Note the new “Make a Donation” button.

The button is just over there to the right, you see it?

No pressure, I’m just sayin’. . . I don’t have an iPod; I can only afford an iPoor.


(Yes, the Paypal account is still linked to my wife’s old e-mail address.)

4 thoughts on “Note the new “Make a Donation” button.

  1. OK, I’d never actually viewed this webpage in Internet Explorer.
    If you are, then that’s your problem. . . . The sidebar seems to get shoved way down to the bottom, below the posts. Nice.
    It looks right when viewed in a Firefox browser.

    Anyway – the “Donations” button is in the sidebar.

  2. aw man I hate it when this happens.

    I really really do want to help Jack..but being a poor college student im not rolling in cash.

    Why do you think I listen to podcasts? 😉

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