Very fricken funny.

Yes, you can also see this from the link in Jason’s comment, but I think it deserves its own post here on the main page. It’s really pretty cool – and funny, even if it features the forbidden artifact. Thanks Jason C.! Your ban is lifted 😉 The text at the bottom actually fits nicely with the opening of Deadpan episode 2.

Speaking of art – the new header is from an image that Jaap Pelt put together for me. Thanks, Jaap! That wasn’t his intention for the image – – but I like the way it looks up there.

Jason C's Deadpan Artwork

Speaking of JMDP episode 2, I’m going to release it early – – one day this week. After that, I plan to pick a static weekly (or bi-weekly, still batting that around) release day. I know a lot of you are subscribed to Dragon Page podcasts, along with countless others. Do you want to suggest your preferred day for JMDP releases? At the moment, I’m thinking Mondays. . .

At last! Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Podcast: Episode #1

Your order is up. Two scrambled eggs and one extra-cheesy podcast. Please tip your server.

No RSS is available yet – but I’ll have that set up soon. I had a fiction segment in this one – but Mr. Mennengha and I agreed that it would be best to postpone that, since episodes 2-5 are already brimming over with content. So the fiction is out. Some of you have been kind enough to give me content – – if you don’t hear it here, fear not! Your stuff will be in episode 2. What *is* in this episode:

Mark Forman bumper
More introbabble
7th Son Podiobook promo
Unrelated Thought
Stolen comedy line
Morevi promo
Stolen rap/hip-hop lines
Getting a Leg Up promo
Spherical Tomi promo
Dumbass Memories
Music: “Spirit Man” Mango

And I think that covers everything. Like the podcast itself, these announcement plugs will improve with time.

Wow! A second post!

Rather than just accumulate 100 comments on that first entry from last month, I figured I’d add a new message here. It’s true, there is no way now that the crappy first episode will live up to the hype. The 2nd episode is already almost finished though, and will be awesome.

So – – the first episode will be out either tonight or tomorrow (and thanks for your patience). I say during the first episode that I’m going to release on a biweekly schedule, but you can disregard that. The second episode should be out fairly soon as well.

Thank you all for the great thoughts and comments!!!! You guys really rock.