Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 4. John Buccigross cha cha cha

Oh the good old hockey game is the best game you can name.


Chris Fisher bumper

Dirk Moonfire & the Nefarious Space Women plugging

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Brooklyn Bluesman ad

Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop lines

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John Buccigross interview

-quick break-

Stolen Comedy Lines

Dumbass Memories

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-end quick break-

Second half of John Buccigross interview

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Original Music: “Kool Katz� from the Matt Mango CD release, “The Wishing Bridge�.


(Evo thinks he fixed the feed.)

26 thoughts on “Jack Mangan Deadpan: Episode 4. John Buccigross cha cha cha

  1. Any Radek Bonk ref is welcome. As well as Miroslav Satan.

    See, this is one reason im glad im in the stone age. I get to listen on crappy windows media player while other poor, poor, people have to wait for their feed. Mwa haa haa haa.

  2. You were right Jack. That was a fantabulous interview. I seriously got a lump in my throat because I was getting so many NHL 2nite flashbacks –

    “Tha Twiz-ted Riz-ta!”
    “Hockey, God. Chris Drury scores!”

    How fun is John Buccigross? I love the fact he’d rather make a few people laugh hard then make alot of people laugh a little. Its a strategy I also employ. Just alot of fun Jack. Thank you sir!

    Yknow how you said you could always argue about the trap vs. clutch and grab? Well another topic you guys covered was who deserves to be in the hall. Especially when it comes to defensive defensemen. Its just a fun conversation to have with someone.

  3. yep the feed isnt working again. Jack I think you need to kick some ass, mainly the unpayed child workers that run the internet, to get their butts in gear.

    Manually downloading.

  4. (Evo posting under Jack’s account because… Evo forgot his password. But remembered Jack’s. Note to self: clean out his ATM when finished.)

    The feed is fixed. Apologies on my part. I strongly believe in the “fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me” philosophy, so I’ve uninstalled the product we were using to manage the feed and have installed a new and potentially very fucking cool app which should do the trick.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled Deadpan. Until something I do breaks it again. Thanks for your patience.

    — Evo. (not Jack)

  5. Thanks so much, Evo. You and the new app both rock. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

    I’m glad my homies enjoyed the interview too (Alvie, so far). Hey, I’m also curious to hear (honest) reactions from the non-hockey crowd out there.

  6. Well, since I’m at work, I can wait to check the feed tonight.

    Who would have thought that Evo was Jack’s alter ego? Will wonders never cease?

    Thanks, Jack… Evo… Jevo!

  7. Jack- I like hockey, its the only sport ill watch on purpose. The one thing I really like about it is that the whole team cares or at least seems to care when the score a goal. Its a big deal. that sense of accomplishment is amazing.

    Take the Monday’s Stars game, the Avs were up 3-0 in the 1st period, Stars come back in the 2nd and tie it up. You could feel the triumph coming from AA arena.

    Hockey is great.

  8. Dear Mr. Mangrove,
    I’m very disappointed with your potcast-first after listening I got the munchies real bad, second I kept looking for the video feed for the game but couldn’t find it. New Jersey Devil Dogs.

  9. Hey Magnum,
    You little snot-nosed punk. How many top 40 hits do you have, you little wannabe. Bust a cap, I’ll bust a cap. I’ll have one of my big strong muscular friends come by and slap you around, make you cry in front of your weenie fanboys. La,la,la,la,la… I remember all my life
    Raining down as cold as ice
    A shadow of a man
    A face through a window
    Crying in the night
    The night goes into

    Morning, just another day
    Happy people pass my way
    Looking in their eyes
    I see a memory
    I never realized
    you made me so happy, oh Mandy

    Well you came and you gave without taking
    but I sent you away, oh Mandy
    well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
    I need you today, oh Mandy

    I’m standing on the edge of time
    I Walked away when love was mine
    Caught up in a world of uphill climbing
    The tears are in my mind
    And nothing is rhyming, oh Mandy

    Well you came and you gave without taking
    but I sent you away, oh Mandy
    well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
    And I need you today, oh Mandy

    Yesterday’s a dream I face the morning
    Crying on the breeze
    the pain is calling, oh Mandy

    Well you came and you gave without taking
    but I sent you away, oh Mandy
    well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
    And I need you today, oh Mandy

  10. Wow, the celebrities are pouring in.
    A shame to see the Rocket come to that…

    And thanks also to O.D.B. – – Ol’ Dirty Barry – – for making an appearance. Please don’t bust any caps, Mr. Manilow.

