So Bobby (or was it Greg? Marsha?) recently shattered my focus into a million pieces, and all of the bunch have put a lot of effort into covering up for him. The laughtrack loved it, but really — it’s time to sweep up the pieces and glue things back together. Here’s the plan:

`Finish writing 3rd Dirk Moonfire novella.
`Edit Dirk Moonfire Podiobook for release.
`Finish Spherical Tomi 2.
`Maintain weekly Deadpan Output.
`Remove tarp from self-promotion machine. I need to start branching out and selling myself and my writing again. The Dragon Page/Deadpan audience is the best fanbase in the world, but I need to start expanding, connecting with others.
`Maintain Focus — with less yodeling (OK, who got that?).

29 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Is Alvie really the Energizer Bunny from hell? Dude wherever do you get the energy? You must have one of those synaptic modems bypassing keyboard.

    Jack M-Disappointed that alice wasn’t in your analogy. I liked the Partridge Family better, better drugs and Susan was a guaranteed lay.

    PS-Now you owe me $5 for these peals of wisdom-you really in a world of hurt now.

  2. I’m voting for ST2 to be done first. And hey, be like Mur and post your word count weekly so we can harrass you into finishing it (or anything else). 🙂

    BTW, you rock Jack! You really do. Despite what Alvie says about you when you’re not looking.

  3. Jack-don’t you dare change that header. When I stand on my head and look at it I can hear all of these cool “Beatles songs” playing backwards, but I kind of do get the urge to go and shoot people that “blink” around me.

  4. And Glick you too, Mark.

    Thing is, JR, I just had to excise 20,000 words from my latest Dirk Moonfire mss. It was painful, but necessary…. So — a word count meter there would have been deceptive.

  5. Mark I totally agree… Damn it’s so distracting that header it’s like a bad train wreck….I cant look away.

  6. No Glick you and JR-pair of writing geeks! I’ll give you a word count-throw my Pictionary game on the floor and make you pick it up. Glick that David Cronenberg forehead mother f…..

  7. Yo JR, you see this trash-talkin’?
    I think we can take ’em.
    Tim designed that header; he might also want to jump in defend his work.

    Incidentally, my author friend Adrienne Jones (another writing geek — read her stuff) said, “Jack, the top of your head in that picture looks weirdly like Jeff Bridges DJ character in The Fisher King. Which I think was called Jack?”

  8. Wow-now just hold the phone here Willis! I happen to like the HEADER, I feel the ‘caps”are necessary since it’s very distinctive. I had assumed Tim did HEADER in this way to make it more “Sci-Fi” friendly?

    I think you are confusing Fisher King with the Big Lebowski. I bet you look killer in bowling shirt with that dome.

  9. Gee, Alvie has turned gay on all the blogs today. Hmmm…

    At least Mark made it easy by tossing out a pictionary game. I thought he was gonna toss scrabble at us. But yeah, we can take ’em. Raining Show Gun made in Tiwan.Pfft. Who’s scared of guns made in Tiwan?


    Not that theres anything wrong with that…
    Im sorry for the rant Jack.

    My head hurts. Its time for a bush 2fer.

  11. oh, and Mark, I don’t blow. Sorry. Now if we asked Alvie.. oh, wait, he’s back from his mountain vacation and playing for the home team again…

    NOT that there’s anything wrong with playing for the other team mind you.

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