FYI: RE: duelofthefates e-mail

Don’t you hate messages that begin with FYI?

I used to tout my duelofthefates at@at gmail com address as the way to get into touch with me. But – in an effort toward e-mail simplicity, I’m going to pack that one in mothballs. . . and only check very occasionally. If you want to get in touch with me, then use the e-mail addy listed over there on the sidebar. Don’t send stuff to the duelofthefates gmail address unless you’re ok with a long wait.
Thank ya.

2 thoughts on “FYI: RE: duelofthefates e-mail

  1. Depends what Im waiting for. Like in The Last Temptation of Christ – that long ass line that all the men are waiting in to get thier turn on top of Mary Magdeline. Yeah, THATS a line Ill be sure to pitch a tent for.

    Also thanks for heads up Jack.

  2. Damn it! Now I have to go and change all of my contacts in my contact lists for all of my different personas…

    Wander Radio is coming soon….

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