  11. YAY!!!!!

    Thanks for the Jay-Z baby. Loved it! I thought Jay-Z was sexy but hes got nothing on the deadpan.

    That interview was awesome- but I am not running out and watching hockey, sorry. I liked the non-hockey topics though. I agree with what he was saying about small venues for bands.

    My claim to music greatness. there is a club in Chicago The Metro– fucking awesome place. Tiny. Great bartenders. Lets see who I saw there before they went big: REM, The Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, nine Inch Nails (feared for my life that night in the pit), Janes Addiction, Nirvana (the night he met Courtney Love- I saw it happen).


    But I am curious to read his column. I was interested in the interview even though I had no idea what you two were talking about.

    Cool song at the end too

  12. Nice Jack-that dumbass memories caused nightmares-Visons of M. Night Shymalan’s Signs mashed up with Orville Redenbacher and tractors on fire. yeah, it’s the last one that messin up my sleep. Dumb as memories in deed. Think I need to switch to decaf? Also filled with envy-brand new podcast and you get all thesefamous people commenting-me all I get are burnt out podcasters and indie musicians at best, sheesh.

    Andrea-as long as we’re walkin down memory lane(mammary lane?)-I knew Courtney Love(forget what here real last name was-we just knew her as Courtney) when she was showing her tits in a fancy girlie club here in Taiwan. Speakin of which, if you’re ever in Taiwan… You nailed it on that funky song sounds like they made the tape go sideways or something. good music for bad robots kind of thing.

  13. So if the Mighty Schmucks pull out the game 7 win, then all four Western Conference first-round matchups will have been upsets. The 5th place Sharks will be the Top Seed in the West.


    I don’t know who I dread the least for the Devils in the next round: the Canes, the Sabres, or the Flyers.

  14. Jack – thanks for the Buccigross inteview. I do get OLN, and Saturday night while folding laundry, I decided to check out the hockey- and got hooked. He did two minutes, but i failed to score on the power play.

    When I was a wee lad, I lived in Massachussetts, back in the Bruins glory days (Orr, Green, Esposito, Cheevers). Then we moved to Virginia. So, I was surprised to find how much hockey I remembered -and how much I had forgotten.

    So, thanks for getting me back in a hockey way. But I don’t know who to root for. The team with the coolest unis?

  15. Who you dread LEAST? Id think it have to be Philly dont you? Would ya really trust Esche to come up big against NJ? And as much as Ive loved the Forsberg over the years, it just takes a couple big crunches to knock him out the game. Philly’s been riding him so far this series. As he goes, so they go.

    Plus, NO ONE wants to play hockey god Chris Drury.

  16. Tim, that’s fantastic news. If you’re still in Virginia, then you should probably either cheer for Carolina or Washington–whoever’s closer and more appealing. The Capitals have a superstar kid named Ovechkin, but they didn’t make the playoffs, so, you might need to latch onto a different team for the playoffs. Those NJ Devils have pretty sharp red and black uniforms….
    Alvie – thanks for copying my message. Unlike the NBA, it was never uncommon for bottom seeds to upset the top in NHL. It is weird though for all four underdogs to win. To add to that anomaly, it’s still possible for all of the top 4 Eastern Conf teams to win their series.
    You are right – and the Devs have historically usually beaten Philly – but I’d still have a hard time hoping to face them.

  17. Right. I understand that the top teams have had it tough historically against underdogs, but I really dont remember when seeds 5 – 8 all advanced. Maybe you could remember. Suppose I could look it up.

  18. Okay, Jack. I’m taking the plunge, and for the playoffs, I’m going to root for… the ‘Canes. I think DC is closer, but the Caps are watching the playoffs, just like me. Let the puck drop!

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