pimpin in Miami…

    FYI-actually I love hockey-unfortunately have been away from it for way too long. I had the privilege of watching a WHA afternoon game where Gordy Howe (player coach for the Whalers?) scored a hat trick with his son on the ice. So I too now the joys of testorone/male bonding rituals on ice and off. When we played hockey on the streets of Brooklyn as kids we ran. So technically that would make it field hockey even though we were using ice hockey sticks, and our field was that black kind, made of asphalt.

  8. Adhering to Alvies request i did not look but I now have the image being beamed to me electronically. Alvie, you look just like a pong game to me. Now please get dressed. Jack I hope your blog header is included in your next country western novel. I thik it would have made old roy Rogers very proud.

  9. So Jackie Ganjan you need to fix this Dreadpan podcast mon. You talking de talk but no walkin the walk, I and I we gonna say. Dreadlocks wants to hear the irie sounds the reggae trenchtown sounds mon. Dreadpan podcast, fi.

  10. Breadpan? What’s that? A pan you make toast in? No, then it’d be a toast pan. Hmmm… I’ll have to mull that one over.

    Alvie, so talk. I’m blind, I can’t too much else. Darn good thing I can’t type without looking (and apparently spell better than those who can see).

  11. How short? Bout 5′ 10″ I think is what Jack said.

    J.R- Tall Palms = Hairy palms.
    Because in Soviet Russia, cabs drive you!

    Surley you see the correlation. Surley you cant be blind!

    Oh thats right…

  12. “I know this site is weird but now it’s turned border line gay now.”

    What do you mean “bordler line”, you sexy beast…

    Sorry Jason. Its the only color I had.

  13. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than to have a frontal lobotomy.

    so J.R. minus Tall Palms = Hairy Palms. Hmmm, guess I need to grow some tall palms, but then typing will be a royal pain. Blind and tall palms just don’t seem like they’d mix.

  14. Border, border, border, border line gay
    Jack’s queen of the hive many larvae to lay
    alvie and jason and mark f worker bees all
    bangin and buzzing flying high flying tall

    homophobe cowboys steer clear of the deadpan
    they know get pretty face broken up by a Coors can
    squealing and hissing panties tied in a knot
    wannabe macho men nachos covered in snot

    Jackie from NJ cranks up Deadpan radio station
    the misfits and freakboys make up his nation
    weenies and posers make me gag up and puke
    let off a “tomi Spherical” and got a nasty rebuke

    Some of them is spherical some of them is tomi
    the rest of you kiss my ass get down and blow me
    pucker up good now pucker for your protein potion
    what ever you can’t swallow just rub it like lotion

  15. God dammit Mark! Whatever you be on I want some now! Now Now Now. Bless your rhyming ass!

    Jason I would recommend traveling back to when you were 10. Because really, did life get any better than wher you were 10?

    Typing would be a royal pain J.R? No no, thats Royal Palm.
    I dont even know what Im fuckin saying anymore. Sorry.

  16. Ah, sweet A-love from high atop the mountain trickling down. Agreed on Jason/10 but definitely lose the pajamas. J.R.-please don’t try to palm any of that stuff off on me.

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